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What He Really Means When He "Doesn't Want Anything Serious" by Psychic Arthur

Date 6/5/2014

What's going on in his head, anyway?

What's going on in his head, anyway?

Anna and Jeff have been seeing one another for about six months. Jeff originally told her he wasn’t looking for anything too serious, which she understood. Since then, they’ve been spending just about every night together, they go out to eat together, enjoy spending time together, and all their friends know they’re “a thing.” After the six-month mark, Anna, wanting to know where she stands, asked if they’re exclusive. Jeff agreed that they are exclusive but he’s still was not ready to deal with the pressures of a serious relationship. “I know he really likes me,” Anna told her friends, “But I don’t know how much longer I can do this. Do you think he really wants to be single to date other women or should I continue with what we have and maybe he’ll change his mind?”

Translation: If a guy’s in an exclusive relationship but says he’s “not ready to deal with the pressures of a serious relationship,” what he’s really saying is, “I like what we have just the way it is but it could end at any time.” 

There are a number of reasons why a guy doesn’t want to be in a serious relationship–and not just because he wants to sleep with other women. There’s a laundry list of obligations that come along with being in a serious relationship besides sexual exclusivity.

For example, if a guy’s in a serious relationship and wants to go away on a last minute trip with his buddies, he’d be expected to call his girlfriend and let her know, which can also be interpreted as getting her permission to go. If a guy’s not in a serious relationship, he’ll mention the trip with his buddies, but only casually after-the-fact during his next conversation with his “not serious” girlfriend. 

Let’s say his parents are coming to town for a visit. If he’s in a serious relationship, his girlfriend will meet the parents. If he’s not in a serious relationship, he’s probably never mentioned the name of the girl he’s seeing so they’re not going to meet her.

The bottom line: If a man says, “no,” but his actions say, “yes,” it means “no.” If a man says, “yes,” but his actions say, “no,” it still means “no.” Now, if a man says, “yes,” and his actions say, “yes,” it means, “yes.” Never try to read into someone’s actions if they don’t follow their words. Never follow their words if they’re not backed by action. 

A guy who is ready for a serious relationship says he’s ready and acts ready. There’s really no in between on this. Sticking around a guy who says he’s not ready for a serious relationship in the hopes of changing his mind and “making it happen,” usually leads to one thing—heartbreak.

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Author's Photo by Arthur x8237

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