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Unrequited Love by Psychic Indigo

Date 6/22/2021

Has your relationship become toxic?

Has your relationship become toxic?

Author's Photo by Indigo x8897
Do you have a significant other that is constantly running from you due to fear?  Does it seem like he or she is all in the relationship one minute, and then distant the next? 

In my angel cards, this is called “Unrequited Love”.  It’s where one partner is all in the relationship and trying to make things work, while the other partner keeps running away because of the fear of being hurt. There is normally a very strong attraction between the two, and an energetic bond which is what is keeping you two together.  However, this relationship can be toxic for both of you, if it is not nurtured in the proper manner. 

How do I Avoid this Kind of Toxicity in my Relationship?
Take it slow, you have plenty of time, and allow space when it’s necessary.  If your significant other is running from you or distant, it is because there is something on his or her mind which needs careful meditation in order to work it out.  If you allow your partner the space they need, with the strong connection you two have, when ready, he or she will come back to work it out.  Allow your partner to be distant if needed because it will build trust and security in your relationship later. Your significant other will know when it is safe to make his or her own decisions. 

Pushing your partner to come running back will only push them further away from you. You don’t want that when there is a deep connection involved! You want to enjoy as much time with your partner as you can, and giving your partner space will bring about happier fun times between you two later! 

What if a Compromise Cannot be Reached? 
When there is a constant push and pull between you two, then this relationship has become toxic. A separation is likely to happen whether you want it to or not because both of you will be hurting and depressed! In this case, it means there was a lesson for you to learn from this person to carry on a better energy in your next relationship. Don’t be afraid to let go, and move forward for your own peace and your own sanity.

A person who is constantly running from you will leave you on an emotional roller coaster, and you will be riding by yourself. Sure, roller coasters are fun, but an emotional one can lead to stress related health issues and a poor state of mind. For some, it can even take away your personal power and leave you with an empty feeling. If you notice yourself in a lower state from your normal self, it’s time to go!  

You cannot change people, people can only change from within! 

Allow that change to unfold and happen naturally for a healthy, long lasting, loving relationship. 

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hopestars: Thank you for this article!

myheart2: So...i just read this article after chatting with you and it was extremely relevant to our chat! You have lots of wisdom to offer and the principles you've written about are so true and good. Well done! -Dawn

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