Three Ways to Know When You've Found the One by Psychic Artemis

Date 5/12/2020

You will just KNOW when you've met the right person!

You will just KNOW when you've met the right person!

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The most common answer to age old question, “how will I know when I’ve found true love,” is “you’ll just know.” While that sounds extremely vague, it is also true. But, to be more specific, here is a brief list of HOW you will know when you know…

1. It Will Feel Very Comfortable
When you have found true love, you will no longer feel like you must prove yourself. You can “let your hair down” as they say and be yourself. Your true soul mate will accept and love all of you, even your flaws.

2. They Will be Nothing Like Your Ex
Take note of all the things you hated about your ex. Every little thing that contributed to the failure of your past relationships will help guide you to what you really need. Each ex was a valuable lesson to learn and grow from. You do not have to settle, and you do not have to accept poor treatment. You are worthy of love and you need to recognize that before you will be able to receive true love. Love yourself and know your worth. Love is supposed to feel GOOD and happy. 

3. The Love Will be Equal and Mutual
I have been in two different types of relationships before finding my soul mate: either I would be obsessed with the person and constantly seeking their approval while they acted as though they wanted nothing to do with me, however continued to lead me on… OR the person would be so in love with me, showering me with gifts and affection while, despite their kind gestures, I could barely stomach their presence or most of their behaviors.  (I tried to sugar coat that last part, but decided brutal honesty was needed.)

This is not mutual love. 

Mutual love is whenever you know without question that your partner feels the same exact way that you feel about them and finding this kind of love is very refreshing and enjoyable. I believe everyone deserves mutual love, and it takes recognizing that a relationship is not mutual in order to move on and look for what each of you truly deserve. 

When I had to dump a guy that was in love with me, it was hard. But I knew in my heart I was doing what was best for BOTH of us. I was freeing us both up to find the true love that we both deserved. And when I was led on and ultimately left behind by a guy I was head over heels for, it ended up being the best thing that ever happened to me. I was being freed from a toxic relationship that would have just continued to cause hurt. 

Recognize the signs, recognize your worth, and the right person will come to you!

And you will just *know*.

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