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The Four Seasons of Dating

Date 7/27/2021
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Understanding the seasons of a relationship can help you stay warm no matter the weather.

Understanding the seasons of a relationship can help you stay warm no matter the weather.

Relationships naturally cycle through four seasons, just as nature does. If you're in a long-term relationship, you may move through these seasons in some form many times over as you repeat the cycle of planting new seeds together and watching them grow. Some relationships will speed through these phases and reach an early winter when you see you're not the right match. Others will take their time growing through each phase. Understanding the seasons of your relationship will help you recognize what's happening at each predictable point.


Springtime in a new relationship feels just like springtime in nature. Life is all butterflies, rainbows, fresh flowers, and birdsong. You enjoy a magical time together where everything is fresh and new. Beautiful discoveries burst forth like flowers and it seems that nothing can go wrong.

In a healthy relationship, you should also spend some of this springtime phase planting seeds. Though your conversations may still stay at the surface level, you can begin inquiring about each other's families, interests, values, and beliefs. A love psychic may give you some insights into the best way to nurture your budding romance.


Summer is both exhilarating and challenging. This is a season of fun and outings where you can often break away from your regular routine and playfully experience what the other person has to offer. However, summer can also bring punishing heat, thirsty droughts, and long tiring days. 

During this phase, you'll get to know your partner much better. Not only will you grow to appreciate their positive qualities, but you'll also start to see their flaws. You need to water the relationship regularly and pull up troublesome weeds to enjoy a successful fall.


In autumn, you reap the rewards for your work in spring and summer. This is the harvest season for your relationship. You will begin to see real, nourishing fruits from your efforts. This is often the phase where you make significant moves such as getting engaged or moving in together. Consider a love tarot reading to help you map out this exciting phase. In autumn, you experience a relationship that has much deeper roots and stronger foundation than you had in the heady days of spring.


Even the best relationships will occasionally go through the winter season. This is a time for solitary reflection and growth. If your relationship wasn't meant to be, you will break up and enter winter alone to rest, rejuvenate, and contemplate the seeds that you want to plant next spring. For those who stay together, winter is simply a time to give each other space and work on yourselves before you come back into another warm flirty spring.

The four seasons of dating give you the opportunity to slowly grow your relationship with one another. Keep in mind that winter in a relationship isn't necessarily final, just as winter in nature offers only temporary dormancy. The right relationships will stay healthy through all the seasons.


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