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How to Deal with a Homewrecker by Psychic Indigo

Date 11/2/2017

Don't let a slimy homewrecker ruin your relationship!

Don't let a slimy homewrecker ruin your relationship!

When you have a relationship, the relationship is between the two of you and the two of you only! Other people can ruin your relationship if you aren’t careful. This is especially true for open relationships when other people are brought into your personal space. 

Be wary of outside influences giving advice to both of you. All it takes is one seemingly trustworthy person to ruin the love between the two of you. Relationships are built on respect, trust and communication, which all take work and are earned with time and understanding. Without these things, an outside influence can bring in unwanted stress and unnecessary issues by being “monkey in the middle.” By allowing someone to become “monkey in the middle,” you’re giving them the power to control the outcome of what happens in your personal life. 
It’s good to seek advice from friends, but be choosey. Stay true to your thoughts and feelings about what you want before taking any advice from another person. 

I see this more with calls from people with children in broken homes. A parent can be jealous of a new relationship and try to get involved by talking to the partner and lying about things that have happened in the past. The best way to remedy this situation is to be open and honest from the start, and to build trust with your partner first before you let anyone else get involved. If your partner truly loves you, when a situation arises, he or she will talk to you first and get all information before making any rash decisions. 

Many times this jealous parent will try to add fuel to the fire when there are issues in the relationship to begin with. He or she will try to talk to your partner at the worst possible time when both of you are upset and not thinking straight while projecting their issues onto your partner, making the situation ten times worse. 

Other situations involve friends or people who have underlying goals trying to reach your partner for their own personal gain, due to a connection or developing feelings. If a friend is trying to push you away from someone even though he/she knows how much you care, see the red flag before it happens. Stay away from this person because they’re not your friend. Be sure to communicate to your partner what’s happening so you can prepare for any other drama that happens to come your way. 

Keep your relationship strong by seeking one another’s advice, even if it means taking a couple of days apart in order to think things through, and then opening the lines of communication. Avoid all issues from other people by keeping everything between the two of you and you’ll formulate a stronger bond. 
Author's Photo by Indigo x8897

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