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A Complete Guide to Psychic Protection and Psychic Self-Defense by Psychic Jenna

Date 4/18/2024
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A Complete Guide to Psychic Protection

One of the most important aspects of being a psychic, whether you’re working as one professionally or exploring it casually, is learning psychic self-defense. Psychic self-defense is crucial to your overall health especially if you’re empathic or sensitive and is key if you wish to increase or advance your gifts.

Psychic Protection Guide

Psychic self-defense doesn’t sound nearly as fun or exciting as psychic development, but it goes hand in hand with it, and is an imperative part of the intuitive learning process. If you practice psychic self-defense daily, you’ll find that your abilities are not only improved and strengthened, but your ability to pick up on energy, read it clearly, and understand the messages you’re receiving will be heightened substantially.

Table of Contents

Psychic Protection for Empaths

Psychic Protection for Empaths

Empaths are well documented for having difficulty with separating their energy from others – taking on the energy of others and the energy that they are encountering instead of just observing it. Because of this, it’s difficult for many empaths to differentiate between what energy is theirs – and what isn’t. This obviously becomes problematic when negative energy is present, as an empath is more likely to pick up on that energy and absorb it, as opposed to just observing it, which can lead to physical, mental, or emotional discomfort.

If you form proper boundaries, practice regular psychic self-protection, and make sure to keep your environment energetically healthy and clean, you will find that things are much easier to process psychically and intuitively, and you’ll also feel better overall. This goes for all psychics – regardless of if you’re an empath, sensitive/intuitive, a medium, or all the above.

Being psychic, we encounter a great deal of energies that are not perceivable by many, and the experience as well as the energy itself can be extremely daunting, scary, and intimidating. While exploring your gifts and expanding them is generally considered a safe activity, you can run into problems and difficulties, and you can experience some unpleasant circumstances. Negative energy and negative beings are a reality, and because of them we must be proactive regarding our approach to psychic safety and our energetic wellbeing. When you take the time to protect yourself and your environment, you’ll have a much more enjoyable time exploring and using your abilities, while simultaneously warding off entities or energies that could potentially cause emotional, mental, energetic, or even physical harm.

Psychic Attacks

Psychic Attacks

It’s not uncommon for highly sensitive people to encounter various negative energies or circumstances as they develop their psychic abilities. Many encounters with negative energies are unavoidable, but with proper boundaries and some basic protections, you can observe and encounter it without being impacted personally.

What is a Psychic Attack?

Psychic attacks can be both intentional and accidental. Not everyone realizes the power of their thoughts, and negative thoughts have an impact far beyond the brain and on our physical reality. Thoughts are things and they directly impact our environment whether we know it or not, and negative thoughts and negative feelings/emotions have a direct impact on our physical reality just like other forms of thought.

Psychic attacks happen when someone is intentionally wishing harm upon you, or feeling hatred, jealousy, or intense negativity towards you. The emotions themselves are enough to cause the psychic attack, so psychic attacks are very common amongst people who don’t know they have psychic abilities, or people who aren’t in control of their own emotions or mental state.

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Psychic Attack Symptoms

While psychic attacks can manifest in various ways, many symptoms of a psychic attack can include intense fear and anxiety without cause, paranoia, nightmares and other sleep disturbances, extreme fatigue, mood swings, and feeling out of control. Some people even experience a feeling of losing their sanity to a degree, so it can be an incredibly uncomfortable situation to be in.

It is not necessary to find out who is causing the psychic attack to stop it, and if you’re experiencing a psychic attack, it’s more important to stop any negative symptoms or situations you’re experiencing than to figure out who is behind it. However, by evaluating people that you’re in contact with and who you interact with, you should be able to identify the root of the attack after clearing and shielding your energy (instructions on how to do so can be found later in this article), and you can work to either improve your relationship with that person or heal any damage done in your connection with them, or try to cease contact entirely. Regardless, you can block psychic attacks and not feel any affect if you keep proper psychic boundaries and employ them daily.

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Negative Psychic Entities

Negative Entities

If you’re a natural medium or want to develop your mediumship abilities, there is little doubt that you’ll encounter entities from time to time, whether in your practice or simply in your environment. Negative entities can be anything from disembodied spirits to beings from other dimensions or alternate realities. The difference between a negative entity and negative energy is that negative entities possess consciousness. They have thoughts and intentions, and you want nothing to do with either.

Negative entities are difficult to deal with and can create massive problems for people who are dealing with them. They can cause physical harm (including bruising and cuts/scrapes), familial problems/tensions, and discord, and they can cause individual symptoms similar to mental illness, depression, and anxiety. If an entity has enough energy, it can manifest visually or cause physical disruptions – such as flickering lights/electrical disturbances, noises, tapping on walls, even breaking objects. Negative entities can be very damaging, so it’s best to avoid them entirely if possible. They can be dealt with and removed but engaging or interacting with a negative entity is never recommended even for the most advanced mediums. Observe or remove the entity, but do not engage it.

It's important to note that negative entities are drawn to fear, pain, anger, and other negative emotions. They are driven to situations that are unhealthy mentally or physically, and often arise in households where abuse, addiction/substance abuse, or toxic situations are present. Negative entities are not created from negative situations, but instead are drawn to people in those situations, as people in negative or toxic situations are often weakened energetically. They are easier targets for psychic attack and thus easier for the entity to prey on.

There are many motivations for negative entities, but many just want to cause harm, pain, disorder, and chaos, with no ultimate goal. Again, if you encounter a negative entity, it is best to avoid it unless you must remove it. Luckily, healing and clearing your own energy (resolving negative situations that may have arisen in your life), as well as clearing your space can help remove any entities that have latched onto you or your environment. The exercises listed later in this article can be helpful with removing negative entities.

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Psychic Vampires

Psychic Vampires

Psychic vampire attacks are very similar to psychic attacks, except that they aren’t really an “attack”. Instead, psychic vampires are people who will absorb or steal/drain your energy and often do so unintentionally and without knowing. Psychic vampires are not bad people; they aren’t even necessarily toxic (though they absolutely can be), but they WILL drain your energy and leave you feeling overwhelmed, fatigued, burned out and exhausted after being in their presence or even interacting with them.

Psychic vampires are often people who require a great deal of reassurance, people who have trouble managing their anxiety or lower vibrational emotions, people who struggle with narcissism or narcissistic tendencies, or people who have abandonment issues or issues involving rejection. This isn’t a complete list, but in general, individuals who drain you of your own energy and leave you feeling exhausted, depleted, and drained are often energy vampires.

While most do this unintentionally, there are some individuals that will prey on people that are empathic or whom they know are highly sensitive because of how they vibrate and because of the empathetic aspects of being an empath. Empaths also tend to lack solid boundaries both emotionally, mentally, and energetically, which also makes them very easy targets (which is a good example of why psychic self-protection is so important)! Boundaries, whether mental or energetic, are extremely effective against psychic attacks. However, most people who are psychic vampires are generally unaware of what they are doing and are not directly intending to cause harm, in which case mental and energetic boundaries are also equally as effective.

Many people become psychic vampires at one point or another in their lives when their energy is low or their emotional or mental health is poor, but it doesn’t mean that they stay that way forever. However, people who are less self-aware can carry this trait throughout their lifetime if they don’t gain more insight into themselves. You may have even been a psychic vampire at one time, or you may notice periods of time where you may have traits in common with one! If so, psychic protection will help you in safeguarding, reinforcing, restoring, and renewing your own energy, which is a key step towards healing and stopping any reliance you may have on other peoples and their energy.

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Negative Attachments and Psychic Cords

Negative Attachments and Psychic Cords

Negative energy attachments are when you are emotionally and energetically attached to someone who is harmful to you in some way (and they are attached to you) – whether it’s emotionally, mentally, physically, or energetically. Negative cords are energy connections with someone who is harmful, negative, or when the situation between two people becomes toxic, the energy cord becomes negative. Negative attachments significantly impact the people connected to them.

When people connect, they create energy cords between each other. Those cords grow thicker with time and with the kind of relationship that is built between the two individuals. They exist in various kinds of relationships, from friendships, coworker and acquaintance relationships to familial relationships and romantic relationships. People who are sensitive can feel these cords, and the energy of the person they’re attached to. Many people who have thicker energy cords with someone will pick up on the other person’s energy even without them being present. That’s why many people know when their partner or a member of their family is sick or feeling down or anxious without having communicated with them! When that connection or the person that the connection is with is negative, that becomes an unhealthy connection and, at minimum, boundaries should be made.

Healthy energy cords can become negative as our relationships and situations change, such as when breakups occur or when there are rifts between family members. Energy cords can often be healed if the individuals connected improve, grow, and heal, or if the situation surrounding them improves. However, if that doesn’t occur, boundaries can be very effective in eliminating unnecessary negative energy you may pick up from the person you’re connected to.

If an energy connection is with someone who you do not want to be connected to anymore, such as a former partner or ex-lover, then there are more protections you can work with to help protect your energy from picking up on their energy and being affected by it. Cord cutting, for example, is a visual method that is extremely effective at eliminating or reducing energy cords that are no longer wanted or needed, and information on how to cut energy cords can be found later in this article.

When working as a psychic, you’ll find that you often form light connections with clients or people you interact with even mildly and for a short time, especially if you’re actively engaging and reading their energy. This also goes for people in medical and counseling professions, spiritual advisors, and those who work directly with others on a very personal basis. Cord cutting is a very effective tool for psychic self-defense to use on a regular basis, and can help with any fatigue or residual energy that you may be picking up on after a session or interaction is over.

Energy connections are easy to identify as everyone forms them and they exist in every relationship we have, but negative or toxic ones will impact us directly and we will be aware of who they are with, as those are the people we are close to and with whom we are experiencing problems. When you have an energy cord with someone who is negative or the connection itself is negative, you’ll pick up on various emotions of the other person (unfortunately usually more of the negative ones than the positive ones), and any emotions or energy that’s directed towards or about you as well.

When you have an energy cord, it’s easy to feel fatigued, depressed, anxious, overwhelmed; feel extreme mood swings for no reason; or emotions that do not match your surroundings, alternated with sudden bursts of intense emotion. This is because you’re picking up on the energy of the person you’re attached to. Boundaries can be effective against this. The kind of boundary you choose to use is up to you. Energy cords can also be positive (and extremely enjoyable) as well, but boundaries can STILL be helpful when it comes to positive and healthy energy cords.

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Energy Imprints and Environmental Encounters

Many times, people mistake houses or locations for being haunted when they’re actually locations with a substantial amount of history and have an energy imprint! “Hauntings” occur when a spirit or entity (a conscious being) attaches itself to a specific location. Energy imprints, on the other hand, can resemble hauntings except that there can be no interaction with the energy and there is no consciousness to the energy.

Like a thumbprint, energy imprints are residual energy from events that occurred that left an impact on the place or location. Often, situations that have caused a great deal of stress, pain, fear, anger, joy, exuberance, or any extreme emotion will have an energy imprint. The imprints may be of the people, the event itself, or various other things involved. Not all energy imprints are negative, and energy imprints are quite common. Psychic protections and boundaries can help with reducing how much negative energy imprints affect us and how much we pick up in those locations.

Something important to note is that we tend to notice negative energy imprints far more often than positive ones, not because they are more prevalent, but because we tend to notice when noticing something unpleasant as opposed to when we are picking up or feeling something that’s positive and enjoyable. We don’t question when we feel good, or when we feel healthy, but we start to notice when we start to feel drained and physically ill. In the same way, we tend to not question why a certain location may feel so vibrant, clean, and refreshing, while another can cause panic attacks, fatigue, or intense emotional disturbances.

Energy imprints are often multi-sensory, in that they can affect more than one of your psychic or even physical senses. Many places that have energy imprints are known for having moving shadows and people in older, dated, or historical clothing walking around or partaking in events. These are not hauntings, but glimpses into a former time in history. Smells, such as a specific cologne or whiskey, tastes or physical sensations are also very common in areas with energy imprints. Depending on what occurred, the kinds of energy that you’ll encounter, and the experiences can vary greatly. Protecting yourself psychically if you’re going into an energetically charged or negatively imprinted location can help with any of the negative emotions or sensations you may encounter.

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Collective and Community Psychic Energies

Collective and Community Energies

The energies in your community affect you just as much as the people you are in direct and regular contact with, ESPECIALLY if you are intuitive. People who are empathic or sensitive are extremely prone to picking up negative energy from their communities, and it can feel like picking up energy from a specific person, except without any specific thoughts or feelings attached. The same goes for positive energy, except positive energy is not problematic.

Most psychics and intuitives discern energies in their communities and it can affect you in various ways depending on what you’re picking up. If you’re unaware, and the energy in your collective community is growing more negative, you can feel like your space is invaded or feel vulnerable or slightly violated. This kind of psychic attack causes you to feel a wide range of emotions from tension and frustration to anger, aggression, depression, fear, and fatigue. Positive collective energy can feel empowering and rejuvenating and can even help lift your personal energy if your vibration is a bit low.

Environmental impacts are significant for psychics, so it’s important to pay attention to your surroundings and the health of your community. Psychically protecting yourself and your personal space is key to keeping any negative collective energies at bay, while also helping you to lift part of that collective energy yourself (as you are part of that collective energy, you impact it just as much as it impacts you)!

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Psychic Overwhelm

Psychic Overwhelm

Psychic overwhelm is all too common amongst experienced and novice psychics alike. When you’re practicing regularly, opening intuitively or expanding your gifts, it’s easy to experience psychic overwhelm at least on occasion. When you’re picking up on energies that are entirely new to you, it can be scary. After all, you’re feeling, hearing, and seeing things that are much different than what you’re used to. It’s completely understandable that many struggle with adapting. Psychic overwhelm can feel like anything from feeling drained, feeling bombarded with information or energy, feeling panicked or overly anxious, to feeling frustrated, easily agitated, or simply overwhelmed in general.

Luckily, psychic overwhelm is temporary and can easily be managed with a few quick techniques that anyone can learn. Boundaries, both mental and energetic, really help with psychic protection when it comes to what you pick up on and when, so that you’re not inconvenienced during inopportune times. Having energy shields can be especially helpful with blocking negative or toxic energies you may encounter and practicing psychic self-defense in general can really aid with limiting and reducing (or even eliminating) psychic overwhelm.

One important thing to remember is that psychic overwhelm can happen at any time during your spiritual progression and at any time in your life, regardless of your experience or expertise. A lot of times, becoming psychically overwhelmed is a good reminder to get back to basics when it comes to psychic protection and to pay more attention to areas of your energy that may need to be reinforced, or psychic self-defense practices you may have been overlooking or forgetting.

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Tools for Psychic Self-Protection

Tools for Psychic Self-Protection

Let’s look at tips and techniques for protecting yourself from psychic attacks and negative energy, and for reinforcing your own energy. They are not arranged in any specific order, and you can employ as many as you wish or only one or two, depending on your preferences and practice. None are specifically better than the other, and it is recommended that you follow whatever techniques or methods that align with your specific beliefs or any which resonate with you personally.


Using crystals for protection is an easy method for warding off psychic attacks. They require little to no attention to work and can be aesthetically pleasing in addition to providing healing and protection benefits!

Different crystals and stones vibrate at different frequencies and can thus aid in various situations depending on what you’re dealing with. Sometimes, you may find that a specific stone resonates with you, while its “purpose” may be for something else entirely! That’s okay, because your energy also influences the crystal, and vice versa. It’s perfectly acceptable to experiment with crystals or stones you are attracted to. Some popular stones for protection are black tourmaline, black obsidian, shungite, clear quartz, amethyst, jet, smoky quartz, and pyrite.

If you’d like to use crystals for psychic self-defense, you can use them in various ways: You can hold them during meditations for added protection when doing psychic expansion exercises; you can wear them as jewelry or place them in your pockets; and you can place them in your environment or in areas that you frequent regularly (such as your home, office, car, etc..). Crystals are great additions to keychains and items that you handle regularly as well! There really isn’t a wrong way to use crystals or stones so feel free to experiment with what feels right to you. You should feel a difference emotionally and physically when you’re protected, or when you’re handling or wearing the stone.

Remember to cleanse your crystals on occasion, especially if you’re using them regularly or if you’re noticing them not working “as well” or are picking up on more interference in your psychic work. Caring for your crystals can be done in a variety of ways, from visualizing them surrounded by bright white, healing light, to cleansing them with moon water (be cautious and double check before exposing your crystals, stones, and minerals to water as many dissolve or can be damaged), placing them in direct moonlight or burying them and unearthing them the next day. Again, how you cleanse your crystals depends on your own preference, and no method is specifically better than any other.

Sage (For Personal Protection)

Believe it or not, you can sage yourself in addition to saging your home! In the next section, Ill cover how to do a home cleansing and how to sage/smudge your home, but this section is specifically about protecting yourself using sage!

Sage has a lot of wonderful natural properties, including antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, and can improve your emotional state and moods, in addition to cleansing and healing your energy and aura. It has been used all around the world for thousands of years and is frequently used in Native American rituals and ceremonies. Sage is wonderful for removing stuck negative energy that you may have picked up from others or from any environments you may have encountered, or for removing any negative energy that you’re having problems letting go of subconsciously.

To sage yourself, take a few moments to quiet your mind, stand upright with your shoulders back, and light the sage. Keep a small bowl or shell below your sage to catch any embers that may fall as you light it. Slowly pass the smoke upwards, starting at your feet, making sure to pass over all the areas of your body until you reach the very top of your head. You can say a prayer, repeat a mantra or chant, or make an affirmation or statement as you pass the smoke over your body. An easy example of a mantra or affirmation you can make could be “I call for protection from negative energy” or “I release all negativity that I hold within my energy and that is attached to me.” Feel free to experiment and to change your affirmation or mantra to fit your situation specifically.

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White Light Meditation

White Light Meditation

Energy shielding is a very easy technique that is massively helpful for those who prefer mental boundaries and visual meditations. A white light meditation is very similar to energy shielding except that it is done through a full meditation, whereas energy shielding can be done within a minute or less once you become familiar with the exercise. A wonderful benefit of energy shielding is that it requires no tools or preparation and can be done virtually anywhere you are! Energy shielding is extremely helpful for people who become overwhelmed in social situations, or empaths who pick up on too much when out and about in their daily lives. If you’re a practicing psychic, energy shields can be helpful with blocking negative energy from clients that may try to transfer to you during a session.

Energy shields work thanks to intention! Intention is a key element in most areas of psychic work and is the main element that enables manifestation. As we addressed earlier, thoughts are things, and affect our physical reality in ways that we can’t necessarily always see. When it comes to energy shields, you’re setting an intention via a mental visualization. Visualization is one of the BEST ways of utilizing intention, as our physical vision is often one of our strongest senses (or one of the senses we tend to rely on the most). It may feel like you’re just visualizing something in your head, but what you’re doing is actively instructing your energy to do exactly what you’re telling it to, and that’s to block anything negative from entering or affecting you and filling your energy with bright, healing light from the universe.

It’s best to attempt this shield with eyes closed until you’re comfortable with it but it is not necessary. Once you’re adept at visualizing the energy shield without any difficulty or trouble, you should be able to perform this exercise virtually anywhere and in just about any setting.

White Light Meditation Instructions

Close your eyes, and take a few slow, deep breaths to center your energy.

Visualize a bright white light surrounding you. This brilliant white light is so bright that it’s almost blinding, like sunlight hitting freshly fallen snow. Visualize it encompassing your entire body, filling it, surrounding it, and enveloping you completely. As you breathe in, visualize bright white light entering into your body through your mouth, filling you with healing energy.

Visualize your aura around your body (or, if you’re sensitive, try to feel your aura and where it extends out to).  Watch and identify any colors that you see within your aura, then watch as the bright white light expands to encompass your full energy, your aura, and the space around you. Let the light continue to get stronger, and brighter, until you cannot see anything else.

Set an intention or repeat a mantra or affirmation with the intention of setting an indestructible boundary that protects your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic self.

Some intentions/affirmations you can use include:

  • “Nothing negative or harmful can enter this boundary.”
  • “I am fully protected in universal light. Nothing negative can enter.”
  • “This is my boundary. Healing, positive energy is welcome. Negative energy cannot enter.”

You can also call upon your guides, angels, ancestors, or any other spiritual being or presence you wish to be present or to help aid in the creation or solidification of your boundary.

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Psychic Energy Shielding

Energy Shielding

Like white light shielding, there are other kinds of visualizations that you can do to help create various kinds of energy shields depending on the situation you’re in and what you’re trying to achieve. All can be created via the same method as mentioned previously, except for changing the kind of barrier you’re setting up.

Mirrored Ball Shield – Visualizing a sphere surrounding your energy made of mirrors facing outwards. This visualization is wonderful for sending/directing any negative energy back from where it came from. This is extremely effective with people who exude a lot of negativity or who have troublesome or toxic behaviors.

Black Obsidian Shield – Visualizing being within a large black obsidian sphere. Black obsidian as a stone absorbs negative energy and blocks it entirely from entering your energy. In this same way, visualizing black obsidian surrounding your entire body and energy helps block and remove any negative energy you may encounter or be carrying.

Rose Quartz Shield - The same as the Black Obsidian Shield except with beautiful translucent Rose Quartz. Rose quartz is wonderful for promoting peace, acceptance, and love. You can use Rose Quartz as the inner part of your Black Obsidian shield or as a shield all on its own. As its own shield, this kind of shield is extremely helpful for healthcare workers, counselors, or those who need to be compassionate in their approach to people who may be indirectly toxic or harmful.

Metal Armor – A helpful visual boundary you can make is to see yourself in your mind’s eye covered in metal armor, such as impenetrable lead. You can make the armor as intricate as you want, and the more detail you put into it, the better (remember, shields are ALL about intention, so the more detail and time you put into making your energy shield, the more it will pay off). You can visualize protection symbols, archangel symbols, Reiki symbols, or any other kind of protective imagery you wish on the metal armor. Creating an “armor” for yourself works in the same way as creating the other forms of energy boundaries in that you’re coating yourself with a reflective, strong material which will block any negative energy from affecting you.

Reflective Cloak – This energy shield has similarities to the mirrored ball shield, in that it works by reflecting any negative energy that you encounter back towards its source or the person who sent it out. Visualize yourself wearing a large, draping hooded cloak, which covers everything including your face. The exterior of this cloak is smooth and reflective, like flowing glass. Visualize the inside of this cloak in cobalt blue (which is a protective color) or violet (which is an intuitive healing color).

Rainbow Shield – Rainbow shields help in a slightly different way than other energy shields, in that they help by reinforcing and healing any cracks in your aura and balancing your chakras (without having to do a full chakra meditation). Visualize yourself surrounded in multicolor lights of all kinds, swirling, and moving around you from head to toe. Allow the colors to create a large swirling protective ball around you which nothing negative can enter. The rainbow shield DOES protect you from negative energy as well, but it transmutes negative energy you encounter into positive or neutral energy, as opposed to just rejecting or blocking it. This is extremely helpful for people in protection careers such as law enforcement, security, or those who must pacify or resolve toxic encounters.

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Psychic Prayer


Prayer works like meditation in that you’re opening energetically and spiritually to other energies and entities. In meditation, you’re receiving information and messages, but in prayer, it’s the other way around. You can consider both prayer and meditation to be “one way” communication methods, but both can be extremely powerful and impactful.

When dealing with psychic attacks, negative energies or entities, psychic overwhelm, or a variety of the other things you may encounter as a psychic or intuitive, prayer or asking for help from other beings is an extremely helpful and beneficial option. You can pray to your Divine Source, or to a specific deity you follow, or you can ask for help from the archangels, your ancestors, loved ones who have crossed over, or your spirit guides.

Asking for help is sometimes easier said than done, especially for those who are used to doing things by themselves most of the time. You don’t have to be fanciful with your request, nor do you have to put a great deal of time into it, but you should approach the request with respect, appreciation, and faith.

As always, when you ask for something, remember to say “thank you” once you’ve received help or immediately after asking. Showing and expressing gratitude to your guides, angels, archangels, or any beings that assist you (whether it is in removing a negative energy or protecting your energy from someone or something negative) is not only good practice, but it helps connect you emotionally and mentally and energetically with your guides, too. Gratitude is an essential and irreplaceable emotion when it comes to manifestation and showing it towards your guides is no exception.

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Grounding Meditations

Grounding meditations are one of my favorite meditations to do. Not only do they feel amazing energetically and physically, but they offer a great deal of relief when you’re carrying around negative energy of any kind. Whether you’re empathic and pick up on negative energy from your surroundings and the people you encounter, or if you’re dealing with a lot and carrying your OWN negative and unpleasant energy, grounding meditations are wonderful for releasing and removing stuck negative and harmful energy.

There are many ways to perform grounding meditations. However, a key element is rooting yourself to the earth, along with replenishing your energy and releasing toxic and negative energy to be dispelled into the earth (or out into the universe) to be recycled. Below is one example of a grounding meditation you can use.

Grounding Meditation Instructions

Sit in a comfortable upright position, preferably with your feet flat against the floor. Sit up straight and try to visualize a line going from the top of your head, through your body, and out through your tailbone. This line can help keep your posture straight during the exercise.

Close your eyes and take three slow deep breaths.

Starting at the top of your head, visualize a line appearing just above where the crown of your head is. See the line slowly starting to descend your body, and as it passes by each part, relax all the muscles that surround that area.

Slowly pass the line down your body, one area at a time, until you finally reach the bottom of your feet. By the time you have reached your feet, you should be completely and fully relaxed and ready to begin the grounding meditation.

Start by focusing your attention on the middle part of the bottoms of your feet. Try to feel any tingling sensations, any heat, or anything else you may notice from that area. Visualize roots sprouting from the bottoms of your feet and descending deep into the earth, like massive tree roots. Watch them continue to expand and grow downwards, latching onto the earth just like a mighty tree.

As you watch, visualize the roots beginning to glow with bright, healing white light. Watch as the light slowly climbs up all the roots, all the way back up and into your body. Feel as you are drawing clean, renewing, healing energy from the earth into your body and energy field.

As you feel the energy approach your feet, visualize the energy swirling up and through your legs in a clockwise spiral. Feel the energy slowly climbing and filling you, continuing to swirl around and within you until it reaches your crown, spilling out above and around you like a fountain around you.

While you are feeling this energy fill you and restore you, begin focusing your attention on the crown of your head. Visualize a bright white pillar forming at the top of your head, drawing healing energy from the universe down and into your energy and body. Watch as the energy that flows from your crown flows through and down your body in a counterclockwise spiral, opposite to the energy that you are drawing up from the earth.

As you feel this healing, renewing light, continue watching as it flows around you, within you, and downwards until it reaches your feet, spilling out like a fountain and into the energy around you.

Watch as the energy is being drawn up from your roots, through your body, and up through your crown, while the energy from your crown is brought simultaneously down through your body, and out through your roots.

Now it’s time to release any negative or stuck energy you have been holding onto. Visualize any negative energy in your body as black, thick, muddy sludge, sitting heavy within your body/energy. Take several deep breaths, and as you take each deep breath, gently “push” the negative energy downwards using the bright white light you are being filled with. Continue pushing the negative toxic energy downwards until it reaches your feet and is dispelled into your roots and into the ground.

Continue focusing on pushing out the negative “sludge” until there is none left and your energy is filled with nothing but clean, beautiful, healing light.

Once all the negativity has been released, sit in the light for a few moments, and then slowly bring yourself out of the meditation and your awareness back to your surroundings.

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Positive Affirmations and Mental Boundaries

Positive Affirmations and Mental Boundaries

Forming mental boundaries is a fantastic way of setting psychic boundaries! Your thoughts affect the physical world around you. Your intentions are key when it comes to creating and setting boundaries, and when manifesting anything in your life. Thus, taking the time to get your thoughts together and setting mental boundaries can be extremely helpful in setting those boundaries in an energetic form too.

An easy way to set mental boundaries is by writing a list of things that you want, and things you don’t want. Try to keep in mind experiences, expectations of others, goals, and the people you want to attract, and the ones you want to keep at bay. If you’re in a relationship or exploring entering one, think about what things you do want and want to attract, and what you don’t want and want to block against. The more you understand your own wants, needs, and desires, the more you’ll understand what you’re wanting to protect yourself against.

Positive affirmations are also a wonderful way of setting mental and energetic boundaries while simultaneously creating an incredibly positive environment. Positive affirmations, while they lift your vibration and your energy, also solidify your intentions and your motivations. Positive affirmations for psychic protections can be anything you wish them to be, but here are some suggestions:

“I am safe and surrounded in divine universal light. I am fully protected.”

“I attract only kindness, love, and positive energy. Nothing that is negative can approach me.”

“I am powerful beyond measure. Nothing that is negative can harm or impact me.”

“I am protected, safe, and secure. I am filled with loving energy.”

“I surround myself with positivity and love. Nothing negative can exist within my energy.”

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Maintaining Good Physical and Mental and Emotional Health

Maintaining Good Physical and Mental/Emotional Health

Your physical health, your mental health, your emotional health, and your energetic health are all separate but all function together as one within you. When you are healthy in all these areas – you will vibrate high, and you will FEEL it. However, when one area is imbalanced, improperly cared for, or suffering – you will notice it affecting other areas of your health because they are all connected. If you are experiencing heartache and grief, you’ll notice that your physical health may suffer, or you may experience extreme fatigue and lack of motivation. Due to one area being affected, other areas are impacted at the same time.

In the same way, when you’re impacted by negative energy, you’ll often feel it in several ways, not just in one area. For example, most people will feel physically and emotionally drained when exposed to a psychic vampire or under psychic attack, even though it affects your energy body. The same goes for you if you notice things in your environment, such as energy imprints.

Also, negative entities, especially extremely toxic ones, are attracted to people with weakened energy bodies. If one area of your health is weakened, your energy will be weakened too. Thus, it’s extremely important to try to maintain good health in all areas if and whenever possible. The healthier you are mentally, emotionally, and physically, the healthier you will be overall energetically.

In the same way, it’s important to try to avoid things such as addiction, unhealthy habits, or toxic individuals, and not only for obvious reasons. Negative and unhealthy patterns tend to create more problems, and they can absolutely attract negative entities or cause negative energy to fester. Taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally is important for far more reasons than is immediately obvious.

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Strengthening the Aura

It’s incredibly important to keep your energy body functioning optimally. Many times, if you are physically, mentally, and emotionally balanced and healthy, you’ll find that your aura (the electromagnetic field surrounding your body) is already strong. Auras often show how we’re doing and functioning in various areas, but they also can show information of their own pertaining to your energy health. While some people say that the aura is a protective layer (which it is), it is also a part of your energy just as your emotions and your body are a part of you.

When you are healthy, your emotions and your mental health are balanced and your physical health is looked after, your aura will appear bright, vibrant, and colorful. When you’re dealing with illness, depression, or negative emotions or thoughts, your aura will appear diminished, dulled, and may even show cracks or tears where your energy body may have been damaged. As a psychic, when your aura is weakened, you may notice that you feel intuitively blocked, aren’t picking up on as much as you may have been previously, or you may have problems with accuracy or clearly translating messages and information you receive.

There are a variety of ways to heal and strengthen your aura beyond taking care of your physical and mental/emotional health, and sometimes additional steps or measures are necessary! Your energy body can absolutely be negatively impacted by the energies you pick up, the people you spend time around, the situations you encounter, the environments you encounter, etc.… So taking care of your aura is an important part of psychic self-care.

Some ways of strengthening your aura can include:

  • Meditating daily, or every few days. Meditation doesn’t have to take very long to be effective, and consistency is more important than length. Try starting at 2–3-minute sessions, working your way up to 10 minutes every 2-3 days, or 5 minutes every other day.
  • Practicing positive thinking and using positive affirmations. Thinking positively is extremely beneficial for your energy and your aura, and consistent practice with positive thinking can even help re-train your brain and help you vibrate significantly higher.
  • Engaging in enjoyable activities and having fun. Sounds easy, right? But for many, it’s extremely hard to break away from responsibilities and schedules to make time for the things we truly love and enjoy doing. However, enjoying life, having fun, and appreciating the abundance we have is necessary to having a fulfilling life. Don’t be afraid to schedule enjoyment into your week, as it’s an important part of self-care and psychic self-defense. Participating in activities you enjoy and partaking in things that bring you happiness and enjoyment actively strengthens your aura and reinforces your mental and emotional health.

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Cleansing and Healing Chakras

Cleansing and Healing Chakras

Chakras are energy centers located within the body. The term “chakra” literally means “wheel” in Sanskrit, as the chakras within your body spin and vibrate like a wheel! There are 7 chakras within your physical body (there are actually many more, and many that exist above and below your body as well). Most people, however, focus on the main 7 chakras located in the body, and that is where we will focus as well.

Your seven chakras, starting from the bottom, are your root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras. Each chakra has a specific color and a tone/sound it is associated with. The root chakra color is red, sacral is orange, solar plexus is yellow, heart is green, throat is blue, third eye is indigo, and crown is violet.

The higher your chakras vibrate, the more they spin and open and the brighter they become. The higher your chakras vibrate, the higher your overall energy vibrates as well. When you are stressed or in pain, dealing with problems, or suffering mentally, emotionally, or physically, your chakras can become misaligned and get thrown off balance. Similarly, when your chakras become unbalanced because of energetic issues or things you encounter psychically, you will notice emotional, mental, and physical symptoms as a result.

You can use many of the same techniques for strengthening the aura as you can for chakra balancing! Meditation, positive affirmations, taking care of your physical and mental/emotional health are all wonderful ways of strengthening your chakras. Another method you can use is energy healing or Reiki! Getting an energy healing session or a Reiki session can help realign your chakras in a very relaxing and enjoyable way.

You can also perform a chakra meditation for clearing, healing, and opening your chakras! Chakra meditations come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s important to find the one that resonates most with you. You can focus on an individual chakra if you have one that is off-balance or having difficulty, or you can perform a full body chakra meditation to address all 7 of your chakras at once. If you decide to go for the full-body chakra meditation, make sure to give yourself adequate time to complete the meditation. set aside at least 20-30 minutes to complete it.

Aligning your chakras and making sure that your energy body is healthy and vibrant is an important part of psychic self-defense. The weaker your energy body, and the more unbalanced your chakras are, the more you’ll feel physical, mental, and emotional signs of overwhelm, distress, anxiety, and a multitude of other problems.

Below is a short guide on how to perform a silent full body chakra meditation. You will be using your hands during this meditation, and it’s extremely likely you’ll feel your chakras internally or via your hand. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t, as the more that you open intuitively and advance psychically, the easier it will be to feel your chakras. When you’re more comfortable with the meditation, it will be easier to find out and know which chakras are out of alignment, and which ones need attention.

Instructions for a Full Body Chakra Meditation

Start by sitting in an upright or flat position (posture is important), close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths. With your dominant hand, run your hand slowly in front of you from the base of your spine (your groin area) slowly up your torso. As you pass by each chakra, try to see if you can feel the spinning, vibrating energy of each, but don’t spend too long on any one chakra. You may notice that some chakras spin very fast, while some may be more sluggish or harder to locate. That’s okay because that’s what we are here to fix! Keep going until you’ve reached your crown chakra.

After you’re done scanning over your 7 chakras, focus your attention again on your root chakra. The color of the root chakra is red, so place your dominant hand above and over your root chakra again (not touching your body) and focus on the spinning, red energy. Visualize your chakra as a wheel or disc with multiple petals on it, like a lotus flower.

Watch it spin and visualize bright white healing energy entering the chakra, causing it to spin faster. As the chakra spins faster, it grows more vibrant and opens wider. When the chakra is fully cleansed, and a vibrant shade of red, move up your torso to your sacral chakra.

Your sacral chakra is located directly below the navel and is orange. Place your dominant hand over your sacral chakra and feel the energy spiraling up in a counterclockwise motion upwards from your root chakra towards your sacral chakra, filling it and clearing it the same as it did with your root. Visualize your sacral chakra spinning faster and growing more vibrant as the healing, beautiful white energy cleanses any negativity from that area, revealing wide, bright orange petals. When you are ready, begin to move upwards towards the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Continue spiraling the bright white light upwards, counterclockwise, from your Sacral Chakra to your Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow), located around your stomach area. Repeat the same process as before, allowing the beautiful white energy to fully cleanse and replenish your Solar Plexus Chakra as you did before. Continue repeating the same process for each chakra, moving the bright white energy upwards in a counterclockwise direction for each chakra, until you reach your crown chakra.

Once you’ve cleared your crown chakra, and have finished with all seven of your chakras, visualize all your chakras, from your root to your crown, vibrating and spinning in complete alignment. Try to see if you can feel any energetic or physical differences now that the energy has been cleared and negative energy has been removed.

This chakra meditation can be done as often as required. Individuals who are new to this meditation or who are seriously out of alignment may have to repeat this meditation over the course of several days, but most should experience relief and empowerment from a single session as well.

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Creating a Personal Item of Protection or Talisman

Creating a personal item of protection, or a talisman, is an excellent way of approaching psychic self-defense. Instead of focusing on energy that is already present within an item to aid in your protection, you’re infusing protective energy INTO the item! This is helpful for several reasons, including that you can reinforce or strengthen your item at any time with your own abilities. You can also ask your guides, your Divine Source or deity, or the archangels for help as well with charging the item. If you’re familiar with Reiki or energy healing, this process will feel very familiar to you, as it’s very similar to cleansing items with Reiki or energy!

To create a personal item of protection, or a talisman, start with an object that has personal value to you, or that you would like to carry for the specific purpose of protection. Suggested items are pocket stones, jewelry, or other small items that can be easily carried. If you’re using it for your environment, larger items can be used.

To create your item of protection or your talisman, hold it in your hand or out in front of you, relax, and get into a relatively deep meditative state. Focus your intention on strength, resilience, power, safety, and defense. Visualizations you can use to reinforce your intention can be shields, boundaries and walls, a fortress, etc… Using your hands, send white healing energy into the item. If you can hold the item, the better, but if not, place your hands on the item and transfer the energy physically. Continue visualizing the transfer of energy for several minutes, until you feel the energy is charged.

If you don’t physically “feel” the energy transfer, that’s okay, continue the visualization regardless. Your psychic senses will improve as you use them, so don’t get discouraged if you have problems with sensing or feeling the energy initially. It will get easier.

It’s suggested that you repeat this process several times before using your item or talisman as an item of protection. You can also incorporate specific colors into this for additional benefit, such as violet or cobalt blue (which are both excellent for psychic protection).

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Psychic Cord Cutting

Cord Cutting

Energetic cords are connections made between two people and occur in a wide variety of relationships. We create energetic cords between most of the people we regularly interact with! As mentioned previously in this article, when those connections/relationships grow toxic, or when the person you have the connection with is negative, we can experience a LOT of unpleasant sensations and situations. It is very common for people connected by an energy cord to pick up on each other’s energies, to know how they’re feeling or what is going on with them even though they may not be physically close to each other, or in different physical locations. It is easy to see how negative cords can create problems, or when the person you’re attached to is presenting or bringing negative energy.

For example, if you’re in a relationship and it ends badly, there may be hurt feelings lingering past when the romance ends. If you’re energetically connected to your former partner, you will likely pick up on their energy regardless of whether you’re wanting to or intending to, or not. Symptoms of picking up on those cords can range from intrusive thoughts and images to sudden intense mood swings or emotional changes that are out of the ordinary. If you’re sensitive or intuitive you may also experience psychic dreams of that person.

The first step of cutting an energy cord is to reduce the contact you have with the person you’re connected to. Unfortunately, interacting with or engaging with the person you have the energy cord with will strengthen that connection regardless of the type of relationship you have. End contact if possible and remove evidence of them from your space.  If you cannot separate or gain distance from the person, try other forms of protection and boundaries in addition to cord cutting to achieve relief. If you maintain contact, your energy connection with the person will likely be there regardless of the cord cutting, but it can still help.

The second step of cord cutting is to remove them from your headspace and thoughts. This can be especially hard, as when you do have an energy connection, you’ll likely have intrusive thoughts of the person you’re trying to disconnect from because of the connection you have. However, do your best to distract your attention when they come to mind, and remove anything that may remind you of that person from your presence.


Instructions for a Cord Cutting

When you’re ready, perform a cord cutting meditation. Start by going into a moderately deep state of meditation and visualizing the person that you have a connection with. If you feel any emotions, thoughts, or feelings arise, notice them but don’t pay too much attention to them, and keep your focus on the image of the person you’re disconnecting from in your head.

Repeat a mantra affirming your intention to disconnect and cut the energy cord you have with this person. A mantra you can use is “I cut all cords and connections that bind us together. I remove all mental, emotional, and energetic connections with (insert name here). I return any pieces of myself that I may have given away back to myself. I am whole.”

Repeat this meditation, if necessary, but usually once is enough. It’s important to stress that if you re-engage with a person that you’ve previously cut a cord with those cords can EASILY reattach, so make sure to practice other forms of psychic self-defense when dealing with individuals with which you have energy cords, or in situations where you may have to engage with them.

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Smudging Rituals

Techniques for Protecting your Space (Home, Office)

These techniques are helpful in clearing and protecting your environment, whether at your home, office, or wherever you need it. Keeping your environment healthy and clean is just as important as keeping your own energy healthy and clean, as your environment directly impacts your energy and health in various ways. These techniques are helpful in reducing or eliminating negative energy or negative entities from your environment and placing protective boundaries.

Smudging Rituals

Smudging is extremely helpful in removing and banishing negative energy from your home or environment. Sage smoke is antibacterial and antimicrobial, can help improve mood, and helps restore clean, positive energy, replacing any negative energy as it removes it. You can even sage items you buy from the store before bringing them into your home if you sense an energy or presence attached to the item.

Cultures around the world have used sage in rituals for thousands of years. Below is an easy smudging ritual that can be used to remove light negative energy attachments, minor negative entities, or negative energy that may be lingering in your environment.


Instructions for a Smudging Ritual

To perform a smudging ritual, start by gathering your tools (a bowl, a bundle of sage, and a feather or item to fan the smoke) and open a window. Inhaling too much sage smoke can be unhealthy, and it’s important that the negative energy has a place to “exit”.  

Hold the bundle of sage in your hand and have the bowl or vessel ready underneath it to catch any embers that may fall. Hold the sage at an angle and light the sage at the end, letting it burn for about 30 seconds or so.

While lighting the sage, set and speak your intention out loud. Just as with everything else, intention is extremely important when it comes to smudging/saging. Some mantras you can use include “I release all negative energies that exist in this space,” “I release all negative energies attached to me, or my space,” “I release all energy that does not serve my highest purpose,” or “I banish all negative energy from this space and my energy.”

When your sage is lit and lightly/gently smoking, begin slowly walking through your space, holding the sage into the corners and along the walls. Use a feather or similar item to fan the smoke into as many of the areas you are clearing as possible. You may need to gently blow on the embers to keep the sage continually producing smoke. Remember to open cupboards and closets and sage those areas too!

When you are done, extinguish your sage stick in the bowl. Avoid using water, as you can re-use the sage stick in the future. For added protection while saging or smudging, you can pray or ask for guidance or assistance from your guides, angels, Divine Source, archangels, or ancestors – just be sure to thank the afterwards for their help!

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Psychic Prayers


As mentioned previously, prayer is a very valuable tool when trying to combat and protect against negative energies and negative entities. You can absolutely engage the assistance of your Divine Source, your angels, your guides, your ancestors, or whoever you wish to call upon to assist you in protecting your environment from psychic attack. Archangels are particularly helpful, and their presence and energy can be easily felt. They are also a wonderful resource when dealing with stuck negative energy or if you think there may be a negative entity present. Don’t be afraid to ask for their assistance, as they are more than happy to assist.

Energetic Decluttering

Often the things that we actively bring into our environment cause a lot of the negativity that we pick up on. A lot of the things that we consume can create or cause negative energy to be present. Limiting how much or what you’re bringing into your home can be extremely helpful. This isn’t necessarily regarding physical objects, but also the things we expose ourselves to in our environments – such as the music we listen to, the books we read, the shows and movies we watch on tv, etc.…

While it’s okay to listen to music or watch movies or shows on television that don’t necessarily align with your energy or values, it’s important to limit your exposure to these things to help shield and protect your energy. The more that you introduce violent, negative, or hateful content into your environment, the more that you’ll pick up on it even when that content is no longer active or present. Be careful of what you consume!

It’s also important to note that removing anything from your environment that is toxic, or brings your energy or vibration down is also helpful. These can be gifts from an ex-partner, photographs, or things that cause you emotional or mental pain. It’s okay to purge yourself of things that no longer serve you.

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Purple Light Meditation

Purple Light Meditation

Meditations are NOT just for yourself and your own energy! You can use them for a variety of purposes, including clearing the energy of your home! Below is a brief meditation for home protection that you can use to help remove stuck, negative energy from your home, and to create boundaries to shield and protect your environment.

Instructions for a Purple Light Meditation

Close your eyes and enter a moderately deep state of meditation. Visualize your home, all the rooms within it, the people and any pets that reside within it, and any land that is underneath or attached to your home. Focus your attention back towards yourself and your own energy and start a shielding meditation.

Visualize yourself being encompassed, enveloped, and filled with bright, blinding white light. Watch as the light expands and fills your aura and the space around you but continue to grow that white light to fill the entire room. Continue focusing on that bright, white light and continue growing it past that room to other rooms and to your entire home. Take your time, there’s no rush.

Visualize the white light completely within and covering your entire home and expanding to the edge of the physical property. When the white light is blanketing all areas and all the space that your home resides on, watch as the color of the light shifts to a deep, deep violet color, with deep, brilliant blue on the edges. The violet color protects your home from any negative psychic attacks or any negativity that may try to enter your home, and the deep blue acts as a boundary or barrier for your home. Continue focusing on the image until you feel comfortable that your intention and the boundary and protection is set, and then slowly return your consciousness to your present surroundings.

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Protective Elements Symbols and Other Items

Protective Elements, Symbols, and Other Items

There are various items and symbols you can place around your home to help aid in protection and creating barriers. Below is a list of items that can be used, and short descriptions of how to use them to create boundaries or as protective items.

Brick Dust – Brick dust is a wonderful tool for protection, and one often utilized in Hoodoo! It’s a wonderful use of old bricks and the act of crushing them has useful benefits when it comes to setting intention as well. Brick dust can be used as a property lining, along doorframes and windowsills as a barrier for negative energy. When you lay the brick dust, repeat a mantra along the lines of “Nothing that crosses this line can harm me.” Or “Nothing harmful can cross this line.”

Sea Salt and Black Sea Salt– Sea salt can be used in the same way as brick dust but can also be combined with water into a spray and sprinkled throughout your home! Sea salt is wonderful for cleansing and healing your environment. You can combine sea salt with charcoal to create black salt, which is incredibly useful for removing negative energy.

Talismans and Items of Protection – Items that have been personally charged with protective energy are extremely helpful to have around the house! The wonderful thing about these items is that you don’t have to purchase or acquire anything new, you can use the energy you already have at your disposal to create these items! Use the technique listed above for creating items of protection and place them around your house. While personal items of protection, such as a hamsa, are small enough to wear or place in your pockets, items for house or home protection can be much larger.

Symbols – Reiki symbols, protection symbols, and angelic symbols are all examples of symbols that you can either display or draw (energetically) in your home to help shield and protect your environment. When you energetically draw a symbol, hold your hand out in front of you, and using your finger or a clear quartz point, draw the symbol in the air in front of you. When using Reiki symbols, for instance, it is helpful to draw the symbols on each of the walls surrounding you. Feel free to use whatever symbols you wish, or whichever ones resonate with your beliefs the most.

Crystals – Crystals hold incredible healing energy and can be extremely helpful in creating barriers, boundaries, and protections for your home or environment. You can place crystals near your doorways and entryways, your windows, and any other points of entry into your home that you wish to have added protection. Simply having crystals in your home can be beneficial but placing them in strategic locations can absolutely amplify their effectiveness.

Incense – Incense is very helpful for clearing negative energy from your environment and helping to protect your home. Frankincense, Myrrh, Dragon’s Blood, and Sandalwood are all great options. Not only does incense smell good, but it provides a great deal of healing and protective benefits for your home.

Psychic Protection Conclusion

Whatever method you choose for protecting your energy or your environment, practicing psychic self-defense is an extremely helpful and important part of psychic development and living comfortably as an intuitive. None of the techniques are any better than the others. Feel free to adapt the instructions to what best fits your needs, beliefs, and values. Most of all, be safe, and enjoy the gifts and the abundance that you have been given.

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Jenna is a psychic medium, empath, and energy healer, who has a passion for helping others find, explore, and develop their own unique psychic gifts. She is a psychic and intuition development instructor with over ten years of experience in mentoring and teaching various classes and subjects. She holds a bachelor's degree in Metaphysics, is a Reiki Master and an ordained minister, and has helped countless individuals over the years learn how to remove negative entities and entities from their environment, as well as cleanse and protect their energy and homes.



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