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Using Manifestation Numbers by Psychic Selene

Date 5/15/2023
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Numbers are everywhere! In Astrology, your birth location, and the location of the planets on the day you were born, are calculated based on the numbers of their longitude and latitude. We celebrate our day of birth and mourn the day of a loved one’s death. We celebrate anniversaries, have lucky numbers and our personal angel numbers. I could go on and on!

Healing Hands Manifestation Numbers

I’m sure many of you have heard about numerology and how you can use it to learn about your personality and what you can expect along your life path. In addition to personality and life path, numerology is also essential for psychic readings. The basic meanings associated with the numbered cards in a Tarot deck or playing card deck, are derived from Numerology meanings.

Did you know that you can also use numbers for manifestation? Yes you can!  And I'm going to show you how!

What Are Manifestation Numbers, and Do They Actually Work?

Manifestation numbers are numbers that when used in our daily lives and combined with our own personal year frequency, can be used to draw a specific outcome to us quickly. When used this way, the numbers vibrate at a higher frequency, and can manipulate the energy of thought, the energy of serendipity and the energy of spirit. When we learn how to tap into these higher frequencies, we can learn how to “adjust” them and align them with our own frequencies to create the perfect vibration that will attract our desires!

Manifestation Numbers People

Incorporating the Vibration of Manifestation Numbers

First, you’ll need to calculate your personal year number.  Once you know the vibrational rate that you are manifesting at for this year, take a moment to look at the manifestation numbers and the energies they bring. By incorporating any one of these numbers, you’ll be able to change your vibrational rate and manifest it into your life!

Incorporating the vibration of manifestation numbers into your personal year is done by first deciding what it is that you’d like to attract, then choosing one of the manifestation numbers listed below that you’d like to work with. I’ve included a quick reference guide that will help you navigate quickly through the detailed list below:

  • Manifestation Numbers for Good Luck: 5, 7, 9
  • Manifestation Numbers for Happiness: 2, 3, 8, 9
  • Manifestation Numbers for Job/Career: 1, 3, 4
  • Manifestation Numbers for Love: 2, 3, 6, 8
  • Manifestation Numbers for Success: 1, 3, 4

Manifestation Numbers Scattered

Techniques to Use for Manifesting with Numbers

This is where things get fun. You are invited to get creative with adding the energies of a manifestation number into your life.

Here are some of my favorite ways to align with the manifestation energies of numbers:

  1. Carry that number of gemstones on your person, wherever you go!  For example: carry 2 carnelian gemstones with you to manifest passionate love.
  2. Draw the manifestation number in the air every morning and evening to align yourself energetically with that vibration.
  3. Repeat your desire/wish that number of times. For example: to manifest customers for your business, repeat “Customers are drawn to me” 3 times every day.
  4. Meditate on your desire for the same number of minutes that matches your chosen manifestation number.
  5. Come up with your own clever way to incorporate the energetic qualities of manifestation numbers into your life!

One important thing to note when working with manifestation numbers, is that when we send anything out into the universe, the universe answers. This is our way of knowing that our prayers (or wishes) are soon to be granted. When working with numerology to manifest, you will see the universe answering you with numbers.

To determine which numbers to look for, you’ll want to add your personal year number (calculated earlier) and add it to the number that you have selected to work with for your manifesting desires. Deduct this number down to a single digit and this is your answer number! When the universe is working on bringing your desires to you, you will begin to notice repetitions of this number everywhere!

As an example, let’s say that the person listed above (with the 6 personal year number) would like to attract more customers to his business. He’s decided to work with the manifestation number 3, to draw in more customers. He decides to repeat his desire 3 times daily and three times each (as outlined in tip #3 above). In this example, the person will add the PERSONAL YEAR (6) + MANIFESTATION NUMBER (3) = CONFIRMATION FROM SPIRIT (9). As this person’s desires begin to form in their life, spirit will respond with repetitions of the number 9!

Manifestation Numbers Sign

Detailed List of Manifestation Numbers

Use this list to help decide which manifestation number is the best one to work with, in order to bring what you desire.


Number one

#1: Fresh Start, Opportunity, Leadership, Power

The number 1 is the first step of manifestation. It is where we plant the seeds that will soon blossom into the things we desire to have in our lives. In numerology, the one is the fresh start after we clear our slate. It is the number of opportunities and new beginnings. Manifesting with the number one, will amplify the vibration of what you want and help to bring it quickly!

Using the vibrational qualities of the number one is great for:

  • Amplifying your personal manifestation number
  • Speeding up the manifestation process
  • Manifesting a leadership position
  • Tapping into your personal power
  • Independence



#2: Romantic Relationships, Creativity, Happiness

The energy of number 2, when it comes to manifestation, is the number of ease and flow. It is the place where love is nurtured and happiness is found. In Numerology, two represents the creative flow of things and partnership. Manifesting with the number two will ease the flow of energy to gently draw in positive soul connections.

Using the vibrational qualities of the number two is great for:

  • Manifesting love
  • Encouraging communication
  • Awakening creativity
  • Drawing in happiness by attracting positive people into your life
  • Nurturing romantic relationships


Number three

#3: Growth, Collaboration, Unity

The number 3 carries the vibration of expansion. In numerology, it represents the ability to be open to receive all the good that is coming your way and the ability to release what does not serve you. When manifesting, this number is great for helping to tip the energetic scales in your favor!

The vibrational qualities of the number three can help with:

  • Manifesting a Family/Children
  • Attracting money
  • Growing a business
  • Nurturing a new beginning


Number four

#4: Security, Stability, Possessions, Work

The energetic vibration of the number 4 brings material possessions our way. In Numerology the 4 represents security, dependability, and stability. When it comes to manifestation, this number will help draw physical “things” your way.

The vibrational qualities of the number 4 can help with:

  • Manifesting money/Making bank/Obtaining a loan
  • Finding a home or car
  • Manifesting just about anything work related
  • Attracting physical things into your life


Number five

#5: Change, Adjustments, Action, Transition

The energetic vibration of the number 5 is that of transformation. In Numerology, the 5 represents action and transition. When it comes to manifestation, this number is great to use when life needs a change in direction.

The vibrational qualities of the number 5 can help with:

  • Breaking free from toxic relationships
  • Changing luck
  • Releasing stagnant situations
  • Soul Awakening


Number six

#6: Family, Friendships, Abundance, Harvest

The number 6 carries the vibration of fullness and wholeness. In Numerology, 6 represents that which we hold most dear to us. When it comes to manifestation the 6 is an extremely powerful number, that can bring whatever we most desire into reality.

The vibrational qualities of the number 6 can help with:

  • Fertility
  • Bringing our desires into reality
  • Keeping family/friendships together


number seven

#7: Personal Evaluation, Luck, Clearing Karma

The energetic vibration of 7 contains our knowledge of all that is behind the scenes. In Numerology, 7 represents knowledge and personal evaluation. When it comes to manifestation this number is the luckiest of all mainly because it allows us to access hidden knowledge.

The vibrational qualities of the number 7 can help with:

  • Winning the lottery
  • School/learning/passing tests
  • Releasing Karma/Old patterns and cycles
  • Bringing a lucky outcome


number eight

#8: Prosperity, Abundance, Symbiosis, Balance, Soul Connections

The energetic vibration of the 8 is that of symbiosis, also known as perfect harmony.  In Numerology, the 8 represents the balance between universal energies and the physical. When it comes to manifesting, the 8 has the capabilities to bring that which is best for you, into your path.

The vibrational qualities of the number 8 can help with:

  • Attracting your soul mate
  • Bringing Happiness/Balance/Harmony
  • Easing financial difficulties
  • Bringing justice


number nine

#9: Cutting Cords, Releasing What No Longer Serves, Personal Growth

The energetic vibration of the number 9 is that of the angels and guides. It is purely divine. In Numerology, the 9 represents the higher self. When it comes to manifestation, this number is powerful and can break through even the toughest of situations.

The vibrational qualities of the number 9 can help with:

  • Letting go/Releasing something you’ve been holding on to
  • Bringing freedom and independence
  • Finding yourself


Now go, have fun and manifest! As always, if you find yourself (like me) intrigued by numbers and would like to delve into the art of manifesting with numbers even further, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the knowledgeable Numerologists here on Psychic Source!



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Selene has been using Numerology in her own life and professionally, as a tool to help others for over 30 years. She is a gifted psychic and holds numerous certifications, including: Spiritual hypnosis, naturopathy and Reiki. Selene is passionate about helping others to break through unhealthy relationships and patterns and teaches others through empowerment.



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