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Healing from a Karmic Relationship by Psychic Mackenzie

Date 9/2/2022
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Karmic relationships aren't meant to last.

Karmic relationships aren't meant to last.

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Karmic relationships are full of pain. Remembering the reason why a karmic relationship exists, to begin with, is so you deal with past karma, grow, heal and move on. In this regard, karmic relationships are helpful and healthy, given the lessons learned. The reward at the end of the day is a new love, something peaceful, pure, and much less painful.

Healing a karmic relationship is a process of realizing first what your lesson is and what you yourself are doing wrong. 

First, understand karmic relationships, as intoxicating as they can be, aren't meant to last. The sole purpose of a karmic relationship is to teach us lessons and create change that is necessary to move on to a new, better relationship, soulmate, or twin flame. With that being said, soul mates and twin flames aren't without problems. No relationship is perfect; yet a karmic relationship feels like death by a thousand swords, very painful indeed.

Why Karmic Relationships Hurt So Bad

One or both karmic lover cares only about their own self. It’s sad but true, when a karmic lover mistreats someone they don't see it as hurtful, but rather as a lesson they're teaching. As in any type of abusive relationship, self-esteem erodes feelings of agony as words are twisted and you feel as if you are literally losing your mind. It hurts because it's a lesson you need to learn and until you learn it, it will continue to hurt.

The Next Time - Clearing Your Karma

To break the pattern of a karmic relationship, one or the other must move on completely and learn the lessons meant to be learned. Karma, as it implies is “reaping what we sow." The simple thing to do is evaluate the lesson needing to be learned and do more to increase your good Karma, so the next relationship isn't karmic. 

A karmic relationship is meant to heal you from painful experiences and release past bad Karma or lessons you would not have learned otherwise. The pain will heal when you learn your lesson and do not worry about the other partner. They were meant not to love forever but as a lesson only, so their job is done. 

What happens if someone can't move on and things are not resolved? It means you will experience another karmic relationship, if in another life or in this one, and no one wants that. The goal is to work on building enough good karma so that you can work your way through life, finding love that feels wonderful and that will allow peace and abundant hope to flow daily. Living a happy life is possible after a karmic relationship.
If you would like to learn what your lessons are meant to be, from an existing or past karmic relationship, contact a psychic advisor today.

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Kimmer67: Very interesting read Mac. Thanks for the suggestion. Kim from NY

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