Tarot Cards - Specific Questions Vs. General Readings by Psychic Gwendolyn

Published Date 9/5/2017
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Ask a specific question or receive a general tarot reading? It's up to you!

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You’ve decided you want to receive a Tarot card reading from one of the gifted Tarot advisors at Psychic Source.  Great, you took the important first step.  But before you call or chat, stop.

Take a moment and be in a quiet place. Breathe deeply and focus on a specific question. Whatever you need to do, just be sure to center or calm yourself before you initiate the reading, it can hugely affect it in a positive way.

The Question
When deciding what to ask… BE SPECIFIC. The more specific you are, the more specific the reader can be in their answer.   For example, if you go to a doctor and say “Doctor, somewhere on my body it hurts. Find it.” It is very difficult and would take a LOT of time for the doctor to accurately diagnose you. But, if you say “Doctor, my elbow hurts when I bend it this way, and it’s usually cold when I am in the most pain.” A doctor can very easily make an educated and accurate diagnosis.  This works on the same principle.

But then you might be thinking, if my question is too detailed, am I giving away too much information? The answer to this is a resounding “NO!” You want an accurate answer to your question. The best way to achieve that is through a very focused and articulate inquiry. You needn’t give any additional information, but a specific question is going to help you achieve the maximum results from your reading.

General Readings
Can you just ask for a general, or overall reading? Absolutely! And sometimes those are very enlightening. When someone picks up on things that you haven’t mentioned there is a real feeling of “Wow! How could they have KNOWN that!?” But you will have to be content with their take on what is coming through, rather than answering a specific thing that is of most concern.

Let’s Revisit the Doctor Analogy
You are the person with a significant issue in your elbow, but you ask the doctor to “Find your pain point” with no information. The doctor does a thorough exam, and in doing so finds that you have a lump on your thyroid. The focus is now the thyroid, not your original concern with the elbow pain. Now, is it helpful that this OTHER thing was found? Sure! Is it likely that it is going to be addressed and treatable? Yes. But… your elbow is still not being addressed.

Similarly, in a general reading, helpful things will likely surface, but they may not be what you are most concerned with. So, go into a general reading with an open mind and take the information you receive as if you are that patient with gratitude for what DID get found.


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Creatrix: Great analogy, Gwendolyn! I get the best readings when I provide a framework in which my psychic advisor can "search" for the answers that I need to know. In my opinion, the client/advisor relationship is a working partnership, and the outcome is contingent on trust. If my psychic can't get a clear answer, the likelihood is, I'm not ready to hear the truth.

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