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The Connection Between Love and Fate

Date 8/11/2021

Is that sparkly feeling the exhilaration of new love or the hand of fate?

Is that sparkly feeling the exhilaration of new love or the hand of fate?

Love and fate go hand-in-hand in popular movies and books, but does real-life work this way? Fate really can put certain people in your path, but their purposes on your life aren't always as simple as fairy tales would have you believe. Learn how to recognize the hand of fate and respect its intentions in all forms.

Signs It's Fate

A relationship that's guided by fate is one that the universe has selected for you and placed conveniently in your path. There are some key signs that will let you know you've found one such relationship, where guides beyond your line of sight may be intervening to encourage a match.

  • You feel an instant connection as though you've known each other before.
  • You can be yourself around this person.
  • Others can see the sparks fly.
  • You get deep satisfaction from nurturing the relationship.

Why You're Together

There are many reasons that the universe may encourage a love match. One of these is certainly because this person is your ideal mate and you're meant to be together. However, fate may also put people in your life for other reasons. Some relationships that are fated are not meant to last for a lifetime. When you do find the person that you're meant to stay with, you will often see how previous relationships that also felt like fate made you ready for this one.

When Fate Pulls You Apart

Just as fate can pull you together, it can also pull you apart. It's important to let go of the belief that a deep connection can only be your one true love. Some soul mates serve in other capacities. They might serve as a partner for a brief time but become a trusted friend for life. They may soften your rough edges and sharpen your skills so you're better prepared for a period of self-discovery when you go it alone. 

If you feel the pull of fate creating distance between yourself and your partner, go with the flow or speak with an online psychic to learn more about the situation. Sometimes the universe calls us to gracefully give up a relationship and move on.

Moving Beyond Fate

It's easy to convince yourself that a wonderful relationship is "meant to be." This belief isn't harmful when it encourages you to work on a healthy relationship, but it's destructive if it's forcing you to try and hold on to something that's crumbling. New partnerships are always exhilarating in the early days. Look for signs of fate a year or two in and reevaluate to make sure you're not clinging to the wrong relationship because of erroneous beliefs.

While fate can serve as a gentle guide, it should never feel like a pair of shackles. If you're struggling to understand what role a relationship is meant to play in your life, consider a love tarot reading or psychic chat. Outside input can help you find the perfect perspective for all that fate has in store.


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