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All About Clairaudience: Definitions, Messages and Experiences by Psychic Valerie

Date 9/28/2020
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Do you hear music... even when there is none playing?

Do you hear music... even when there is none playing?

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The definition of “Clairaudience” comes from the French word clair (clear), and audiens (Latin, one who hears). It’s also known as psychic hearing or inner hearing. This psychic ability allows you to receive information from various sources. Your Highest Self, those deceased, Source and Spirit Guides or Angels can all communicate with you through the sense of hearing. 

Clairaudient communication can come in several forms.

5 Ways to Receive Clairaudient Messages:

1. Hearing your own voice in your head. This can feel very much like your internal dialog when you are thinking about something. 

2. Hearing a message from someone else (in your head) spoken in your own voice. You can practice learning the difference between your own voice and the voice of a non-physical being. 

3. Hearing music, words and phrases, or sounds in your head. These messages can be literal. Often, they are symbolic, like the visual images in dreams. 

4. Hearing physical sounds without a physical source. These are words or phrases, music or other sounds from outside of you, but heard with your regular hearing. 

5. Hearing the voices of non-physical beings or Spirit, heard in your head but in a voice that is not your own. 

Are You Clairaudient?

Anyone can develop psychic hearing. For some it comes more easily or is their more dominant ability. Clairaudience may be your main gift if you notice some of these 9 signs, listed in no particular order:

You are musically gifted: play an instrument, sing or compose. You learn and memorize song lyrics and melodies. You love listening to music and the tone and mood of the music sparks your emotions. 

You learn best by listening. You would rather listen to the lecturer or narrator than read the text of a lesson. You remember more of what you hear than what you see. 

You are sensitive to noise. Excessive noise makes you anxious, tense, irritable or gives you a headache. You enjoy quiet times and need them to feel grounded and well. 

You hear ringing, popping, buzzing or high-pitched tones in your ears. This is without a medical issue and without an external source. 

Your thought process involves a detailed internal dialog. You will sometimes “rehearse” or imagine important conversations in your head. 

You hear voices, music or speaking when there is no physical source. Or you hear your name spoken or called when there is no one around.

You had and spoke to imaginary friends as a child. 

Your friends and family ask for your advice. They speak with you to vent, or converse with you when they need soothing and calming.

You get signs in the form of songs or speech. You may get guidance or the solution to a problem from the next song that plays on the radio. You may hear someone say something as you are thinking it. Or you hear information that is exactly what you needed to hear or know at that moment.

You don’t have to experience all these to be clairaudient. But the more of them you have, the more easily you can develop the gift of psychic hearing

Actual Clairaudient Experiences

I receive messages through songs and music in my own personal life and in my readings. The day my father died, the very first song I heard on the radio driving home from the hospital was “I Just Called to Say I Love You” by Stevie Wonder. This was one of his favorites and had a special meaning for us. 

I’ve also received warning messages that have protected me from danger. As I began a long drive home from an out-of-town event, I clearly heard the GPS in my car prompt me to “turn left now”. But the GPS screen showed a right turn! But I followed the voice prompt, thinking I was on my way to the onramp. Then the GPS rerouted me. I figured it was a glitch and was glad to be on my way home. In less than five minutes, all traffic came to a complete standstill in both directions. A terrible accident (that I later was to learn had no survivors) had occurred less than ¼ mile ahead of me. Without the delay, one of the cars involved could very well have been mine. 

A recent client of mine consulted with me about a business relocation. He had already moved out. During our reading, he mentioned going back to the old space later that same evening just to check on things. I heard a loud, “No! Stay away, stay away!” Of course, I shared the message with him. Early the next morning he sent me a photo of the entry to the old location. A large, heavy roof section over the door had detached and collapsed. It landed right where a person would be standing if they were unlocking the door to enter the building. 

Have you had clairaudient experiences like this yourself? I hope it will get easier to recognize that this was your intuition or Spirit. These sudden, subtle messages are different from your regular hearing and thinking.

Enjoy the journey of developing your own clairaudient gift! 

A clairaudient psychic reading can help you receive important messages from the spiritual realm. Connect with one now to begin your journey of discovery. 

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