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From Soul Mate to Soul Hate by Psychic Iris

Date 10/19/2022
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From Soul Mate... to Soul Hate?

From Soul Mate... to Soul Hate?

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As we walk this evolutionary journey called life we attract and meet certain people or Soulmates that help us to integrate our shadow self (the inner darkness) and embrace our true inner light. In order to come into full completion of self-love and worth we must go through lessons of pain and sadness at times to understand the depths of love and what we need to overcome. 

In soulmate relationships we act as a mirror reflection of our own inner conditioning of how we were brought up and what we viewed love when we were a child. We all have been conditioned in many ways through trauma, religious and cultural programming, and what has been instilled in us from the outer world. So how do we really know what LOVE is and why do we attract certain soulmates into our lives that can bring us so much unconditional love and acceptance yet so much pain and hardship? Why do some soulmates deceive or reject us or walk away from the relationship altogether? How do you deal with the rejection and pain that a person has put you through and most importantly how do you have the strength to forgive them so you can release and let them go? 

Look Beyond the Veil to Find True Love

In the initiation process of love, we may enter into relationships blindly only seeing the physical attractiveness of another such as good looks, a magnetic charming personality, intelligence, and any attributes that are the qualities we value and look for in a partner. If you think about it, these are all qualities you would like to exhibit within your own personality, so you search for it in another person. It is only when we look beyond the veil that we find true love. 

Many wear false masks of deception in soulmate connections in order to protect their heart from rejection, pain, abandonment, or any type of lower vibrational emotions that only show fear and unworthiness of love. We must decondition ourselves from the programming we were taught as a child and the experiences that were painful from previous relationships we had. It is a process of unlearning what the world taught us and how we thought we should act or behave in a partnership. In order to have a successful healthy connection with a soulmate, we must first learn to love and put ourselves first. Only then will we know and understand what we deserve and just how valuable and worthy we are to have the highest form of love. 

Are They Hiding Something?

Once you enter into a soulmate connection you will feel so much love and excitement and a deep passionate bond with the other person, it feels as if nothing could ever go wrong. When someone says they love you so much, you cannot imagine life without that person in it. A soulmate can feel like your other half that you have been waiting for your whole life and can mirror qualities that you find attractive and alluring that makes them sexually irresistible to you. The truth is, are they really showing you who they are, or could this be a mask they are wearing to hide something they do not want you to see? 

We can only know and discover the truth after exposing our deepest selves to one another and in this process, we are shedding our skin layer by layer to see if what lies underneath is really the person we fell in love with. 

We want to know things like:

Can I trust this person? 

Do they really love me for who I am? 

Will they ever hurt me or betray my trust? 

Will they reject me when I show them who I am? 

We all have many questions we ask ourselves when we recognize a soulmate connection. It is important to know that some soul connections come into our lives for a reason and sometimes just a season so we have to embrace knowing that not all soulmate connections last forever and always keep the focus on your own self-love and growth for your highest good. We can love another person with all of our heart and soul but that does not always mean they will give us the same in return. 

Finding Balance

A healthy soulmate connection requires a balance; an even give and take of our energy, time, and love. It requires patience and good communication where you both learn from one another and allow the other person to share their thoughts and feelings with you freely and openly. A relationship is about having complete trust in that person and knowing that you can feel free to be yourself and know that they will always be there for you. 

In a soulmate connection if the other person ends up betraying you, whether its cheating, lying, being deceptive or just walking away from the relationship altogether, you must know and understand it is not your fault. We make our own decisions. It is their own self-deception of unworthiness or lack of love they have for themselves that provides a karmic lesson to be learned from the whole experience. A soulmate connection can easily turn into a soul hate situation when we are not looking at it from a higher perspective. 

It Starts and Ends with YOU!

If you look at the relationship from a positive spiritual mindset you will see only the truth that is being revealed to you. When you see yourself and others more clearly the veil is lifted, and the illusion disappears only revealing the truth of what has been there the whole time. It is only their own self-deception at work when a soulmate decides to walk away or betray someone with no good reason. If you can allow yourself to see your own inner fears and shadows, you can start to see the truth in every relationship and why we attract the type of people we do. It all starts and ends with you; we have to learn to forgive ourselves and others and heal through the emotional pain; allowing ourselves to fully release and let go of any negative people or situations that are not serving us or in our highest good. Only when you let go and surrender to your highest truth can you rise above all the obstacles of emotional pain and suffering to become reborn like the phoenix rising out of the ashes of darkness. It is through this deep transformation that you end your suffering and learn from the pain; releasing all karmic baggage once and for all. 

Love starts with the self and knowing and loving yourself unconditionally and completely with no strings attached. Love is free and it embodies the consciousness of being in your own power and knowing your self-worth as we are all Kings and Queens of our own domain. Once you allow the healing process and transformation to begin, you can now begin to focus on loving yourself and raising your vibrational frequency which will allow the right person to come into your life that is in alignment with who you are at your highest and best self. 

Love is the only real thing; everything else is an illusion. 


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