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It's Time We Spoke About... Timing by Psychic Sapphire

Date 4/23/2024
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When it comes to timing, patience is key.

When it comes to timing, patience is key.

As a Psychic Source Advisor, “when” is one of the most frequent questions I’m asked. It’s natural for a caller to ask: When will I get the job? When will true love arrive? When will he/she call me again? At times, predictions can be spot on and other times way off.

Here are a few suggestions to help you embrace Divine Timing without adding confusion or stress to your reading:

Limited Information

First, it’s important to understand humans are not privy to all facets of Celestial knowledge. 

We learn this in the New Living Bible Mathew 24: 36

“ one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the Angels in heaven…”

The speaker of this text is letting us know there are limitations in Divine Realms. At best, timeline predictions are only as accurate as to the amount of cosmic knowledge we’re permitted to access. Other times, the Angels seem to protect information from coming through. Often hindsight shows us why. Trust that if a timeline isn’t happening as predicted, Divine Spirit has an alternative plan in mind for you.

Predictions Are NOT Exact

Secondly, timing predictions are not an exact science. Higher Beings do not follow linear time in the same way human beings do. Divine timing follows the ebb and flow of seasons, planets, eras, ages, and the grand cosmic clock. To put this in perspective, Wikipedia notes a cosmic second is 438 years in earth time.

As Einstein stated:

“Time is an illusion” 

Asking a Higher Being about linear time is like asking the Sun to fit in a box.

Rest assured everything arrives exactly as it’s meant to arrive. By applying a little patience, we can allow Divine timing to flow with grace and precision towards the excellence we deserve.

Patience, Please

Finally, our society is geared towards instant gratification. We’re conditioned to expect things to arrive yesterday. Two-day shipping is now considered too slow. We binge entire seasons of a TV show in a weekend rather than waiting months to enjoy them one episode at a time. To add another layer of personal angst, we’re constantly bombarded with social programming telling us we’re spiritually lacking if we’re not manifesting with the snap of a finger.

When it comes to timing issues, think in terms of energetic alignment.

Ask yourself:

  • How many factors are in play here?
  • Are all the circumstances working together?
  • Is there a cooperative energy coming through or opposing energies causing blocks or delays?

Divine Source is acutely aware of the exertion and strength required to synchronize several competing forces in to one harmonious element. Most often, one or more of these forces (human desires) become impatient, loses focus or completely gives up. The more we can surrender our attachment to outcomes such as “when”, the easier Divine Power can work through us and for us.

Does this mean we should never ask timing questions? Of course not, it’s perfectly okay to ask. Knowing when something is going to happen gives us a sense of order and peace. Yet, if we can allow a little breathing room for Infinite Source to work its magic, we can take a much more relaxed view of these brief inquiries about linear time.


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Sapphire is a certified NLP Practitioner, globally certified through the American Board of Neurolinguistic Programming established in 1995. This global standard assures a high level of excellence subscribed by the Training Institute. Sapphire teaches clients how to overcome limiting belief systems stored in the subconscious mind by forming new habits and working with the path of least resistance. These reframing techniques are well established and practiced the world over with transformative results.


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