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Your Mirror Soul: How to Know if Someone is Your Twin Flame Love by Psychic Gaia

Date 7/21/2023
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Everyone wants to experience the ultimate romantic relationship. It’s very human to desire to feel loved, appreciated, understood, and valued for being exactly who we are. It seems then that the ideal relationship would be with our mirror soul: the direct reflection of us. Some people call this a Twin Flame Soul, or a Twin Soul. 

When you hear someone say they have found their Twin Flame, you sense it is something very special. The idea of "uniting with your other half", conjures images of "happily-ever-after". Having a relationship with someone who mirrors your own soul sounds like heaven on Earth. But is it?

Twin Flame Meaning

Do you desire to find your Twin Flame?

Do you wonder if the person you are in a relationship with is your Twin Flame?

What is the meaning of a Twin Flame?

Some feel that Twin Flames are the male and female aspects of the same soul. However, every individual's soul is already whole. Thus, a more accurate Twin Flame definition is two people who share the same soul's essence, the same soul fabric. Only you and your Twin Flame share this essence. 

In a Twin Flame relationship, one person typically embodies more divine feminine characteristics and the other, more divine masculine characteristics, but this is not gender-specific to the individuals in whom the soul has incarnated. Incarnating with your Twin Flame is an arduous soul journey. Not everyone incarnates with their Twin Flame. Also, Twin flame relationships are not always romantic. In this article we are only focusing on romantic Twin Flame love relationships, but if you are interested there is more information about the distinctions between karmic relationships, soulmates and twin flames available to read on Psychic Source.

What Happens When Twin Flames Meet?

When Twin Flames first meet, there's often this incredible draw or reaction. It can feel like lightning or electricity. A head rush. Weakness in the knees. Heart palpitations. Even a bizarre sense of feeling "home". It can even be an intense aversion. When life's circumstances draw them together, they feel this incredible familiarity. It's a knowingness, like they recognize each other on this deep soul level. Of course, they do because they share the same soul essence. These couples experience many remarkable synchronicities known as Twin Flame telepathy. This is a feeling of knowing what the other is thinking, finishing sentences for them, or saying the same thing at the same time. It reveals there is much more going on than meets the eye. 

What are Twin Flame Characteristics?

Intense is the best word that sums up a Twin Flame relationship experience.

Examples of this are feelings that are intensely:

  • passionate
  • unified
  • committed
  • euphoric
  • revealing
  • enlightening

However, when out of balance, these Twin Flame relationships can be intensely:

  • turbulent
  • painful
  • traumatic
  • challenging
  • crazy-making
  • tormenting

People in Twin Flame love relationships experience an undeniable draw and attraction, like the classic electric zap or lightning bolt experience. It's often an immediate sense of connection. A deep sense of knowing each other that transcends time. When aligned, their relationship is balanced, easy, and harmonious. It flows with profound respect, appreciation, and genuine adoration for each other. 

Some Twin Flames anchor the stability of a committed, loving, and balanced relationship, almost as if to unconsciously perform an energetic sacred service. As they ground these solid relationship frequencies onto the planet, it makes it easier for others to claim that same harmony. These Twin Flame relationships are more stable than most Twin Flame connections. They show up as a unified front, and maintain a deep love and respect for each other regardless of being "awake" or not. 

When a Twin Flame love relationship is not in alignment, these relationships run the gamut of extremes including:

  • engaging in painful, trauma triggering, power struggles
  • passive aggression
  • self-sabotage
  • and emotional shutdowns.

Because of the intensity in these relationships, if these partners are not in control of their impulses, there is a high risk of verbal abuse or physical violence.  Abuse is abuse, regardless of a Twin Flame connection. Never tolerate or excuse away this type of treatment. Get professional help immediately.

What is the Purpose of a Twin Flame Relationship?

So now that we know what a Twin Flame is, you may be asking yourself “What is the point of this?” On a human level, all Twin Flame relationships are amplified growth-edge relationships. Twin Flames will call each other forward, no matter what. This can be accomplished by being motivated to do any of the following to pave the way to be together:

  • face down fears
  • overcome limiting beliefs
  • end unhealthy partnerships
  • make lifestyle and life circumstance changes.

A stable Twin Flame union ignites a deep desire to each be a better person and be the best they can be to enhance their relationship and live their best life together. The growth they accomplish on a human level "lights the way", making it easier for others on the planet to do the same.

What is a Twin Flame’s Divine Soul Mission?

The majority of Twin Flames are here on a divine soul mission. At its core, it is almost always about being called toward or finding their way back to aligned love "against all odds." It is also about claiming union and wholeness, whether as a couple or individually. From a soul’s vantage point, it is a powerful mission to expand all of creation by bringing more love onto the planet through conscious choice and divinely inspired action. Twin Flame accomplishments can influence worlds by overcoming obstacles standing in the way of love, happiness, and harmony. It informs all of creation the many ways that love can prevail and "how to get there from here." 

The most exciting thing about a Twin Flame healing journey is that when they choose to heal, it's amplified. When they choose to love, it's also amplified. This has a massive impact that ripples out, evolves, and enhances the potential of all life forms. This is the true vision and the most sacred impact of these Twin Flame unions. Always seek to choose love. It really IS the answer.

Do Twin Flames Always Live Happily-Ever-After?

Many people long to find their Twin Flame, perceiving it to be the ultimate romantic relationship. That can be the case, and this does represent the majority. Despite being idealized, a romantic Twin Flame relationship is not always blissful. It does not always end in partnership. Twin Flame relationships can actually be some of the most excruciating relationship experiences on the planet. 

However, some of these more painful relationships do end in union, against all odds. This is because both partners have risen to the occasion. They did the work and healing required. Now they are reaping the rewards of this accelerated growth. Others have orchestrated these relationships on a soul level to experience the true walk-of-fire. The awake partner is required to choose self over Twin Flame, to end the relentless and unbearable heartache of this emotional ride. This choice becomes necessary when their mate is unwilling or unable to step-up, wake up, and/or has become abusive. In both of these "crawling-over-broken-glass" agreements, these overzealous souls incarnate under these circumstances to experience the fast track of their souls' expansion. 

A Twin Flame Relationship on the Fast-Track of Expansion

Twin Flames that incarnate to experience the fast-track of expansion almost always have traumatic, tormented childhoods. Their life experiences can create layers of wounding, defense mechanisms, and trauma triggers. One or both parties may be married to other partners when they meet. Or they may have deep-seated mental health issues, addictions, dysfunctional behaviors, and neuroses to overcome. All the baggage they've acquired on the human level acts to create stumbling blocks for them being together. 

These souls will deal with seemingly endless challenges, frustrations, and emotions to overcome. This is where the undeniable, all-consuming attraction and relentless draw to each other come to play. Throughout these ordeals, interactions will also be interspersed with amplified versions of the more romantic experiences. This will help keep them connected and bonded. 

Almost always one partner will be awake and aware of higher consciousness concepts. While the other partner will be asleep, more shut down, and resistant to change. This partner often has intimacy issues that interfere in harmonious connection and union. The awake partner will be doing most of the personal growth work in the relationship. Know that this was actually agreed to on a soul level. 

What is the Difference Between a Twin Flame Love Bond and a Trauma Bond?

Trauma Bonding is a biological and psychological bond. It is an addiction one person experiences feeling deeply connected to another when that other person has abused them. A cycle of abuse followed by positive reinforcement creates a difficult-to-break connection.

Twin Flames in their most amplified, emotionally discordant phases can be extremely toxic relationships. In fact, it is possible to have a twin soul connection with a Toxic Twin Flame. Like in the "true walk-of-fire" example, the partner must choose to leave the relationship entirely.

Twin Flame relationships are not immune to creating trauma bonds. 

But there is a more important question to explore. If you are in an amplified phase of a Twin Flame relationship that shines a glaring light on the issues that need healing, and then choose to do so, are you romanticizing the bondage of a toxic and abusive relationship?

A professional therapist can support you in establishing healthy limits and boundaries. They can also educate you on what abuse is and what dynamics an abusive person engages in. Focusing on codependency recovery is always a powerful investment in your own well-being. From this place of emotional stability, you can make much clearer choices about your relationships. 

How Do I Navigate a Twin Flame Relationship?

Due to the intense nature of Twin Flame relationships, it is encouraged that these couples establish "fair fighting" agreements to commit to when arguing, hurt, or emotionally triggered. When a Twin Flame lashes out in retaliation it is like giants flinging atomic bombs at each other. There is massive, destructive fallout that ripples far beyond our realms. 

Energies from unseen realms that feed on lower vibrational frequencies love to latch onto these partners when they are out of balance. The goal is to wreak even more havoc. Get help from a trusted Energy Healer if you feel influenced or out of control. If you are in the throngs of a turbulent phase of your relationship, having the support of a traditional therapist is recommended. 

Final Thoughts

There was a lot here to absorb about Twin Flames, but even you only take away two things, they should be the following:

  1. When one partner heals, it has the potential to bring about miraculous positive shifts in their mate. This is true regardless of a Twin Flame connection (but it is amplified with Twin Flames). 
  2. As in all relationships, a person only has power over their own choices. Focus on your own healing, instead of your partner’s. This is the most powerful contribution you can make to yourself and to your relationship.

Given the unique, extreme, and complex nature of Twin Flame relationships, you may need more soulful support. If you are having trouble discerning the right path to take, gain the clarity you desire by talking to a Psychic Advisor that specializes in Twin Flame relationships and psychological and mental health issues. With this expertise, you can discern what choices your soul's path would best be served by.

As always, choose love! 

If I can assist your soul’s journey of expansion, please contact me at extension 3559.



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Gaia was born awake, aware, and highly empathic and was plunged into very energetically, psychologically, and emotionally challenging circumstances. Her life journey honed her psychic abilities and amplified her passion to empower others with information to facilitate success in their soul missions. Her drive for finding keys to rapid transformation motivated her to pursue a summa cum laude in Social Psychology. She was able to participate in graduate-level cutting-edge research opportunities revealing how we create our own realities, overseen by the Dean of the department. She became president of the Honors Society for psychology, playing a role in developing a student/faculty mentorship program. Gaia continues to be a voracious researcher, seeking to discover spiritual answers to human issues for clearing trauma, resolving mental health issues, and addictions and overcoming personal, professional, and relationship challenges.


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