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Candles for More than Ambience - The Value of a Fire Reading by Psychic Harland

Date 6/14/2024

Meditate on the candle's flame.

Meditate on the candle's flame.

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Time and time again, many people ask me "What is a Fire reading?" or "Is it difficult?" or "How is it different or better than a regular reading?" The answers are simpler than you might think.

Have you ever been camping, perhaps with family or friends? Or perhaps a solo hike into the woods for the weekend? Either way after a long day when you arrive back at camp, what’s the first thing you do? Light a campfire. Its warmth is soothing, its shine protecting you from the unknowns lurking just beyond the lights edge. Afterwards, have you looked into the flames and gazing into the crackling ballet of heat and light before you, start seeing shapes, places faces?

Or perhaps you sat quietly in front of a roaring fireplace and been not just mesmerized by the flames, but coming to a sensible solution to your problem while watching it? You almost get a sense of self-hypnosis.  This is because when we meditate, we are opening up yourself to all the elements. We are reaching out to connect with something as old as the universe itself.
Fire Brings out our Psychic Senses
The fire is in turn, reaching out to you. The movement, the shapes, the dancing flames, even the crackle all are enticing to us, it is beckoning us for attention. Without it, it could grow weak and die. You give it a way to manifest, to "live" in a sense, and in return, it possesses the ability to reach into the ether and produce amazing results.

Just like a crystal, fire is in fact an amplifier. It brings out our psychic senses, it touches our soul, it makes us feel warm both inside and out. It makes us feel safe. This is because the fire, coming straight from the elements has existed since the big bang, the beginning of time. The fire knows more than we do and subconsciously, it tells us how and why it'll be okay.

A Time Honored Tradition
For thousands of years, many seers have used fire to see the past present and future. I happen to be one of them. Seers throughout the ages have used fire to warn of disease, famine, war, and rain. Many great leaders sent emissaries vast distances to contact their seers and oracles who used this particular form of venue. Some of their predictions are still talked about to this very day from various walks of life including the Greek, Egyptians, Chinese, Hopi Indians, and others around the world.
Meditate on the Candle’s Flame
Now of course, I can't set fire to my home each time someone requests a fire reading. When I'm at home, I light a nice fire in the fireplace. If it’s too warm for that, I'll simply light a candle instead. I get the fire or candle going, and meditate on the flame. reaching out, connecting with the element of fire. Giving life to the question as well as the fire. This allows the flame to dance, and show me things relatively accurately. I don't recommend trying it if you don't already do it, you can fall too deep into a trance, knock your candle off the table (or knock over yourself into the fire place) with disastrous results.

I have had no formal training other than a few mentors I have run into along the way including shamans, a pharaoh, a native American elder, and various men (and women) of the cloth, as well as witches in various stages of the hierarchy. I have never met anyone who reads fire like this frequently but then again, I've never read tea leaves though I understand it can be done accurately.

Fire is as old as the universe, and just as wise, so by using fire for my readings, I feel a connection with not just the spirit world, but the entire universe. It also allows me to reach different depths with each person I read and, in turn, allows us both to walk away knowing that we both learned something about how the universe works. We both walk away a little smarter, wiser, and one step close to the destiny that is ahead.

-- Harland x9433

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Sanane: Harland , we all are excuse in our lives for the change that you have made. I already collected the info , it was/is the right time to put them together. Truth is heavy and overwhelming for those who cannot handle. Including me everybody is tested some failed some pass it but a few has made. You too, have been brought up in my life to guide and change . Thank you.

DAMIANO1956: I have. Found. Harland. Direct. Honest. And. Most. Important. Right. Right in. His. Readings. And a. Pleasure. To. Talk. To. But. Mostly. Harland. Does not. Hold. Back. Information. Even if it can. Upset. You. He. Tells. It. Like. It. Is.on. top. Of all. This. With. Compassion. And. Truly. Caring. To. Help. You. I find. Harland. As a. Freind. Over the phone. And. Still a. Gifted. Gentlemen. If. I. Sound. Like. I. Over. Express. That is. Because this is. Truly. How. I. Feel. And. Think. Of. Harland. Take. Or. Leave. It. Try. Harland you Will see what I say is. Real.

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