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How to Manifest Love Using a One Card Tarot Reading by Psychic Narnia

Date 10/20/2022
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The Ace of Cups Tarot card is used to manifest love.

The Ace of Cups Tarot card is used to manifest love.

Some people believe Tarot cards are limited to divination purposes.  But in truth, they are a tool.  Like the best tools, they actually have a wide variety of uses.  Yes, Tarot cards are amazing for seeing the future, but they are also a powerful tool for manifesting love, setting daily intentions, or even manifesting a soulmate.

Some people assume you have to know how to read the tarot in order to be able to use them.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  There are several ways you can utilize the tarot without knowing all the ins and outs.  You also don’t have to memorize the whole deck in order to use them.  Tarot decks come with manuals and explanations for a reason. 

Get Started with a One Card Tarot Reading

One of the easiest ways to begin using the Tarot is by using a one card tarot reading.  There is nothing better than starting your day with focus or purpose.  The Tarot can be a great way to get a heads up about what your day might have in store for you or to help set some intentions for each day quickly and easily. 

For example, I just shuffled my cards and did a pull for myself.  The card that came up was the Strength card.  This would suggest to me, that today might be challenging and that I might need strength to get through today.  Now how would I use this to set my intentions for the day?  I would put the card in front of me, close my eyes and meditate on what strength means to me.  What are the aspects of myself that I consider to be my strengths?  When I have determined what I should focus on, I do a short meditation on that aspect of myself and embodying that aspect for whatever comes today.

Again, you don’t have to be a tarot reader to utilize the tarot in this way.  Just keep the book that comes with your cards beside you when you use them and look up whatever card you get so that you can learn what they mean as you go.

A Love Tarot Spread for Singles

Another popular use of the tarot is learning about love, in the past, the present and the future. There are various ways to do this, but one of the easiest is doing a love tarot spread for singles.  This is specifically designed for those who aren’t already in a relationship.  Although it can be tailored easily to find out things about a relationship you are already in as well.

If you have trouble with the love area of your life, you might find that there are patterns in the types of relationships you’ve had or come to recognize that you are always being drawn to the same kind of person.  If this is the case, a great way to help yourself find a healthier love interest is to work on yourself first.  So, part of this spread is designed to help you do that.

Love Tarot Spread Instructions

First things first, shuffle your deck.  Then do a layout off the top of the deck.  This specific spread includes nine cards.  You will lay them out in a 3x3 square.  The first row of three cards is designed to help you see the patterns in your previous relationships or past people you have been drawn to, to see what might be negative and positive aspects of those patterns to show you what to look out for when you are trying to connect with people in the future.

The second row of three cards is designed to help you see patterns in yourself that might be causing you to be drawn to the wrong type of person.  Also, they can give clarity to what aspects of yourself might be holding you back or self-sabotaging happiness when it comes to romance.

The last row of three cards will indicate what kind of person is coming into your life next, where you might meet, and when that might happen.  Again, if you have never used the Tarot before, just look at your book as you flip each card to help you understand what you are being shown.

Now that you have discovered what might be holding you back and how to better prepare for what is coming, you can take the next step to actually bring about what you want in your life.

Using A One Card Tarot Reading for Manifesting Love

Tarot is a wonderful tool for manifesting love and can also be used to manifest a soulmate.  There are several ways to use Tarot for manifesting, but my favorite way is to use the one card Tarot draw, however, this is a different technique than the one we discussed earlier.  Instead of using the shuffled deck to pull one card to see what your day will bring, we will be using specific cards to manifest what you want in your life.  You won’t be shuffling the cards and pulling blindly, for this technique you will actually sort through your deck and pull specific cards to use.

What you desire for your life will inform which card you use for this technique.

Examples of Tarot cards to use for manifesting


judgement card

Breaking Cycles with the Tarot

There are so many different things you can use the various Tarot cards for in this way.  Each card is perfect for a different manifestation.  For example, if you have found yourself in negative patterns in relationships there are several cards I would suggest using to break those cycles.

Judgment Card

To have better judgment when you pick your partners, I would utilize the Judgment card. 

The Hanged Man Card

To stop feeling stuck I would use The Hanged Man card, but very importantly, use it in the inverted position, meaning turn it upside down so that it faces away from you.  This way when you focus on it, you are focusing on the reversed meaning of the card instead of what it means in the proper position.  The Hanged Man symbolizes being stuck and not being able to see a way out of the problems you are having.  But when it is inverted it symbolizes an end to that kind of problem and the ability to break free from whatever is holding you back.

The Devil Card

You can also do the same with The Devil card.  The Devil card symbolizes being trapped in negative patterns or by a difficult unhealthy situation.  For this technique, you would turn the Devil card in the inverted position so that you will be focusing on freeing yourself from negative patterns or unhealthy situations.

If you have found yourself in negative patterns in your love life and realize that you need to break negative cycles for yourself, you can also even go as far as smudging yourself, especially around your head and heart with sage to cleanse yourself of negative patterns in order to start the new connection with a clean slate.

This is only a shortcut to start the process. If you do have negative aspects that need work, it is always good to seek help from therapists or other professionals that can help you dig deeper into why you might be repeating hurtful cycles in your romantic life.

Manifesting What You Want in a Relationship

Now once you are ready to start manifesting what you want, begin by getting into a comfortable seated position.  Have a table or other flat surface in front of you.  If one isn’t easily available, you can even do this seated on the floor.  Place the card you want to use as your focus in front of you where you can see it clearly.  If you are focusing on love, you can add to the power of this manifestation by bringing into the set up other tools such as rose quartz crystals, pink or red candles, and herbs such as cinnamon or spearmint, and decorate the area with roses to aid in bringing love to your side.

Once you are ready to begin, take a deep breath in and let it out slowly.  Take another long breath in and let that one out slowly too.  Look at the card laid out before you, focus your mind there but let your energy flow and build.  Don’t stress if your mind wanders, just gently bring your attention back to the vision of the card.  You can even close your eyes but maintain the card as the focus of your mind’s eye.  Calm your mind, allow the meaning of the card to permeate your essence, and don’t try to overthink.  The Tarot and the meaning behind each card, work with the deepest parts of your psyche, allowing it to connect with the universe and all the energy that is encompassed therein. 

After a few minutes of this, begin to think about yourself in the future, and see yourself in a healthy loving relationship.  See the relationship having all the aspects of what it is you desire and allow yourself to believe that you deserve to have this in your life.  You deserve to be happy, and you have the power within yourself to manifest it into being. 

Once again bring the image of the Tarot card into your mind’s eye.  Picture it along with the you of the future, happy and fulfilled by the new relationship.  Now allow both of those images to become larger and larger, spilling out from your mind into the room around you.  Let the universe take the images and send them out into the future to bring your desires to fruition.  Take one more deep breath and let it out slowly.  Open your eyes and allow yourself to acclimate back into the room.

Do this as often as you like until the universe brings your desires into being.  Be patient with yourself going forward.  It is easy to become impatient for what you want, especially when life gets stressful and lonely.  While you are waiting for what you want to manifest, take the time to work on yourself, focus on doing nice things and becoming a happier, more emotionally healthy version of yourself so that you will be ready when your new love or soulmate comes into your life.

There is No Wrong Way to Utilize the Tarot

There is no right or wrong way to utilize the Tarot.  Due to the depth of information involved, and the various ways it can be used as a tool, many people find picking up the Tarot intimidating and daunting to learn.  If you start with the one Tarot draw, whether to read for yourself or as a manifestation tool, it can be an excellent introduction to utilizing the Tarot for yourself, as well as for others, if you so choose.


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Narnia is an empath. She uses the Tarot to tap into the universe for information and also as a tool to connect with spirits as a Medium. Narnia holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts as well as a Master’s in Business Administration. She has been working as a professional Tarot Reader since 1993. Narnia is a Reiki Master and also does Chakra Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls.


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