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How I Teach Others to Embrace Their Psychic Gifts by Psychic Sapphire

Date 4/23/2024
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It's important to trust your own intuition!

It's important to trust your own intuition!

Intuition arrives in many forms. It’s sometimes called: gut instinct, inner knowing, aha moments, practical wisdom or just plain ol’ common sense. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit (2014), successful executives rely on their gut instincts when snap decisions are required. The study shows, more often than not, these decisions are reliable.

Many of us have received bursts of inspiration known as “aha moments.” We suddenly know the right pathway at the right moment. In agricultural and seafaring times, society was very dependent on the practical wisdom found in planetary cycles. Cycles that determine birthing seasons, storm warnings; along with the planting and harvesting of crops. Today we find the older generation complaining about a lack of common sense in the younger generation. What they’re really saying is common sense is the little sister of intuitive wisdom and good to start practicing as early as possible.

All of these examples point to a very powerful gift we all share: intuition. Intuition is a gift from the Divine and given to us at birth. This gift can be extremely strong in some people. In others, more like vague hunches. Even if you don’t have a natural affinity towards your own intuition; like any muscle, it can be developed with strength training.

As a Spiritual Minister trained in Intuitive Development, below are some simple yet effective tips I use to teach others how to strengthening their powerful inner light.

Create a Sacred Space

There’s a reason some animals are den animals. One of my favorite authors, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, writes books about intuitive understanding through myths and legends. In her book, Women Who Run with the Wolves; she tells the story of the wolf den. When the pack is confused or frightened, they retreat to the den and calm down. The pack settles in a restful silence until the matriarchal alpha is ready to act. She does not act until instinct tells her how to lead the pack forward.

Creating your own “den” or sacred space is very important. A quiet retreat is best. Think creatively and surround yourself with items of comfort and inspiration. Like our wolf pack, intuition works best in a calm peaceful environment with no outside distractions.

Use Prayer or Meditation

We are surrounded by Beings of Light. Protectors and Guardians who are there to serve us, protect us, and guide us. They are constantly working on our behalf to bring us the four pillars of life: wealth, happiness, love, and health. Prayer and meditation are great tools to prepare our mind to receive messages, signs or symbols from above. No formalities or rituals are required. Use a meditation to relax your mind, body and spirit. Start talking to your Angels and Guides as you would a trusted friend.

Prayer is simply talking. Be respectful yet open and honest. If you’re uncertain who to call, start with the Archangels: Michael (protector), Raphael (healer), Gabriel (communicator), Uriel (release). As you connect more, pay attention to names that pop up or stand out in your mind. Names or titles can also come to you in dreams. These are your personal Guides and Helpers making themselves known to you.

How to Recognize Messages

Intuition comes in the blink of an eye. It rarely requires much thought. In the beginning you will be tempted to second guess yourself. Try to resist this urge. Keep a journal to record important messages. For example: The phone rings at work and you feel it’s a customer cancelling an important meeting. To your surprise, you’re right. You ask yourself if it’s a good time to propose to your girlfriend, then a wedding dress pops up on Instagram. You’re feeling alone; suddenly a blue jay starts tapping on your window.

Communication from above happens more than we realize. Start becoming aware of these subtle forms of communication around you.

How to Trust the Messages

This is a practice makes perfect kind of deal. In the beginning, messages are confirmed via hindsight more than foresight. We’re testing the validity of messages that have already occurred. For example: You have an odd feeling to take an early train. You shrug it off and hop on your usual route. Three hours later you’re still not home. Damaged tracks have caused delays. As you notice and affirm the accuracy of your intuition, you become more trusting of intuitive urges. Once trust is established, you can start acting on the messages coming through.

Real Intuition vs. Tricks of the Mind

It’s said the mind is a terrible trickster. Whatever you ask it, the answer is yes. We often lean towards negative thinking. This is a natural human phenomenon. It takes a lot of mind training to keep our thoughts positive.

Real intuition comes via the heart. As noted above, it’s a split second impulse leading us in the right direction. There’s a bit of controversy over the delivery of fearful messages of doom and gloom. This is down to natural gifts and training methods. I’ve found most authentic messages offer a way out of dark predictions. If a reader is all doom and gloom; chances are they’re operating more on fear than intuition.

It does take time and experience to figure out our own subjective fears versus intuition we can trust. For example: A friend tells a story of being followed. Your memory is sparked. You were mugged last year by someone following you. You start to feel fearful and you give your friend a warning: “I feel you’re in danger”. In the end, the stranger was just lost and looking for directions. Your warning is based on an unpleasant memory, rather than your friend being in actual danger.

In closing, think of your intuition as a trusted friend. The more you connect and appreciate this friend, the more clarity and focus comes your way.

Intuition is a powerful gift anyone can develop. Try not to compare your gift to others. These unique abilities are highly personal and different for everyone. Although yours may not be the strongest, it’s still highly dependable for your life’s journey.


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Sapphire is a certified NLP Practitioner, globally certified through the American Board of Neurolinguistic Programming established in 1995. This global standard assures a high level of excellence subscribed by the Training Institute. Sapphire teaches clients how to overcome limiting belief systems stored in the subconscious mind by forming new habits and working with the path of least resistance. These reframing techniques are well established and practiced the world over with transformative results.


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