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Tips and Tricks to Help You Find Lost Items

Date 5/9/2022
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We've all lost things, from our keys to our wallet to our cell phone. If you've ever lost something valuable or something that's impossible to replace, though, you know it's just about the worst feeling in the world. Before you go into complete panic mode, consider the following methods and techniques a psychic may use to help in finding lost items, and some that you can try yourself as well!

Finding Lost Items Under Sofa

Psychics Can Specialize in Lost Items

Just like doctors and lawyers, psychics specialize in specific types of divination for which they are especially suited and passionate. This could be romance, pets, careers, and many more specialties. If you've lost an item that is special and irreplaceable, then you should seek a psychic that specializes in finding lost objects. These psychics use processes that can help you find the item, such as mediums, guides, clairvoyance, or card readings. They employ anything that will help them to locate that precious missing item.

Psychic Mediums Use Angels and Spirit Guides for Finding Lost Things

A medium is a psychic who is able to speak with spirits and angels to help locate objects. Angel card readings allow the medium to talk to these spirits, who in turn can help find lost objects and communicate where their location. These spirits are able to locate objects much easier than mortals can because their access to the world is not limited by physical boundaries. These spirit guides could be a guardian angel or a loved one who has long passed. If you lost your deceased father's watch, for example, his spirit would probably be more than willing to help you find it again.

Psychic Ashanti shares her personal experience as a medium to help find lost items:

When the caller tells me what they lost, I know immediately how to start the reading. First I perform automatic writing, by writing and drawing everything I see. I ask the crossed over ones to help me locate the lost object. The gift I am blessed with is my connection to those who have crossed over. It is so nice to have someone tell you exactly what you need to know. 

Here is the way it works: I get visions of where the lost object is located and sometimes even how it got there in the first place. In my automatic writing exercise, I also draw pictures during all my readings—it’s a great help.

One time I had a woman call who wanted to find her wedding ring before she moved from her home. She had lived there for over 20 years! Her husband divorced her eight years earlier, but she still wanted to find the ring. I told her I could see the ring flying across a yard. For some reason, I could also see steps. She laughed and said, "I was mad and threw my ring across the yard from the porch steps!" How funny? I told her to walk as far as she can throw and start looking!

I have to admit, it’s very nice to know higher-ups in life!

Looking for Lost Items

Clairvoyants Use Energy to Find Something Lost

Unlike mediums, clairvoyants use their gift for seeing the object in alternative ways. He or she can then describe to you where your object is, including what is surrounding the object and what the area looks like. This might help click something in your memory that will help you find the missing object. Clairvoyants are able to see the problem from new angles and realms, so they're a great resource when searching for lost items.

Psychic Julie shares her 3 tips to help you find a lost object at home:

1. Every object has motion, energy, and life 

Many objects are actually communities for microorganisms that possess life energy. You have a spiritual connection to all objects that are dear to you with the energy of love and memory. 

2. Don’t panic

As soon as you realize that you’ve lost an object, try to move out of the panic state of mind and control your thoughts. Slow down your breathing and meditate for five or 10 minutes to clear your mind. It is likely that this will help you see where the object is located. If you have difficulty with this exercise, sleep on it and calm down. Then you’ll realize where it is.” 

3. Sleep on it

You’ve heard people say that when you lose on object you should sleep on it. You’ll wake up and remember where you left it. This is very true, because when we get overwhelmed with the frustration and fear that we won't recover our object it actually blocks your positive connection to the object.  

And speaking of sleeping, another popular method to help find something lost is done using the power of dreams.

Finding Lost Objects Via Dreams

Finding Lost Objects Via Your Dreams

If you or someone you care about has lost something, Psychic Maryjane has a method she has been using for many years. It can be a lost object, or the name of person you simply cannot recall. It can even be a scenario you would like to come to fruition.

Before you sleep, try to get comfortable as you can. Imagine yourself finding the object. Visualize it in your hands. Feel your heartbeat. Visualize calling up your friend and proudly proclaiming, "I FOUND IT!" Visualize texting "I found it!!" to a loved one. Smile as you naturally would as you discover your lost object. Keep in this "vibrational zone." In other words, keep smiling and FEEL THE JOY of your emotions in the discovery. Try to hold this until you drift off to sleep.

The tip here is to not focus on the how. Only focus on the discovery and joyful reunion with your object.

Also say, "Thank you for helping me find ________!"

Repeat this as often and with as many things as you like. Be patient and KNOW that the object is finding its way to you.

Here are some examples of this method working for Psychic Maryjane:

"I was able to locate a book from 1936, that my father gave to me that I had donated to Goodwill 14 years ago. I found this book on eBay after waking up from a dream after I had fallen asleep this way. At 3AM I grabbed my phone and there was one listing with the book for sale on eBay. It was inexpensive and being sold from the town I had lived in all those years ago. I had quite literally bought MY book back!

I have located an important book of passwords that went missing for weeks. I did not focus on "where it was" but simply me holding it. Sure, enough I found it using this method.

I remembered a childhood friend's name that I scoured the internet for but could not locate for years. I again woke up hours after doing this method with the name clear as day. By that night I was able to locate them online and we were chatting away!

I have used this method many times in difficult painful situations involving my dear late husband and his illness. I would go to sleep, and I would visualize myself talking to a specific doctor or once I visualized talking to the CEO of the hospital before I slept. The next morning, I found myself in the elevator with the CEO, someone whom I never had met or even knew his name. This encounter led to many beautiful moments, including visits and check-ins.

I have used this method to locate "the right" provider I need. I use this method to secure a good parking spot to an appointment I am going to the next day.

Call it a prayer. Call it a manifestation. But for me I just call it simply divine."

Lost Item Found Ring

Psychic Readings Can Provide Clues for Lost Items

Another option is to have a tarot or cartomancy reading from a psychic who specializes in lost items. By using cards to gain clues about where the object is, you may figure out when and where you lost it so that you can find it once again. You might also gain some insight into why you lost it. Is there a deeper meaning for you misplacing the item than just a forgetful mind? Knowing if there's a subconscious reason for why you lost your precious object might help you resolve a deeper issue.

One Final Method to Help Find Lost Items

Suppose you’ve lost something. It could be any item in your home or in any enclosed perimeter. It only matters that it’s missing. This story from Psychic Cory is about a mystical trick you can use to find just such a lost item. And it happens to be a sentimental one for her, because her mother taught Cory this method long ago.

“The last time I knew of my beloved mother using this mysterious magick was in a store. She was a customer looking to purchase an article of jewelry. I’m not quite sure if she bought anything that day, though I know with complete certainty that she ended up bestowing a blessing upon a woman in that store in what would be the last five months of her life. 

On this auspicious day, the owner of this jewelry establishment appeared upset. My mom, being the kind soul she was, immediately offered help. "Is there something wrong?" she asked. The woman responded that she’d lost a large sum of money. Anne was quick to respond: "Do you have a glass?" While the owner appeared very confused by this request, she was desperate to try anything that might guide her to her apparent loss. At this point, my mother told the skeptical woman to go over to a small table, move the table slightly by one of its four corners, turn the glass over and place it on the corner she moved, all the while envisioning her lost money.

The woman, though incredulous, followed the instructions perfectly. She found her glass, brought it over to the corner of a table, moved it slightly, and then turned the upright glass over onto the moved corner, while visualizing her lost item. The very last instruction my mother offered was to immediately stop looking for the lost money and to simply get on with her day in complete faith that the method would be successful. 

My mother admitted to me that she realized that the proprietor of the store thought she was completely nuts, but she didn’t care much about that. She flashed me one of her fabulous smiles that often made me feel she knew way more than she ever let on about the metaphysical world. She went on to say that the woman excused herself for a moment, stating she had to go upstairs. Moments later she walked back down with a huge grin on her face and the lost check (aka money) in hand. She appeared utterly amazed and overwhelmingly grateful by what had occurred. 

I’ve used this method on many occasions, most impressively finding my contact lens in a carpet. I recall losing it and then hopelessly looking before I went to get a glass to turn over. I’ve always marveled at this particular find, and ever since I first tried it, it’s worked. By the way, you can use any type of cup; it doesn’t need to be glass. 

Recently, I thought I had lost something, and just as I recalled the method to myself and how I was going to get the glass—a step I never even got to—presto, there it was! 

If you’ve lost an object, you might just love this enigmatic way of finding it without actually looking for it. Why not allow the item to find you? I hope you find this method as useful as I often do."

Lost Phone Found

Use All The Information You Can to Find Something Lost

From speaking with a medium, to analyzing your dreams and more, all these techniques my not be able to give you a definite pinpointed location of where the object is, but instead can give you a general location or some idea of what's around it. By using the information you gain from these methods and speaking with a psychic advisor, you should have a better idea of where you should look, and your chances of finding the lost item will increase.



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