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Are Love Potions Real?

Date 12/9/2015

Love potions are the stuff of attraction.

Love potions are the stuff of attraction.

Have you ever wished for a certain person, or people in general, to find you more attractive? Or, have you ever wanted someone to fall madly in love with you? If so, you aren’t alone. Most people wish for love. It can be hard to meet someone you like, let alone someone you could love. Talking to an online psychic or getting a love tarot reading can help but many people seek more magical solutions, like love potions.

Types of Love Potions

Love potions fall into two basic categories. The first is regarding potions you give your intended. These love potions are given to someone you know in the hopes that taking the elixir will make him or her fall in love with you and ultimately marry you. The second is one that you take yourself. These love potions are meant to help people find you more attractive and may be drunk or applied to your skin.

The Reality of Love Potions

The bigger question is whether love potions work, and the simple answer is that it depends. Love potions you give to other people are tantamount to prayers and subject to the same arguments as religion, but love potions you ingest or apply on your skin are something different altogether. The reality is that love potions you wear can really work – and there is scientific evidence to prove it.

The Science Behind Love Potions

The issue is pheromones. They are chemical signals you body gives off when you are attracted to potential mates. They stimulate the brain and invoke feelings of attraction. While these chemicals occur naturally, they can be synthesized to a degree. This is the premise behind many oils and perfumes – and the science behind love potions.

Love Potions in Real Life

However, there is more to the matter than pheromones where love potions are concerned. Body odor is a big part of finding a mate as well. More than the smell of sweat, the odor science refers to is something much more subtle. When people wear perfumes and colognes that enhance these natural scent characteristics, people tend to find them more attractive.

The Placebo Effect

Love potions also work in another way – the placebo effect. In other words, by merely applying or ingesting a substance you believe to make you more attractive, you become more attractive – and no wonder. When you believe you have the magic power to attract love, you behave with more confidence and less doubt, you become more sociable and less awkward, and you are more approachable. Add all that together and of course you are more attractive!

The Bottom Line

Love potions are real, but not in the way you might think. There is a scientific basis for the way love potions work, as well as a practical one. Applied to your own skin, a so-called love potion could bring out your own naturally attractive scent or mimic pheromones. At the same time, when you do something like this and you really believe it, it affects the way you act – and that can change everything!


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