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How Does Remote Viewing Work?

Date 4/7/2021

Remote viewing can be a powerful extrasensory experience.

Remote viewing can be a powerful extrasensory experience.

If you've ever known something without really understanding how you acquired the information, you may have experienced remote viewing. While many people can unconsciously engage in remote viewing, psychics who do so in a controlled way require incredible focus, skill, and experience. Discover what remote viewing really is, what it can do, and how the process works for experienced psychics.

What Is Remote Viewing?

Remote viewing is essentially the ability to gain information about a person, place, or happening without using any of the five senses. When a psychic pursues remote viewing, she does not actually use her eyes to see or her ears to hear what's happening. Instead, she relies on her extrasensory perception to receive information.

While some people experience random episodes of remote viewing, which they may confuse with intuition or insight, authentic psychics can control when and how they experience remote viewing. Individual psychics tend to be sensitive to a variety of sensations, including auditory or visual material, and they may use these abilities to perceive extrasensory information.

How Is Remote Viewing Different From Astral Projection?

On the surface, remote viewing may appear similar to astral projection. After all, both methods allow psychics to perceive, enter, and experience another realm without moving their physical bodies. This is where the similarities end, though.

True to its name, astral projection requires psychics to project their astral bodies out and into another realm. This has the effect of creating an all-consuming out-of-body experience. In contrast, remote viewing enables psychics to observe other places, people, and times from great heights.

In addition, astral projection can be incredibly time-consuming, as each experience can last for multiple hours and requires the psychic to enter a sleeping state. In contrast, remote viewing lasts for only a fraction of the time and requires much less preparation.

How Does Remote Viewing Work?

To engage in purposeful remote viewing, psychics must possess active extrasensory perception abilities, and they must have a specific target or defined goal in mind. They must also have the ability to record their perceptions accurately.

To engage in remote viewing, psychics must first empty their minds completely, often through meditation. While remote viewing, psychics must also take care to control their imaginations. Naturally, adding their own filters and judgments to the people and events they view can cloud the information they receive. To keep their imaginations at bay, many psychics take care to describe only the basic elements of what they perceive. Experienced psychics understand that these perceptions may be very faint and imprecise, but that does not make them incorrect.

Finally, remote viewers must be able to interpret what they've perceived. This requires extensive experience and the ability to translate perceptions accurately. The ability of another psychic to replicate a remote viewing experience often indicates an accurate translation.

Undergoing remote viewing can be surprising, exciting, and even life-changing. Talk with a psychic online who is experienced in remote viewing, and learn how this process can provide answers to your most pressing questions, confirm suspicions you've always had, or provide a portal into another time and place.


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