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June Strawberry Full Moon Tarot Card Spread by Psychic Narnia

Date 7/18/2022
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Summer is a time in the northern hemisphere known for warmth, sunshine, adventure, and fun. The month of June falls right in the middle of this amazing time. The Summer Solstice also occurs this month which is a time of the Sun being at its brightest and is known as the The Day of Light because it is the longest day of the year, with the most hours of sunlight.

The 2022 June Full Moon falls on the 14th this year and is known as the Strawberry Moon. The Strawberry Moon meaning comes from the fact that this full moon happens at a time when Strawberries become ripe in much of the northern hemisphere. It's also the 2nd of 4 Supermoons this year, more on that below. 

Supermoon Full Moon

What is a Full Moon Tarot Reading?

The Strawberry Full Moon, Strawberry Moon specifically, is a wonderful time to do a full moon Tarot reading. So, what is a full moon Tarot reading? Quite simply, it is exactly what it sounds like, a Tarot reading performed on the day of the full moon.

A Tarot reading is a layout of cards from a Tarot deck which are then interpreted to give you a trajectory of your life going forward, explain something from your past, or bring clarity to a current situation.  Using Tarot in this way dates back hundreds of years and their use is now more popular than ever. There are varied styles, imagery, and themes to decks from around the world. If you would like to try to do this yourself, the most important thing is to choose a deck that speaks to you. Every person is different so the types of cards and imagery you are drawn to are going to be unique to your tastes and style.

When is the Best Time of Day to Perform a Full Moon Tarot Spread?

A full moon Tarot reading is a great first step on your Tarot journey if you are just starting out. This is especially true during June because this is a time of happiness, the Sun is at full strength, which because the Moon reflects the Sun’s rays back to us, means the Moon’s power also shines the brightest. Of course, it is also a wonderful time to do a spread if you are well versed with the Tarot too, because of the added boost of energy given during a full moon.

Some people believe that to get the full strength of a Tarot reading during a full moon, it has to be done at night after the moon has risen. Others believe it can happen anytime from the evening before the full moon, to the end of the next night after a full moon occurs. I believe that you can take advantage of the moon’s energy even during the day since many times the moon comes into its fullness during the day, and there are plenty of times the moon is visible in the sky during the day, so we know that its power is still affecting us, even when the sun is up.

Couple Standing in the Ocean Looking at the Strawberry Full Moon

June’s Full Strawberry Supermoon

This year’s June Full Strawberry Moon happens to be a supermoon which makes it even more fortuitous for a full moon tarot reading spread. A supermoon means the moon is at its perigee, particularly close to earth in its orbit, which makes it appear unusually huge in the night’s sky. The theory is that this will add intensity to any full moon Tarot reading spreads done during this time. In addition, there is a rich history of other traditional moon rituals to try during a full moon or especially a supermoon.

A full moon spread can occur during any full moon, however since the Full Strawberry Supermoon coincides with the warmth and excitement at the height of summer, it is a wonderful time to do a full moon Tarot spread especially if your questions deal with love. Summer Solstice is a traditional time of celebration around weddings, blessing couples, connecting with potential mates and anything having to do with love in general. In ancient times especially in European festivals, using fire and water to cleanse and bless these love connections were a huge part of tradition. Some celebrations had couples walking between two bonfires, or even jumping over fires to bless their union. Fortunetelling and matchmaking were often done during these celebrations as part of the traditions of varied ancient peoples.

Preparing for a Full Moon Tarot Reading

We can modify some of these traditions to incorporate into our Tarot reading during a full moon. For instance, when you prepare your area for your spread, you can light two candles, one on either side of the area where you will lay out your cards. This will symbolize the two bonfires from tradition. You can also set out a glass or bowl of water in a window near your reading area to draw down the moon and bring its reflective energy to your reading.

How to Lay Out a Full Moon Tarot Spread

For my full moon spreads, I like to lay out a tarot card for each phase of the moon. Beginning at the left side of your area the first card you place will symbolize the new moon. This can show the start of things to come, which is especially significant for a love reading during a Strawberry full moon. This will tell you about new beginnings or new phases to your love life.

The next card placed will be to the right of the first, but arched up slightly, signifying the waxing time of the moon. This is a time of growth and improvement in love. It will signify ways to improve the love area of your life.

The third card will be placed in the middle of the spread and at the highest position in the arc of the semi-circle that your cards will end up in. This card will symbolize the full moon phase and what will be brought to fruition in your love life.

The next card will be symbolic of the waning moon phase and will be slightly farther down the arc from the full moon card. It will mirror the waxing card just on opposite sides of the middle in the spread. It will show you any failings or problems in your love life, shining light on things that need improvement.

The final card in this spread will symbolize the dark of the moon. This is the time for introspection. It will show you what you need to analyze within yourself to improve your love situation. It will also be good to tell you if you need to let go of a relationship or help bring closure from a failed relationship, indicating ways to help yourself heal and recover if that is the case.

5 Card Full Moon Tarot Spread

In my sample reading, the Four of Swords stands in for the new moon. This symbolizes finding peace in your love situation, coming to terms, and accepting that you need rest and reflection on the situation to come.

The second card is the 10 of Wands. It represents the waxing moon, a need to take on more challenges or responsibility in the relationship. You can handle more than you believe possible.

The third card is The Tower. This represents the full moon, what is going on currently in your love life. For this spread this card represents upheaval. Major change going on in the love area of life and all that entails.

The fourth card is the Four of Pentacles. As the waning representative here in this spread it shows that someone in the relationship, is too closed off to love, too worried about protecting themselves instead of being open to what love can bring.

Finally, the last card in the spread is the Five of Swords. It happens to be in the dark moon space, which means the thing you need to take ownership of in the relationship and how to help improve yourself. This card symbolizes betrayal, which doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to hurt the one you love, it can also mean you might be self-sabotaging love, because deep down you don’t feel you deserve to be in a happy healthy relationship.

One Card Full Moon Tarot Reading

This is just one example of the way you can use the Tarot during the full moon. This time in the moon cycle, especially the June Full Moon, is a wonderful time to use a Tarot spread to help give thanks for the good things in your life. Summer is a time to enjoy the bounties the Earth provides, and there is no time like a Strawberry Full Moon, to show gratitude for that blessing and for all the things in your life that bring you joy.

An example of how to do this would be to take your deck and go through the imagery of the cards. Find one card that speaks to you and symbolizes something in your life that brings you excitement or happiness.

Kinght of Swords Tarot Card

For me, I chose the Knight of Swords. I just found out I am going to get to see my favorite group in concert, in my favorite city, this summer and I could not be more excited about it. So, I am going to use the Knight of Swords to symbolize my trip.

I am going to place the card in front of me, under my window that looks out where the moon rises at night. I will sit with the card and when I can see the moon through my window, I will meditate on how grateful I am that the Universe brought all the elements together to make this trip possible. After I have found peace in my mind and focused the image of this card in my mind’s eye, I will feel how full my heart is of happiness and joy thinking about the trip I get to go on, and the joy I will feel when I hear my favorite group perform. I will then look up into the moon and send that gratitude out and up to combine with the energy of the moon so that it can reflect my gratitude out into the night, hopefully bringing that joy and happiness to others in the world.

These are just a couple of examples of how you can use a Tarot spread during the Strawberry Full Moon.

Whatever is going on in your life during these summer months, the Tarot can be utilized to help guide you through it and prepare you for what is to come. If you don’t feel compelled to do a Full Moon Tarot reading yourself, feel free to reach out to one of the talented Tarot Readers at Psychic Source anytime for guidance and clarity.

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Narnia is an empath. She uses the Tarot to tap into the universe for information and also as a tool to connect with spirits as a Medium. Narnia holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts as well as a Master’s in Business Administration. She has been working as a professional Tarot Reader since 1993. Narnia is a Reiki Master and also does Chakra Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls.


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