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How to Use a Ouija Board the Right Way by Psychic Indigo

Date 5/10/2022

A Ouija Board is a very powerful tool for contacting spirits.

A Ouija Board is a very powerful tool for contacting spirits.

Author's Photo by Indigo x8897

The Ouija Board is Not a Toy

There is a right and a wrong way to do things and sometimes people have to learn the hard way.  In my case, I've walked through several houses lately and find that more and more people are using a Ouija board to contact spirits, and do not understand or know how to use one. I can only sit in these houses for about 30 minutes before having to walk back outside because of all the activity, and a feeling of being crowded in such a small house due to the number of spirits within the home. 

When you sit down with a Ouija Board, as soon as you start, you are opening a spiritual portal for spirits to communicate. It feels like swirling energy coming out through the board. Depending on what kind of mood you are in also depends on what kind of portal you open. If you are in a negative mood, then you will open a negative portal for angry spirits and negative entities to come through. If you are in a good mood, then you will open a positive portal for good spirits and angels to come through.

So it's good to be aware of your mood and the mood of those around you. Therefore, when you sit down with Ouija you want to prepare the room and set the mood before you start. If you are fearful or have any sort of anxiety before using the Ouija Board, then put simply… DO NOT DO IT! 

How to Properly Use a Ouija Board

Below is a series of steps to follow to get the most out of your Ouija Board experience.

Step One: Only Light White Candles and Use a Pendulum
White candles are pure energy that can protect you. You want to make sure the candles are placed above the Ouija Board in a higher position. 1 - 3 candles are fine.  

Using a Pendulum is better than the eyepiece you put your fingers on. Pendulums will move around the letters based on the energy of a spirit which can make it easier to communicate, and will also help to protect you. 

Step Two: Create a Protective Circle
Call upon the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water to create a protective circle around you. You can call upon angels and guardians as well for your protective circle. Know that you are protected! 

Step Three: Every Person has a Guardian
Call upon your guardian to protect your portal, so that negative entities cannot come through. Trust in your guardian. If your guardian tells you to put your board up, then you need to close it out and put it up! 

Step Four: Say Thank You
When you are done conversing with spirits, thank them for their time and energy, and ask them to leave your space. Just because a spirit says goodbye does not mean that it has left. 

Step Five: Closing the Portal
Close your portal by putting your hands over the board and saying "This portal is closed!"

Step Six: Closing the Circle
Close your circle by saying "This Circle Is Closed." 

Step Seven:  Storing Your Ouija Board
When you are finished, you will want to wrap your Ouija Board in some sort of cloth to cover it up in order to keep the portal closed. Plus, anyone that comes in that sees or touches your Ouija Board and has any negative feelings towards it can put negative energy into your board, which can also cause negative entities to come through. So take care of your board in putting it up, wrapped up, and in a safe place. 

Remember… The Ouija Board is a tool to communicate with the Spirit Realm and the Spirit Realm is not a toy! There are some negative entities that can cause a lot of damage in your life. But if you use it correctly, you can find out useful information from your ancestors and spirits within the area. Practice carefully, and safely! 

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Psychic Source: Re: smokey88 - From Psychic Indigo: "How to use a pendulum with your board... After you have created your safe space in order to use the board, you use a pendulum just like you would in asking questions and holding it over your opposite hand. You want to start within the middle of the board as you ask your questions or try to find out the name of who you are talking too. The pendulum will start moving in positive clockwise circular motions for positive spirits and will pull towards the letter in an oval shape until you reach the letter, it will circle that letter only. This will require some patience until you are used to it and learn how to feel the pull to each letter. Sometimes it helps to write each letter down as you go. If you notice letters start to become jumbled up and it's not making sense, then the board is trying to switch to a different spirit and it's good to close the board, your circle, and put it up to prevent confusion and for your own safety. If the pendulum starts moving in a counter clockwise circular motion, it's a negative spirit. Ask it to leave and close out your board, your circle, and put it up. The stones in the pendulum depending on what they are will protect you as well. It's much safer than the eye piece, plus if you are with others in your circle, this will keep from having people moving the eye piece. You will receive accurate answers."

smokey88: How can you use a pendulum on that board?

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