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Explore the Numerology of Your Phone Number by Psychic Sonata

Date 6/13/2024

What is the Numerology of your Phone Number?

What is the Numerology of your Phone Number?

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Numerology is a science that was developed by Pythagoras, an ancient scholar, who sought to free mankind from political and religious confinement. The essence of his teachings are as follows “Know thyself, thou shalt know the universe and God.” 

Numerology recognizes the numbers in our lives that are energy and each number is different from the next due to the number of cycles it vibrates per second. Understanding all the numbers in our life provide us with a simple, accurate meaning of life. Just like a roadmap helps us navigate a route studying the many numbers present in our name, house, and even phone numbers will enable you to become more emotionally, financially secure and to lead a happy life. 

To calculate and assess your phone number and the energy around it you would take the entire number, plus the area code, add it together and reduce it to a single digit. This can help businesses decide what phone numbers to use and also give you an idea of how your conversations and energy is expressed.

Example: Let’s use the phone number 1-800-732-0797.

1+8+0+0+7+3+2+0+7+9+7 = 44. 4+4 reduced = 8. Eight energy is a vibration that is creative, big and courageous. Eight energy is connected with psychology, philosophy and has the power to lead others towards success and results. This number is also the mathematical symbol for infinity. This geometric symbol for infinity is called a lemniscate. It is symbolic for endless opportunities, creative potential and the cycle of life.  Oh, by the way, the example phone number above is Psychic Source’s telephone number! See how it all makes sense!

Now it’s your turn: Take your personal cell phone number, your home number, a work phone, the digits of someone you are interested in, etc., add them all up (including the area code), reduce to a single digit and see what you can discover.

Please note: Number one was not actually present in Pythagorean numerology because all numbers contain one or a variation of one however for convenience, we shall include it.

1. If your phone number reduces to a one, this gives you independence, originality, vision, drive, self-reliance, leadership, creativity and can make a very strong impression. The positive side of one would be creative and a courageous energy that isn’t spent on selfish pursuits.

2. If your phone number reduces to a two, this is an energy that is cooperative and has a willingness to work with others. This is a positive energy that shows gentleness, receptivity, helpfulness, friendliness, and willingness to take others into consideration. Two energy is a diplomat, a mediator and is very good for love, family and even counseling.

3. If your phone number reduces to a three, the biggest energy is socializing, good natured, friendly, kind, optimistic, and worry free. The three energy may be artistic, creative and love children, beauty and the arts. This is also the number for very long conversations and many friendships.

4. If your phone number reduces to four energy this vibrates stability, strong foundations, love of work, organization, and a love of details. It’s a perfectionist, strong salt of the earth energy. This is a good number. Four is really great if you are a workaholic LOL

5. If your phone number reduces to a five it is the opposite of a four. This energy loves freedom, change, adventure, variety, travel and romance.  Five vibration is fun loving and can be spent on pursuits that generate income from entertainment, travel or just for personal fun.

6. If your phone number reduces to a six, this is a number of creativity, responsibility, and family. All the healing and teaching enterprises vibrate with a six. This is a humanitarian energy that also encompasses health and health occupations.

7. If your phone number reduces to a seven this is an energy of the mystic, a teacher, and a highly spiritual, intuitive number. Seven energy loves the outdoors and is into specializing in detailed work, writing and the mysteries of life.

8. If your phone number reduces to an eight this is a number that quite simply vibrates money. The eight energy represents authority, big dreams and ideas. This is a fiercely independent number and they are very wise and strong. An eight is excellent at being an entrepreneur or working in sales.

9. If your phone number reduces to a nine, this vibration is a humanitarian energy which values responsibility, Idealism and honesty. This energy is about people rather than things. It is also a religious, spiritual energy which is an accumulation of the nine preceding cycles of vibrations and attainment.

So, go ahead and add up your digits and discover what numerology has to say about your phone number!

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