Are You Seeing Repeating Numbers? Discover their Hidden Message by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 4/4/2017
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Do you often see repeating numbers? It could be a sign!

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Important numbers surround your life everywhere! From the date and time of your birth, your Social Security number, the address where you live or your phone number, digits are everywhere you look. But when you are out running around living your life and Presto… you notice the clock at exactly 11:11, you make a purchase and the total to pay is $8.88 or another repeating sequence catches your attention. Strangely this could go on for days, weeks or even months as you begin to wonder… 

Why Do I Keep Seeing the Same Numbers and What Does It Mean?
Basically, when this happens it could be your spirit guides or angels trying to break through your everyday crazy and deliver a message to help you on your earthly journey. It often brings encouragement ahead of changes and challenges letting you know you are loved and supported.

All numbers reduce to a single digit except the angel numbers at the end of the following list.
A major new beginning is coming. It is important to be true to you, listen to your inner voice. A man could step forward with a helping hand to open a door of opportunity.
Be aware you are more sensitive now; don’t over tax your body mind or spirit. Women could be kind and helpful now. Romance is in the air but take your time to get to know this person.
Words are important now so what you say how you say it and when you say it are very impactful. Watch out for social contacts that could bring unexpected luck to you. Issues with siblings need to be addressed.
Your patience could be tested with minor delays. You are in a building cycle and may feel a bit limited or boxed in. Family demands seem to take over your life and reduce your freedom. This will pass.
Be prepared for sudden exciting changes. Be brave and free to be all that you are. Take a gamble on your dreams as you walk in the shoes of a winner. You will find luck with travel people from far away.
Angel wings protect you even when you worry that things won’t work out. A personal relationship could come to a crossroads. Be fair but realistic with your decision as forever is a very long time. Whatever you decide, know you are never alone.
Your intuition and psychic abilities are opening. Watch your dreams for insights. Keep a journal by the night table and track your feelings. Frustrations and delays are hidden blessings. Be patient.
It’s all about the money now. You are in line for a personal harvest for all your hard work. Watch out for power struggles and don’t over react. It is important to use best judgment as you mesh both material and spiritual guidance.
Charity and community work is heightened. You can make a difference. It is time to decide who or what stays or goes in your life. This is a transition of cleansing of body, mind and spirit. Fame and recognition are possible.
The golden pillars are a magical gateway. You are enlivened with an electrical vision charm and the ability to stimulate the public with your creative abilities. Step onto the platform of life and smile because you earned it.
This is the master builder where plans and ideas innovate the outer world. International recognition is possible. It is also where dreams come true through effective means of communication.
Highly humanitarian energy. Cosmic spiritual understandings come to you. You could be honored for your desire and wishes that manifest from your mind. You are a teacher. You will recognize this new power is to be used wisely. Compassion is the key.
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Rose99: I constantly see 11:11, 4:44 and 11:44 Is there any meaning with #4:44?

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