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Soul Retrieval Exercise to Get Closure By Psychic Moira

Date 3/18/2024

"It's okay to fall, just so long as you reclaim your soul energy and rise again."

"It's okay to fall, just so long as you reclaim your soul energy and rise again."

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Breakups are painful, with the pain lingering well past the moment you agree to go your separate ways. You give them back their belongings; you gather your things; your books, your bike, the photos from the shelf. Still, you find yourself lacking closure. You notice that you're thinking about your ex frequently, sometimes in a less than rational way.

It's possible that you are still carrying their soul energy and most importantly that you need to reclaim yours. A soul retrieval exercise for closure can help heal your spirit so that you can move on with your life. You can retrieve your soul fragments and call back the energy that you have given to another person through a simple and straightforward process.

How Do We Give Our Energy Away?

When we share strong emotional interactions with others, we exchange small parts of ourselves. We give, voluntarily, tiny bits of soul energy to the people we love. It occurs quite organically, and usually in exchange for their soul energy. 

Sometimes we give parts of our soul away intentionally, sometimes by accident. We also tend to give away our energy when we're angry, ill, or unhappy. We become fragmented most when we feel afraid, overwhelmed, and invalidated. 

A Simple Soul Retrieval Exercise for Closure and Healing

  • Stand straight and tall, with your feet apart. Extend your arms and reach with your hands as far and as high as you can. Now with your arms held high, your palms up, fingers apart, reach out to the heavens.
  • Close your eyes, concentrate and make a clear statement. Say aloud, in a determined, calm voice “I call the fragments of my soul energy to return to me!" Imagine the fragments of your soul returning to you - envision your soul energy returning from every person, place, and experience. 
  • Today you are gathering the lost fragments of your soul. You are retrieving the parts of your soul from every person, place, and activity. From every time and event. 
  • Place your hands on your heart chakra and press very gently. Imagine the missing soul pieces coming back as brightly colored gemstones, or feathers, or vibrant streams of light. 
  • Visualize the soul parts, the pieces of soul energy that you have loaned to others, or perhaps fragments of your soul taken without your permission or knowledge. Especially those missing due to trauma, or by the actions of others that have left a soul scar. 
  • Visualize a frame or window before you, and when you are fully ready, notice a beautiful image appears. Perhaps your vision is one of a graceful landscape representing your sacred space, or it may be a portrait of your higher self, spirit guide or angel. Whatever your mind sees is the perfect choice for you at this moment. 

Although it is not complicated to perform, this simple soul retrieval exercise can have a profound impact. Gathering your soul fragments brings an awakening, compelled by the recognition of something indescribable—something that presents itself as a timeless present being, a profoundly aware presence that is above all loving and peaceful.

You are a beautiful person, with amazing stories and extraordinary experiences. Although you may be dealing with hidden hurt, pain, and confusion, you still want to be the best version of yourself. It’s okay to hurt. It's normal to give part of your soul energy to those you love. It’s okay to fall, just so long as you reclaim your soul energy and rise again. If you need help to find your way, I would be honored to assist you.

Brightest Blessings to you! 



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