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Easy to Cast, Powerful Love Spells and Rituals by Psychic Angelica

Date 6/24/2022
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Do love spells work?  I am asked this question at least once a week as a psychic reader and intuitive. My answer is always “if it is meant to be.”

Casting a love spell must be done with respect and positive intentions and not done to trick someone into fall in love with you.

As an energy worker, my belief is that we put out comes back to us 100-fold, so any type of love spell or ritual must be done with respect to the rules of energy. The one true rule of spell casting is that you should not cast a malicious curse or any spell with bad intentions on others.  Due to the law of threefold, wicked things you cast on others will return you with three times more power.  It is understandable as magic works based on Karin principal.

Love spells are really about asking the universe to bring love to you that you would be happy to receive and them be happy to receive you.  Love spells let the universe know that you are ready for love.  A spell is just basically a special way to ask for what you want. 

You may have seen glamorized versions of love spells, rituals and even potions in the media where someone simply casts a wand and chants a few magical words or mixes together a few ingredients in a cauldron and suddenly people fall madly in love. Like for example when the “Amortentia” love potion was used in the book and movie “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” but alas, that’s not how any of these love spells work; they take a little more effort but the results may surprise you.

3 Main Steps to Casting a Spell

  1. Creating an intention.
  2. Invoking it through a ritual.
  3. Putting that intention into action.

Before doing any type of love spell it is wise to do a self-love spell first.  Self-love matters because it is foundational to all relationships.  This ensures your sense of self-love and self-worth are in alignment.  This in itself is a powerful way of attracting love as like attracts like and as within, so without. 

Self-Love Spell (Ritual)

Gather Together the following:

  • A red candle
  • Rosewater
  • Piece of paper and a pen
  • A tiny red ribbon
  • An assortment of herbs including lavender, rose petals, mint, basil, lemon, and sandalwood.

Light your candle and write a love letter to yourself that expresses your sense of love and self-worth and the loving qualities within yourself you have to share with another. Once finished, add two drops of rosewater to the paper and then gently drop the herbs over the rose water.  As the herbs settle, place your hands over your heart and chant softly:

“I am love. I am worthy of love. I open my heart to loving myself and nurturing myself. I bless this offering as a symbol of commitment and compassion to myself.” 

When you have finished this ritual, safely extinguish the candle, and place the paper under your pillow.

The next morning, roll up your paper and tie it with the red ribbon. Set your spell paper somewhere special, perhaps on your alter or hang it in a favorite window.  Let this be a daily reminder of your commitment to loving yourself the way you desire to love someone and be loved by someone. 

Blessed Be.

Powerful Love Spells

So now that we have done our self-love ritual, let’s dive into some different powerful, but easy love spells.

Setting intentions, casting spells, and performing rituals can be very powerful during different moon cycles. I will share two moon-based love spells: a New Moon Love Spell followed by a Full Moon Love Spell.

New Moon Love Spell

The New Moon is a wonderful time to set goals and intentions for the next month. It is a great time for a fresh start and encourage new beginnings, especially in love.  If it is time to clear bad energy in your love life to attract an ideal mate, the new moon has your back.

My favorite new moon spell is Bath Magic!  If you have a bathtub, you already have a giant cauldron in your bathroom.  Fill the bathtub and add bath salts or simple sea salt. Water and salt are inherently cleansing.  Make sure you light some candles and put together a soundtrack of your favorite love songs. Spells can be intricate and detailed, but they don’t have to be. They can be as natural as enjoying a cleansing bath during a new moon.  While taking the bath you can say these words out loud:

“I am attracting a partner who I can be open and trusting with.”

Visualize all your good qualities and the qualities you wish in a partner.

Blessed Be.

Full Moon Love Spell

For your Full Moon love spell, begin by gathering:

  • 2 red candles
  • 1 fresh rose

If you have met someone you desire, according to folklore this spell will ensure he or she responds. First gather a fresh rose and two red candles and on a full moon just before you go to sleep, place a red candle on each side of the rose.  The next morning after the full moon at sunrise, take the rose outside or sit by an open window facing east, keeping the rose in front of you.  Inhale the perfume and say aloud:

This red rose is for true love. True love come to me.

Now go back indoors and put the rose in its original position.  Light the candles and imagine love burning in the heart of the one you long for.  Keep the candles lit throughout the day and night until the rose fades (If they are extinguished, the incarnation will be broken.) When the rose is dead, pinch out the candles and bury the rose. 

Blessed Be.

What Day of the Week is Best to Conduct a Love Spell?

The practice of magic is about raising and directing energy to fulfill our intentions. Everything contains energy. It is important to be in a relaxed and happy state of mind when performing rituals and spells.  In today’s busy world, finding ways to unwind, relax and reconnect with yourself is a powerful spell in itself. Simply writing out gratitude lists or repeating a mantra is casting a spell.  The act of manifestation, and magick itself, is simply focusing energy to produce a desired effect.  As we create our future by our thoughts, words, and actions.  This is why it is so important to be mindful and present with our self-talk as well as the words we speak. 

Fridays are the best day to conduct love spells, because it’s ruled by Venus, the goddess of love.  I encourage you to every Friday morning to write an intention letter affirming how much appreciate yourself as you honor Venus, the Roman Goddess of love and beauty.  This will help you wake up filled with more self-love which assures you attract more love into your life on all levels.

More Powerful Love Spells

I have two more love spells to share with you and one is the ever-popular Honey Jar Spell. It is believed that witches used honey to perform love spells in ancient times, and that’s why the tradition continues today. The idea behind the concept is that something sweet can generate affection between people, making them kinder and sweeter to each other.  It is also said that it is a spell that works immediately. 

Honey Jar Spell

This spell should be performed on a Full, Waxing or New Moon since we are focusing on manifesting. The ideal day of the week to perform it would be on Friday since we’re focusing on love.

Gather together:

  • A clean small glass jar with lid
  • Honey
  • Rose petals
  • Lavender
  • A small pink candle
  • Matches
  • Paper and a pen

With your supplies in front of you take some time to ground and center.  I do this by burning sage or palo Santo.  Take some deep breaths and decide on your intention.  Whether it is to sweeten an existing relationship or to call in a new relationship.  Write down your intention on the piece of paper.  Fold up your paper and put in the jar, adding honey, rose petals, seeds and whatever reminds you of what you’re manifesting. 

As the honey coats your intention with sweetness and love, bless your magic.  After you have added everything to the honey jar, seal the lid.  Take the jar in your hand and say:

“I bless this honey jar in the name of love, in the name of the universe, and in the name of my highest power. So may it be.”

Now safely light your candle and set it on top of the closed jar.  Meditate on the candle for 5 minutes, visualizing the outcome of your intentions.  Once it is time to put the flame out, do so with a candle stopper, pinching it or fanning it.  Do NOT blow it out. This spell is enhanced followed by any type of nurturing and self-care. 

Blessed Be.

Marriage Proposal Spell

Finally, I will share with you a magical love spell for a marriage proposal that involves using the Tarot.  In this spell I use the Lover’s card.  By selecting a Tarot card that represents your goal, your intention is very effective in manifesting the outcome you desire. The Lovers card often denotes an engagement and here’s a spell to bring a proposal of marriage using ingredients sacred to the card.

Gather together:

  • Lovers Tarot Card
  • Gold ring
  • An orange
  • Sugar
  • Dried powered jasmine flowers
  • Pink and white candles

Write your name and the name of your intended on the back of the card.  If you don’t know who you want to marry, then write some key qualities of the person you want to meet for a serious committed relationship.  Roll the card up from the bottom to the top and place it through the center of the gold ring. Hollow out the center of the orange and insert the ring and card through the orange. 

Seal up the bottom hole with the wax drippings from the pink candle.  Pour sugar and dried jasmine flowers into the top hole and then seal with the pink wax drippings. Now drip the wax of a white candle over the orange until it is completely covered.  Let it stand for 6 hours (the magical number for Lovers) and then peel open the fruit.  Run a bath and add 6 slices to your bath water.  The ring should be removed from the orange and worn as a talisman on a chain next to your heart. 

Blessed Be.

In closing I share with you my belief in the best love comes God’s timing and when we are truly happy within ourselves and have a healthy outlook on love and relationships.  The best love spell of all is simply staying present, living with gratitude, and having a strong sense of self-love.

Feel free to reach out to me at extension 9393 with any questions about love, spells and rituals and creating self-love. 

Blessings and gratitude,


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Angelica has been a teacher of Quantum Mysticism for over 20 years. She leads empowerment workshops and retreats with the focus on self love, self confidence and co creating a life filled with miracles. She has been doing psychic readings for over 35 years. Angelica uses the Goddess energy and archetypes to tap into her clients and reveal where energy is blocked and how to use tools to get the mind/body/spirit in alignment.


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