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Make Room for Growth by Psychic Jae

Date 1/12/2021
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Focus on the connection you have with someone vs. their physical appearance.

Focus on the connection you have with someone vs. their physical appearance.

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A lot of folks decide to receive a psychic reading in order to know details about who is coming into their life in the future. Believing if they have a name, line of work or a physical description of this person's features, it can help them look for signs to better pinpoint who to date. However, a person’s features and attributes can change.

This can be as simple as someone who's always had a thick beard, suddenly deciding to shave it off. Or someone that has always dyed their hair blonde might decide to go red, or let it be naturally grey. Even someone who is normally skinny might put on some extra weight or vice versa. You get the idea; people can change their physical appearances and other characteristics quite often and suddenly.

Seeing the NOW vs. LATER

When psychics read, we are generally looking for the details about the person when you actually cross paths, but that's not always how it happens. We might see the person as they are now, not who they may become. So, keep an open mind when you're looking for signs and focus on the connection you have with the individual more than their name and their features. 

Trust Spirit to Clarify the Message

For me, I was specifically told my next match's name is Zach in a reading and I also heard this name in meditation. The thing is, when this person actually crossed paths with me, they had transitioned and were no longer going by that name. Trust Spirit to clarify the message when the time is right because you are also evolving and becoming your best self moment by moment and the same is true for your next match.

Who we think we'll end up with is not always who we end up with. I've had many women and men alike say they never thought they were into someone of the same sex until they met so-n-so, and that person changed everything. Individuals who say they'd never be with someone who already has kids, might find that they change their mind once being with their match and the child (or children) that come with them.

Once I read for an anxious soul who preferred to live life almost as a hermit and I shared that the next match was very outgoing, and they would meet at a large social gathering. This lovely soul couldn't wrap their mind around being with someone so outgoing. The idea of it was scary. Later, this soul got a therapist, made healthy changes to their diet and healed emotionally. These two soulmates crossed paths at a large gathering and complement one another nicely. 

Always make room in your life for growth.


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