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The Benefits of Receiving a Yes No Tarot Reading by Psychic Ginger

Date 8/25/2022
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Have you ever just wanted a straight "tell me like it is" answer to a burning question in your life? Do not feel bad if that's where you’re at now because we have all been there. I mean, I have literally hit a point to where all questions compounded. I let them trickle into a yes or no format and felt I'm going to get my tarot deck and figure out how to navigate this. Maybe walls have gone up in relationships, or communication is off with a friend. Perhaps things need to make sense at work or we're not sure what is happening with our loved one and just need a little clarity. Maybe you are like me and it was all the above, all at once!

Benefits of yes or no questions in a tarot reading

Why Use a Yes No Tarot Reading?

I wanted to truly be able to rely on one of these Yes No Tarot spreads in a snap. I knew we could be dealing with a lot in one setting but needed to focus on that one thing we were really concerned about and that is asking about situations, relationships, and circumstances that stemmed from a yes or no question. Usually, this comes down to how much time you can give to getting an answer as well. 

With Tarot Cards you can do yes or no readings with the cards in a quick time pinch that can give you a range of answers if you need them, but you do not have to take in the whole meaning at once. I also have some pretty straightforward guidelines to help with these readings. With yes and no tarot card readings we may need a quick feel into what is happening and for that, I suggest pulling three cards. However, do not be afraid to learn more, especially if you have the time. Go ahead and pull five cards. I would say the most important thing here is having an odd number of cards. That way there's no chance of misreading the direction the cards are pointing us. 

Now let's peel back some layers about what makes a yes card and what makes a no card. Here is where simple is good. Even cards are NO. Odd cards are YES. This works from the major arcana cards down to the minor arcana cards which have numbers on each card. 

Now what if it is a king, queen, knight, or page (aka the court cards)? With those key cards, I use them in place of a no answer. I say this because this generally indicates there are others influencing the question or situation. I know, this is where it gets a little more involved too. However, if you need it to stay simple, take those cards out and pull others to take the place of the people that are coming into the reading. 

This is a good chance to highlight how a yes or no tarot reading can actually take on a full meaning where things are "talked" about. I know I said we can keep it simple, but I can't resist what these cards can reveal.  Here's a little more about the various types of tarot card spreads and what they are best used for. 

Timelines can come through a 5-card tarot reading.

Intentions come through strongest in the first 3 cards or a 3-card tarot reading. 

When we ask about feelings no matter how many we pull, I use the last card for direction with what the emotion is. 

To provide examples of just how this works in the real world, I did five different Yes No Tarot readings. Interestingly enough a majority answered no, but they are also a good example of how you ask the question being the most important part of the tarot reading. 

Results of Yes No 3 Card Tarot Reading: The Emperor, The Star, The Ten of Swords

Tarot Reading Yes or No #1 - Are They Mad at Me? 

Quite simply, my response would be “No.”  For this reading, I pulled 3 cards: The Emperor (4), The Star (17), and the 10 of Swords.

Actually, our person of interest is looking for a way to say sorry for how they reacted. There's a sense of better judgment because of what happened. The theme of this reading is we are creating a relationship that others have not.

Results of Yes No 5 Card Tarot Reading: King of Cups, Three of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles, Two of Swords, Two of Cups

Tarot Reading Yes or No #2 – Are They Ignoring Me and Will I Hear from Them Soon?

This is technically two questions, and the tarot will answer the first question overall. Looking at the cards in this 5-card Yes No Tarot reading, there is only one yes card, the 3 of Pentacles. So, in this example, no they are not ignoring you. We have the King of Cups, 3 of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles, 2 of Swords, and the 2 of Cups.

This reading is telling us they are entertaining someone else that is in the picture. They are making choices based on what works for them. Through the 2 of Swords and 2 of Cups I sense communication would come after our person has kinda thought through this a little and has decided it is not exactly fair. It's an “I'll believe it because I see it” type of situation. With the 3 of Pentacles in this reading, the real positive is the person of interest is going to explain their intentions. Since there is a lot going on with what both people are thinking, communication is going to happen fairly soon. Through the 2 of Cups, we are seeing a timeline that won't disappoint our person asking the question.

The Court cards in a Yes or No Tarot Spread

The Court Cards in a Yes or No Tarot Spread

Yes or No tarot readings are a valuable tool to have or develop. I did notice the King of Cups in the above 5-card spread, and I know I mentioned that the court cards have a no meaning.  As a reminder, the Court Cards are any of the various Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages. After doing a few of these spreads, you can gauge more how you want to use your intuition in a reading when it mentions other people being in the mix. There was also the Queen of Pentacles in the same reading. Yet again another no card but our person of interest is only spending some time here. No emotional connection was mentioned there. Since it's not the Queen of Cups or Wands the insights pointed to the choice and reasoning coming out in favor of our person asking about being ignored. So, the cards mentioned why it was happening. 

Two other cards that caught my attention in these readings are the Ace of Swords or the Queen of Swords. When the ace comes in that's a really strong yes with that pull, even if every card is no after that. The Ace of Swords has such a strong meaning in the sense of clarity to it. Traditionally it defines a breakthrough as happening. I always consider how this card brings a swift sense of timing. It is a very in the moment, happening soon, please take notice of what this person is asking, card. 

The Queen of Swords also has an interesting angle. It has a really strong no. However, I want us to measure how critical the question is. If this corresponds to communication, there is a standard that is not being met. There was a critical point that came and went and both people are disappointed. I would look at how complicated this is in the other cards to try to untangle a solution. 

Results of Yes No 5 Card Tarot Reading: The World, Page of Swords, Four of Pentacles, Nine of Wands, Knight of Swords

Tarot Reading Yes or No #3 – Do They Know I Will Leave?

For this Yes No Tarot Spread, I pulled 5 cards because this is a big question. When we are asking about circumstances and what we may happen action-wise, it is easier to pull 5 cards. The cards that I pulled were The World (21), Page of Swords, 4 of Pentacles, 9 of Wands, and the Knight of Swords.

The short answer to this is, no, they do not know you will leave. But this question is really heavy, and the answer is not an easy one. It is a hard one to hear if you have really been focusing on a relationship or even a job and that's the answer you receive. In this case it was asked about a relationship. Just having a no that can answer a lot of what can come next. Telling the other person that they are emotionally wrung out is suggested.

I've gained some insights with a timeline from the cards as they are, things were disrupted in the spring of 2022 by our person asking the question. They felt they needed a little time. That turned into a new dynamic. But honestly, this dynamic would have happened no matter what. The other cards mention that this was a very passionate connection with lots of chemistry. But a lot of downtime for both people caused abandonment. Both people are too impulsive emotionally.

It is interesting that the World Card came as the first card. This means our person asking the question is meant to go inward and look at why they are trying to teach the other person about leaving. Not being open and transparent. By the fifth card, the Knight of Swords, the reading was pointing to a new person coming into the picture for our person asking. With the original person of interest, we see that they challenge each other to move on. The core of this reading is who is asking who to change. Lots of positive encouragement is here to have them talk. The 9 of Wands tells us to speak and stand up, stop avoiding the issue and face it head-on. Move through the emotionally drained part so both people can be happy again.

Yes and no tarot readings can be very accurate when you're open to what needs to come through. I feel once you find your groove with how you are asking the questions these spreads highlight so much of what is flowing below the surface. 

Good and Bad Questions to Ask in a Yes No Tarot Reading

With these types of Tarot spreads, I am often asked if there are bad questions or a bad way to approach an accurate Yes or No Tarot reading. I would say no, there are no bad or off-limits questions. There may be things we are not fully ready to hear and that can surprise us. For instance, in the above 5-card reading, the cards speak of feelings being hurt when they realized they were being taken for granted. It led to really good conversations about what was happening and how to approach what to say next. When it comes to asking anything, don't be afraid to ask more questions. We all go through things. And the Tarot is meant to highlight what we have in front of us. 

I've had the cards say No to the question "does a certain person love me" but in the actual cards, it went deeper than love. They adored the other person and were in the process of making a major move for them. At first, there was shock at the initial No. But even just going with the traditional meanings of the cards we can get an idea of what they are trying to tell us.

Good Questions to Ask in a Yes No Tarot Reading: 

  • Are they thinking of me?
  • Do they want a committed relationship?
  • Are they hiding something?
  • Did they ghost me?
  • Will I hear from them?
  • Will I get this job?
  • Will my person of interest understand what I am saying?
  • Can I do this? (It is pretty important that when you are focusing on an action or change... make sure you are clear about what you can do).
  • Can I let go?
  • Will this situation (be clear about it when you're pulling cards) work in my favor? 

As I mentioned the questions about being focused, tarot is extremely sensitive to our subconscious. Sometimes, other things can slip through that we are not asking about. It is rare, but if the connection slips a bit there can be some interference. Asking about work but having things from home come through can happen. Take a second if you have it and refocus. Your way of noticing that will get better as you work with the cards. Yet again, there are no bad questions. Just redirect your initial question a little.

When you're coming into a reading and especially if you get an answer that spirals you a bit. I can say the shock may rock the foundation but having that heads up from a reading can bring the clarity we need on what to do or say next. Getting a Yes or No from the cards for something not being a good fit for us can rattle us on what we want to face. Let's look at some harder Yes No Tarot reads.

Yes or No Tarot Reading Six Card Reading Results

Tarot Reading Yes or No #4 – Am I Going to Get this Promotion at Work?

No was the answer. The pull consisted of the 8 of Swords, the 4 of Swords, and the 9 of Cups, which combined to a really strong no. My person was devastated. Rightly so. The way we ran with this reading was to pull another three cards and this time we asked instead… "Should I stay at my job?" 

And here we have another No answer. The second 3-card pull included the Page of Cups, the Queen of Wands, and the 8 of Pentacles. These cards go on to emphasize that moving on will bring a much higher position and a better team to work with. Seeing the 8 of Pentacles made me so happy because even though right now we were going through a lot of disappointment, it was shaping the next chapter for the person who is concerned. 

So, this ended up being a 6-card reading. But only because we were asking about what was happening and then switching gears into what to do next. Having an even number of cards like that is okay and it should not throw off the balance. With this person, we actually changed gears again completely and pulled another 5 cards. The next question centered on their relationship. 

Yes or No Tarot Readings, Results for Five Card Reading

Tarot Reading Yes or No #5 – Will My Partner Actually Listen to What I Have to Say?

Finally, a Yes answer. For this 5-card Yes No Tarot spread, I pulled The Hermit (9), The Sun (19), the 4 of Wands, the 10 of Cups, and the 3 of Swords.

When your job is about to change at least hearing that the relationship is going to get better was nice. The 3 of Swords can be a really hard card to see in a reading. Traditionally it has layers of separation, confusion, hurt, and loss. But look at our first two cards. Those have anchor points in how both people are managing things. That is what matters here. The peace that the 4 of Wands mentions, and it being next to the 10 of Cups tells me that what matters to both people is getting back to a good place. The tension has scared both people about what's next and they don't want to lose each other. But the Three of Swords and even The Hermit Card are meant to show them how close they were to shut each other out.

Is Yes or No Tarot Accurate?

I hope these sample readings above have helped provide specific examples of how Yes or No Tarot Readings work in the real world. I am excited to share this information with you, and it was a lot. But after making it this far, I want you to remember these two key points when it comes to Yes or No Tarot readings and their accuracy compared to a traditional Tarot Reading.

One – Always remember there are lots of ways to ask a yes or no question. Be open to why it is Yes or why it is No. As shown in reading #4 above, if you get an answer you do not expect, a follow-up Yes or No question can help clarify the situation further.

Two – have fun with this and seek ways to change it. Especially if there are things that you want to ask, the Tarot can have excellent ideas about what to say. Being honest and vulnerable through these Yes or No questions, will really help us dig deeper to uncover the real answers you seek.

I would be happy to explore all of this further with you and provide you with a Yes or No Tarot reading when you want answers to questions in your life. Just call me any time!



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Ginger has 14 years of experience reading tarot. Working with different questions and creating spreads that peel back layers for any situation has been a huge blessing. Working with guides that help bring clarity, guides us through circumstances that could influence us. With tarot, it takes looking at the unknown and opening doors to create new courses.


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