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Complicated Love - Understanding a Love Triangle Tarot Reading by Psychic Arielle

Date 4/19/2024
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There is an exceedingly high percentage of people in the world that have dealt with a love triangle at least once in a lifetime. You may have to decide between two people. Someone you care deeply for may have to decide between you and another. Whatever the case may be, you find yourself torn between two people that you love. Regardless of what position you play in the love triangle spectacle, you are more than likely dealt a handful of controversy. Love triangles can result in an emotional roller-coaster for all parties involved. Dealing with scattered sensations and indecisiveness intertwined with love is the main ingredient of a love triangle. This can get extremely overwhelming with dramatic circumstances. Eventually the time will come when a solution is required.

Love triangle

Benefits of a Love Triangle Tarot Reading

A love triangle tarot reading can assist you with making a logical decision based on individual key factors in regard to everyone involved. Love triangle tarot readings can deliver information regarding personality traits that may be hidden and/or intolerable, what course of action to take to manifest the most desirable outcome, and ways to react and respond to your personal situation as it presents itself.

Let’s explore further with specific examples of Tarot cards that may come up in a reading and how they can be connected to a love triangle situation.

King of Cups

Kings and Queens

Kings and Queens in the tarot deck are more mature in nature than Knights and Pages. The leadership qualities are advanced, they tend to be more focused, goal orientated, and set in their ways. They know what they want and are more prone to making rational decisions. If the King and/or Queen falls on you and one of the other parties involved in your love triangle, the two are more than likely more compatible in the situation. If you are on the outside of the Queen and King, it is best to count your losses and remove yourself from the situation. Pay close attention to options and possibilities before deciding. If you are the King or Queen, you very well may be the person to promote growth and healing around the situation as a whole.

Knight of Wands

The Knight

Knights are action cards and predict movement and determination. They are more driven to success in their personal goals and will often put emotional confusion to the side to follow a dream or vision. They will not stick around for slow movement or hesitation. Knights are more focused on consistency and making sure whoever is traveling with them can keep up with their steady movement. If you are the Knight, it may be best to take your time and allow others a chance to catch up to your way of thinking. If the Knight falls on another, be aware that if you become distracted for too long, you could lose the Knight's attention.

Page of Pentacles

The Page

Pages are noticeably young at heart and also can be a bit childish. They are not too good with responsibility; therefore, you will have to carry them through the relationship or situation. This person may see things with a childlike mind and will not be much of a leader. If the Page falls on one of the other parties, you have to be sure that you are willing to take on a parental role and guide this person in the growth process. If you fall under a Page, it is important that your mentality is equipped to oversee either party. You are still learning and growing, take time out to meditate on what you really want and make sure you’re playing fair.

Five of Wands

Five of Wands

The Five of Wands will fall in many readings regarding love triangles as it represents competition. It is a card that features a battle, tension, and it impacts the ability to move through difficulties. Although not violent, the Five of Wands indicates disagreements and diversity. More than one person fighting for a specific goal, and everyone is aware of who is involved. If you receive this card in your love triangle tarot spread, it is a warning to step back completely and reevaluate the situation at hand. This can be a very conflicting and chaotic situation. Take your time and remove yourself slowly but surely. You don’t want to add any fuel to the flames when this card arrives in a love triangle tarot spread.

Two of Swords

Two of Swords

The Two of Swords is a clear vision of someone that does not know if they are coming or going. In a love triangle tarot reading, obtaining the Two of Swords predicts the inability to make a challenging decision. Both options are good, however, there is a lack of being able to see the problem nor the solution. The Two of Swords also shows a lack of information that makes it difficult to make a firm decision. The only way to decide when receiving this card is to consider the situation as a whole and follow your intuition. If this card falls upon someone else that has to make a choice between you and another, they will not come to a resolution until they are able to see everyone’s intentions clearly.

The Devil Card

The Devil

The Devil represents manipulation, lies, deception, and betrayal. If you are in a love triangle, and you are trying to figure out if this is someone you can trust, the answer is, NO! The Devil is the master of dishonesty. You will likely get hurt in this situation by putting your trust in the wrong person. Keep your guard up at all costs, or you will regret it. The Devil can also warn that you will be tricked by one of the parties involved in your love triangle. Be very careful with manipulation and hidden agendas when the Devil card enters your love triangle tarot reading.

Death Card


The Death Card indicates endings and new beginnings. When this card shows up in your love triangle tarot reading, it is a sign that something must end in order for something new to sprout forth. This means ending one situation in favor of another in order to obtain the desired outcome. The end of a situation is near or has already taken place, it is time to move forward and leave the past behind you. The end of a relationship could be emotionally difficult but also mandatory for future progress. In a love triangle, the Death card is pointing to the end of a cycle. Death is not always a negative, and it does not always mean that someone will pass.

Four of Cups

Four of Cups

When the Four of Cups shows up in your love triangle tarot reading it indicates a person that is impossible to please. You will not be able to give this person enough no matter how hard you try. The Four of Cups is someone that is never satisfied with what they have. It is best to stop giving so much when it is not appreciated. Or simply stop giving to this person all together. If you receive the Four of Cups for yourself, your perfect person has been there waiting patiently and has been overlooked by you. 

Three of Swords

Three of Swords

The Three of Swords represents heartache and agony. This is a warning that there will be a lot of pain that comes with this situation, and you will be extremely hurt by the actions of another. In a love triangle reading, you want to stand clear of the person this card falls under. Either you will hurt this person, or they will hurt you. The affliction will be heavy when the Three of Swords peeks in. This could mean that you are still trying to heal from past struggles and heartbreak. The Three of Swords is a warning that the love triangle you find yourself in will be emotionally torturous if you are not careful.

Three of Cups

Three of Cups

When the Three of Cups card comes up in your love triangle tarot reading it represents contentment and happiness for all parties involved. This is a card of celebration and union without the confusion and competitive energy. The Three of Cups predicts that everyone involved will be satisfied with the outcome and willing to work together to create happiness. This is a prediction of resolution and reunion. If you are hoping for someone from the past to return, you will get your wish.

The Tower

The Tower

The Tower Card in a love triangle tarot reading signifies destruction and strife. The situation you find yourself in was built on unstable ground and will not stand much longer. If you receive the Tower card, it is best to count your losses and start to rebuild again. Be sure your foundation is stable before investing your time and energy when rebuilding. There may have been a lot of discord and hostility between you and another party in the triangle. This is strife that is impossible to heal… let it go and move on.

Love Triangle

Love Triangle Tarot Readings - Conclusion

In a tarot reading it is especially important to pay close attention to details. The way a face card is facing reveals important information on what to expect or what actions to take next. Tarot colors, posture, surroundings, objects, Tarot symbols, and nature also play a huge part in gathering more information.

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Arielle is a Third-Generation psychic and has been one with the cosmos since birth. She has used her abilities to provide readings for others for over 25 years. She specializes in using her natural gifts to direct and guide both advisors and customers in all areas of life and spirituality.


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