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How Oracle Card Readings Can Guide You to More Love, Prosperity, and Healing by Psychic Rachelle

Date 6/30/2023
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In ancient Greek times, the Oracle offered the seeker Divine wisdom, predictions for their future, and the best possible choices that could be made for their desired happiness. Today they still fulfill these tasks and powerfully can transform how you proceed in your life. There are some key considerations to know before receiving an Oracle card reading. Here are the most important things to know before setting a time to receive an Oracle card reading from me or another gifted Psychic Source advisor. 

Let's explore Oracle Cards 101.

Oracle Cards

What are Oracle Cards?

Oracle cards are beautiful messengers of Spirit that offer more generalized predictions about one’s life direction and path. Quite different from the Tarot, the Oracle is loosely created by the Divinator. Oracle decks can contain 30 - 60 plus cards, while a Tarot deck always contains 78 cards. Oracle cards are rich in symbolism, archetypes, and clear messages of Truth. These cards reveal information about the broader scope of your question. They can be Angel inspired, animal themed, chakra based or much more.

Which Oracle Card Deck Do I Choose?

When choosing an oracle card deck, reflect on yourself first. What do you really resonate with? What is your personality like? Where do you find solace when you are feeling unsettled or unwell? If you love animals, an Animal Spirit deck would be the perfect fit. You can explore who your personal animal guides are and be privy to messages from the deeper animal kingdom.

Do you love Angels or Ascended Masters? There are plenty of Oracle card decks that can assist you in finding your specific angel messages and guides for the day, month, or year! Perhaps you have had a past life experience where you were a Druid or Witch in a Celtic culture, then a Druid deck would be perfect to your own energy blueprint. Remember every one of us is a unique soul, and as such has a unique past and present set of soul lessons to learn and complete. So, pick an Oracle deck that matches that resonance, as this is key for the best predictions to be revealed to you.

3 Types of Oracle Card Readings 

1. An Oracle Energy Reading. This is where you are being read with energy and the energy from the divine is offered in the mind and not using the oracle decks or cards.

2. Archangel Oracle Reading. This reading uses either energy or archangel oracle cards. Quite simply, this is a reading with messages from archangels.

3. Goddess Oracle Reading. A Goddess Oracle deck or energy reading provides information using various Goddesses which are angelic and loving and want to help you in your life.

Oracle Cards vs Tarot Cards

Choosing an Oracle Card Reading vs. a Tarot Card Reading

There is often a lot of confusion between Oracle Cards and the more commonly used Tarot Cards. But Oracle Cards and their readings and messages are quite different from what you will receive from a Tarot Card reading in a few ways.

  • Oracle decks have any number of cards per deck unlike tarot cards which always have 78 cards, are organized in different suits, and are designed around a deity or theme.
  • Rather than the structure of the deck, the Oracle cards are designed to enhance your own intuition and “thinking abilities.”
  • Oracle cards are meant to give advice yet open to individual interpretations vs. the pretty much rock-solid interpretations of the Tarot.
  • An Oracle deck is very thoughtful, offering inspiration, and is vastly different than Tarot which can have somber messages of truth.

Oracle messages are profound and especially important, so it would benefit anyone to get an Oracle card reading. Oracle messages are messages that you need to fulfill a purpose, not whether you should buy a house or return to an ex-lover. While those messages are Important too, these are not the types of messages you will receive in an Oracle card reading.

Improving your own intuition using Oracle cards is another reason to choose them. Tarot cards are thought to have hard-hitting information and to predict, whereby the oracle cards have smaller, more digestible messages and can (and will) improve your own intuition. However if you are searching for a deeper meaning to your Tarot readings, click or tap here and discover how to use Oracle Cards with Tarot to help add a little pizzazz and make your readings more complete. 

So now that you know the difference, how can you get the most out of your Oracle card reading?

How to Ask the Best Oracle Card Questions

Oracle cards need your intentions and questions to be clear. When working with your advisor, this is really critical. Ask clear and concise questions.

You can also ask yes or no questions, open ended questions and about timelines. Be aware that timelines can and often do change. This is because time is not linear, and we can manifest many different timelines depending on our energy and intentions in the present moment. When asking the question, really feel the intention behind the question in your heart. Feeling with your heart is one of the most powerful practices we can do. It creates everything!

The best questions are those that are empowering to you and your soul path.

Questions like:

“Is this relationship truly the best for my soul growth and development?”

“How can I become even better for those on my team?” 

“Will this choice to _______ bring me harmony and progress in my life?”

“What do I need to do to heal now, so I can really step forward in my work and love areas?”

In an Oracle card reading, asking these types of questions really allow for you to receive the answers that are for your highest good.

3 Card Oracle Spread

What are the Best Oracle Card Spreads?

This depends on your question and what type of clarity you need. If you have a simple yes or no question, a one card spread will be sufficient. If you want to dig deeper and need more detailed information a 3-card spread would be extremely helpful. This can be interpreted as past (first card), present (second card), and future (third card). This type of Oracle card spread can answer questions about how to proceed based on present and past circumstances.

Perhaps you are needing a life purpose or "What do I do now with my life?" reading. I hear this request almost every day from my callers. A 5-card Oracle spread would be immensely powerful. In this spread a center card offers the seeker the core energy of the problem or situation at hand, the card to the right of this card would express possible choices and opportunities. The card to the left of center can denote what needs to really be cleared and released so that the goal can be achieved, the card above the center card will explain what is ahead in the future that allows for this manifestation to truly thrive, and finally the card below the center card gives us details about what is supporting us and resources for moving forward in life.

5 Card Oracle Spread

Set Your Intentions Before Your Oracle Card Reading

Oracle card spreads can get complicated, so the key is to really be clear about your intention. Before pulling the cards whether alone or with your advisor, take a moment to feel into your heart and then let the card be revealed. Every time I do card readings I ask the seeker's question from my heart, and then set the intention that the most truthful response come through. Intention is everything! So, remember to really think about your intention before receiving your reading. This amplifies the accuracy of readings many times over. And helps me really tune into the energy of the most accurate answers when I provide Oracle card readings.

Sacredness of the Oracle

Lastly remember to treat the Oracle cards, and your reading as a sacred experience. The cards hold immense symbolism, history, wisdom, and the energetic assistance of your Guides. Sage them before each reading. Refrain from allowing others to touch and handle them. The more you touch and hold them, the more accurate your personal readings become. No one touches my Oracle cards. And all decks that I use are saged and cleared before and after each reading.

Also pay attention to the imagery, let it speak to you. Take the time to be still and quiet before making any conclusions. This can be challenging especially for beginners. Consider contacting me for an Oracle card reading. You will learn about the archetypes, the symbolism and receive powerful guidance during the interpretation of the cards.

The Oracle is a magnificent tool when used skillfully and with sacred respectful intention. I wish you the best and much health, happiness, and prosperity. Blessings be! 



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Rachelle is a 5th generation Psychic and Intuitive Healer, a practicing Homeopath, Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Master and currently is studying heart-brain coherence science and practices. She also teaches breath work, and meditation techniques that heal and enable people to manifest their dreams and deepest desires. Rachelle prefers to use no tools and instead directly connects quickly to her Guides and Source. Her greatest passion is using her intuition to guide members to stay in their own power and live from a place of true strength.



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