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7 Spiritual Activities Couples Can Do Together

Date 8/14/2015

Couples who pursue spiritual connections enjoy deeper relationships.

Couples who pursue spiritual connections enjoy deeper relationships.

While magazines often tout physical intimacy as essential among couples, spiritual connection remains just as important to the health of a relationship. Consider pursuing these seven spiritual activities to enhance your bond with your mate.

Find That One Special Thing

It could be something simple — a game of cards every night before bed or a walk in the park on Sunday afternoons. Identify a special experience that the two of you can share on a regular basis, one that evokes fond memories and promotes a sense of emotional intimacy.

Add one or two more extravagant activities as well, such as a trip to a special vacation destination once a year. It gives you something to look forward to together and allows you to share something with each other that you never share with anyone else.

Talk About the Future

Find common ground in your hopes and dreams with your significant other. Focus on ideals you both share and on the knowledge that it doesn't matter where you end up, as long as you're together. Avoid topics that polarize you as people and concentrate instead on subjects that bring you together. If you struggle with this aspect of your relationship, consult an online clairvoyant for insight.

Seek Guidance Together

To land on the same page as a couple, seek guidance together rather than separately. Engage in a psychic phone reading or attend a couples therapy session. Use that time to find a meeting of the minds in terms of what you each want out of the relationship.

Learn Something New

You might take a class at a local community college or join a club or organization. As you broaden your academic horizons, you'll grow closer and find shared interests. If one class doesn't work out, try another; it might take time to find an activity that fulfills you both.

Get Sweaty

Exercise mirrors the effort necessary to make a relationship work. Both physical fitness and romantic partnerships require a little sweat equity, so join a gym or take long runs in the park. Not only does this activity increase your spiritual connection to your partner, but it also helps you stay healthy and fit.

Worship or Pray Together

Regardless of the religion to which you and your mate belong, devote yourselves to it as a couple. Take time to pray together in the evenings or reserve at least one day per week for worship. Afterward, talk about what you've learned or about your ideas. Find ways to challenge each other spiritually so you're constantly learning from each other.

Ask Each Other Questions

Who are the most important people in your lives? How do you feel about the afterlife? Why do human beings exist? What pursuits are most worthy in life? Ask big questions and debate the answers. Find out how your significant other feels about philosophical issues, then express your own opinions. If you disagree, find respectful ways to debate without resorting to resentment, name-calling, or ad hominem attacks.

Making a spiritual connection with your mate deepens your relationship and gives meaning to your lives.


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