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What Ghosts Can Teach Us About Sex by Psychic Drake

Date 10/3/2013

Bet you didn't think your late grandmother could help you get some action!

Bet you didn't think your late grandmother could help you get some action!

I’m sure you saw the title to this article and thought either, “This should be interesting,” or simply, “What the Hell?”  I mean, let’s be honest, when looking for practical insight into steamy sexuality, the last place I’m sure we’d prefer to look is the Spirit World.  After all, what could the dearly departed possibly have to say about sex and passion in relationships?  

Well, you may be surprised to find that they have a great deal to say, actually.  As a psychic medium, I can’t even begin to tell you the number of times most of the insight into my readings concerning relationships has come from either loved ones who’ve passed or simply the voices from the Other Side.  

One message that always comes through so clearly in all of my readings regarding reconnections with those who’ve passed is, “Don’t be afraid of your desires.” Just for a moment, think of all the things that you wish you were experiencing right now in your life.  Perhaps you’re tired of just saying hello to the handsome stranger on the train in the mornings as you commute to the office and want something more with him; or perhaps the friend that you’ve known since high school is, suddenly and unexpectedly, beginning to look so much more attractive to you than they once did and you want to take things to a new level; maybe while you and your girlfriends are out on the weekends, you find yourself feeling tired of trying to look and feel sexy. But you never approach the mysterious guy in the corner, even though the two of you seem to be burning the room to the ground with the fiery looks that you always exchange.  

You see, I say this to simply explain that we live so much of our lives in absolute fear of our desires.  We may never like to admit it, but most of our life is spent in fear and insecurity, especially where matters of passion and chemistry are concerned.  

In my readings throughout the years, Spirit has always reminded me that we should live fearless lives without regret and hesitation that can so often accompanies our feelings of insecurity.  Desire is a very spiritual thing.  In fact, it’s more spiritual than anything else that exists because it’s the driving force of life.  

Don’t think for a moment that just because your hair may not be right, or your new wardrobe seems to accentuate your thighs in an unflattering way, that you aren’t absolutely exactly what you need to be.  People are noticing you, even when you may not realize it. If you feel that spark of connectivity with someone in your life, then there’s never been a more perfect time to act on it.  

While we’re in this physical world time seems to move so quickly.  Never let an opportunity pass in which you stifle your own passion, desire, or drive.  You may be pleasantly surprised to find that life is simply waiting for you to act and make that first move.   
Author's Photo by Drake x7014

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