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Soul Mates vs. Past Life Connections: Knowing the Difference by Psychic Arielle

Date 6/3/2024
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Where does your relationship fall on your tree of life?

Where does your relationship fall on your tree of life?

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Everyone wants to meet their soul mate. Most people who have experienced strong powerful romantic connections wonder if these connections are their soul mates. The confusion starts when people assume that the soul mate connection is the same as prince charming or a beautiful fairytale. Most, if not all, soul mate ties are extremely difficult and there are always blocks standing in the way of the connection unless you had an extremely awesome and rare past life. Your past life decisions could make connecting with your soul mate an easy task, or a search that will repeat throughout your life.
Many people confuse love or a deep friendship with a soul mate connection but there’s a tremendous difference between the two. We come into this life with many soul ties, soul families, and even a soul tribe who has been with us through past lives. Most of the happenings in your current life have plenty to do with your past life. Past life and soul connections tend to be fairly easy to make and will pull at your spirit if you fail to notice them. Your soul tribe wants to stay connected to you. The soul mate tie is more difficult to connect to. The vibrations of love emotions and spiritual pressure pull at the very core of your soul.

Understanding the Soul Mate Connection

There’s a link between reincarnation and soul mates. Often, instant attraction is the result of recognition or the “deja vu” factor. You recognize someone from another life (or lives that you have lived before, and feel a strong magnetic pull. Sometimes it’s an instant feeling that makes such a strong impression that you remember the exact moment. It’s almost always mutual.

During hundreds of lifetimes or “incarnations,” we have developed soul links with many souls. In a previous life, they may have been a lover, mother, father, sister, brother, child, a close friend, or even an enemy. We come together again with a karmic purpose that is translated through our present life. There’s always a reason that souls reunite. Since the details of the past life experience are often hidden from us, we may only get the strong feeling that we need to be with the person that we recognize as our “soul mate”.

Souls reunite to complete unfinished karmic business. It’s like making amends, forgiving, letting go of the other soul, or learning not to hurt each other. Karma is about spiritual growth. Keep in mind that over the course of a lifetime, you may meet many “soul mates” that play various roles in your current life. Sometimes the karma that is being worked out is negative and will take many lifetimes to finish.

In rare cases, the souls have worked through all the negative karma and they get to enjoy each other in this life. This is the “perfect partner” theory of soul mates. It results in wild passion, no conflict, a common purpose, and a happy ending. “Made for each other” soul mates are what everyone is looking for and so few find them. It’s very rare to have two souls that have evolved together to a place where they do experience a fairytale life together. Usually, when two souls reunite, it’s not for a “happy ending,” but for the beginning of a spiritual journey that will be both a blessing and a curse.

Finding Your Soul Mate

A psychic with the gift of clairvoyance can easily detect your soul ties. A gifted reader can look into past life situations to get a clear vision of who your soul mate truly is. It’s possible that you’ve already met your soul mate. A love reading can determine ways to clear any blocks, which could be a hinder to your soul mate tie.

Common Blocks to Finding Your Soul Mate

  • Distance. This is the most common soul mate block, where you must go over the ocean and through the woods to connect to their soul. This is sometimes avoided because of fear of being hurt. 
  • Marriage. Some people wed for the wrong reasons and are blocked from their actual soul mate in the future.
  • Soul mate fear. This fear creates an illusion that finding your soul mate is unrealistic due to the pain of past life connections. 

There can be many more blocks that stand between you and your soul mates. Getting a love reading will allow a professional psychic to tap into the soul tie and deliver the steps to remove these blocks.

Every Soul Connection Happens for a Reason

Manifesting a soul mate connection is rarely ever an easy task, especially if it is also a karmic connection representing life lessons that need to be mastered. This type of connection creates wholeness and pure unconditional love in the soul. Your soul mate is somewhat of a puzzle piece that fits perfectly with your own. Soul mates grow old together, and once connected they’re undefeated. 

It’s important to realize this won’t be a simple walk in the park. Every negative force under the sun will attempt to stand in the way of the soul mate connection. This soul mate tie projects spiritual power that is strong enough to face the many battles of the world and come out victorious. The female soul creates a firm backbone and unconditional love for the male soul and the male soul creates emotional contentment and protection for the female. 

Even if the connection you have isn’t a soul mate tie and is in fact a past life connection, there’s a strong spiritual reason why you’ve reconnected and your past life can hold clues to those reasons. For this reason, exploring your past life or lives provides valuable insight and answers.

So the next time your eyes meet a stranger across the room and you just “know” that your soul mate has finally arrived, remember that meeting your soul mate may be a bumpy ride. Just because you’ve known them before, doesn’t mean it’s supposed to work out. Just because you found them again doesn’t mean you won’t have to let them go someday. What you can be certain of, however, is that the connection has a purpose and a spiritual meaning.

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myheart2: Wow...this is an excellent article! Just read this after getting a reading from you and it explains a lot! I am encouraged and feel more clarity than I have in long time - thank you!

minmin: liked the reading. Seemed genuine. Will wait on the prediction. Compassionate.

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