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Sundays with Sadia: 12 Ways to Make the Most out of your Holiday Season - Week 1

Date 2/28/2023
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#11 - You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid!

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HO! HO! HO! No, I'm not talking about that girl at work who's doing things she's not supposed to or that lady that pushed you out of the way on Black Friday LOL! It’s the Holidays!!! YAAAAY!!! Did you miss me? I've missed you! Happy Holidays everyone! 

Have you finished all of your shopping yet? I'm so jellie if you have, I'm still at it and probably will be until December 24th cuz there is always that one person you forget (sorry Mom!) So ‘tis the season to be jolly… or more like crazy, stressed, and in major credit card debt, LOL! 

Can you believe Thanksgiving is over already? November came and went so quickly but I do love the month of December. It contains my favorite holiday and my birthday so since I was born on the 12th of December in 19— (seriously so not telling my age) I'm going to give you my list of: 

Sadia’s 12 Ways to Make the Most out of your Holiday Season!


Speaking of Thanksgiving, do you realize we only spend one day out of the year giving thanks and the next day (or sometimes even later that same evening) most of us begin our holiday shopping which can continue for approximately the next 30 or so days after! If you really think about it, we eat so so much on thanksgiving and we are so focused on the holidays that follow we sometimes forget to truly appreciate that we have food on our tables and a roof over our heads. 

Before you start your holiday shopping take a few dollars and give it to charity. My favorites during this season are the Bowery Mission and Toys for Tots. Did you know it only takes $1.59 to provide a meal for a person at the mission? We can find that in our sofa cushions or under the seat in our cars. If money is tight they accept food and clothing donations and at no cost, we can volunteer our time. When we help others it reminds us to be grateful for what we have and makes Thanksgiving last a bit longer. To provide a meal for someone who is hungry, a coat for someone who is cold, and a toy for a child who has none is what this season is truly about.


Poor Ralphie, all he wanted was his Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas, lol! I hope you have all seen the movie “A Christmas Story”, it’s one of my favorites with the fishnet leg lamp and the pink bunny pjs!  Or how about "National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation" when Clark Griswald is waiting for his Christmas bonus and gets him enrolled in the jelly of the month club instead? 

The holidays are about so much more than gifts but if you are focused on gift giving listen to what your recipient is asking for or needs. Sometimes we waste so much money on things we feel someone will love and then they open it and it's bunny pajamas, or as they say in the movie “It’s a pink nightmare.”


"Frosty the Snowman" was definitely my favorite cartoon as a child but I am referring to relationships here. The holidays can bring people closer together and sometimes cause a coldness and distance between others. It’s a common misconception that if someone loves you they won't hurt you or because it’s the holidays they should treat you better. For some, the holidays can stir up unresolved issues, emotions, or a newfound focus on one’s family. Especially if they haven't left the home yet, this can leave us feeling abandoned, confused, and very alone during a time when we need our partner the most. 

Soulmates and twin souls tend to suffer more during this time. It’s always best if you feel there may be some unresolved issues in your partner’s life or if you have struggled during these past few months to keep your expectations low during the holidays. Sometimes the energy between you will grow colder during this period and will warm up again after the season has passed.


Disappointment in a pear tree! Yup, that’s going to stick with you for a few days, lol! It’s always best to express what you want from your partner because most times they have no clue what you are expecting from them and you are left feeling disappointed and unappreciated.

Years ago, a client kept asking if she would be engaged by the holidays and would get so upset with me when I would say "I'm sorry no there is no thought of a ring." She refused to talk to him about her expectations since she felt he should know and she ended up with an electric wine bottle opener on Christmas morning and a big box of frustration since he was so proud of his purchase, lol. So, if it’s something that is that important to you, talk about it beforehand, or as in dealing with the snowman keep your expectations very low so the disappointment is less.

"Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love."- Hamilton Wright Mabie

I am here for you always.  See you next Sunday for the 2nd week of my list…  We’ll talk about The Binch (not a typo), Children, and the Big F-Bomb, don’t miss it! 





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Shusha: Who else forgot the original song because of this article? - Seriously, you're that good, Sadia!! And the winter season matches you so well, Sadia born 12/12/1999, right? - Hey, you're too young to be on this site! HaHa! ...All (or most) females need to ask themselves once in a while, "Am I expecting my (male) partner to know what I want, without my telling him a word about it, or giving the slightest sign?" Yes, some things just need to be said (I don't know about rings, that probably depends..), or Mr.Snowman would never guess in a thousand years.... My boyfriend had a very bad misunderstanding about my situation (that what was terrible for me was favorable). It was torturing me... After 13 months, I revealed the truth. I had to, though it involved a bad report on someone, because I literally felt like I would rather die than to leave it as it was. I let him think about it for a day or two... He understood me so much better after that, and even applied this lesson to my other situations! I also used to be mad, calling him a "Negative five star reader" lol for getting it so incorrectly, but we all have our limitations... The way we correct our mistakes could be the best gift to our loved ones and ourselves... Love is not automatic, and that's why it's precious. :-)

Everwaiting: Happy Birthday Sadia!! Never a big fan of the 12 days of Christmas song, but fitting here! Looking forward to the next article, Christmas Story is a classic, but hard to beat It's a Wonderful Life & Christmas Carol, George C. Scott version. Certainly can identify with #9, winners in both 2016 & 2017 I am sure!! Look forward to the F Bomb next week, Merry Christmas to you and your family!! XOXOXO

Soulmatejourney: Sadia soo happy you are back to enlighten us all!! You are adorable in the elf hat btw:) lol! You made me laugh and cry (soulmate part ugg) but what you say is so true we have to focus on gratitude. I am wishing you a happy birthday and a blessed Christmas. Looking forward to sundays!!! Lots of love always xo

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