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Polyamory - Can I Have More Than One Soulmate? by Psychic Jae

Date 8/4/2020
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Soulmates come in many varieties and we may have more than one!

Soulmates come in many varieties and we may have more than one!

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There is a plethora of songs, fairy tales, painting and other works of art all about “the one”. However, in my experience of reading energy for over 11 years, there is more than one soul we can connect with on a deep, loving level in any given lifetime.  Now, that doesn’t mean we will choose to be in an intimate, romantic relationship with each, but for some, it does mean just that.

Many generations ago, our society was set up for monogamy which was meeting one person and only being with that person for the rest of our lives.  Nowadays, monogamy is serial relationships or serial dating (one at a time). 

For others, POLYAMORY (being with multiple consenting adults in an ethical way at the same time) is what works best. Polyamory isn’t for everyone, but for a growing population on the planet, it is. 

Types of Soulmates

There are a variety of soulmates and romanticizing them can get us into trouble, especially, when it is a karmic soulmate, which is a soulmate that has karmic ties to us from a different life that they are still working out. It’s often a chaotic, drama-filled relationship. The same goes for Ego-mates (attraction based on imbalanced egos), Wound-mates (attraction based on similar trauma), False Twin Flames, and Stalker (a soul with an unhealthy obsession of you) soulmates.

However, there are other soulmates that are harmonious. A Primary soulmate is the main one we incarnate with. There’s also a Secondary soulmate (the one we’re usually with when our primary hasn’t incarnated or isn’t ready), a Companion soulmate (a ride or die type of soul who is there through thick and thin), and a Best Friend soulmate. Now, if all of these positive soulmates are in the same lifetime, one might feel called to polyamory so that they don’t have to choose between one or the other. For many, this works. It takes respect, love, dedication, negotiation, boundaries, and clear agreements, but I have witnessed many beautiful poly relationships. 

What is a Poly Affectionate Relationship?

For those who don’t feel inclined to polyamory, there’s something called Poly Affectionate, which is nonsexual intimacy between two or more consenting adults. Some couples are more open to poly affectionate interactions, rather than polyamory. Whatever you decide, remember that you have options. Our society is being set up more each year to celebrate and honor diversity and different relationship structures and that is what the Universe (the creator of variety) has always intended. Many celebrities are now known for being in open marriages, namely, famous couple Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis who went public about their open marriage in their book. However, some prefer to keep things private and you can, too. 

Blessings abundant to all those who love.

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