How to Love Yourself by Psychic Arthur

Published Date 5/22/2014
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Loving yourself can be more challenging than you might think.

“You have to love yourself.” Have you ever been told that? On the surface it sounds very centering and calming… right? But how does one love themselves?

Years ago I asked my friend Robert Jameson, author of “The Keys To Joy-Filled Living,” that same question. He explained that you can start to love yourself by nurturing and healing your inner-child. He then gave me an affirmation that I’ve been sharing with his permission ever since. It’s called “Healing the Inner Child.”

Now, while this affirmation may sound simple, it's actually pretty powerful. I’d also suggest placing your hands on your abdomen, just over your belly button, as you say the affirmation.  When we place our hands on our abdomen, there’s a feeling of protection and nurturing. Ever see a car crash or an explosion on television? The first thing that most people do is put their hands on their stomach. So, by placing your hands on your tummy area, the little inner-child feels safe, nurtured and comes forward saying: "Hi, what do you want?"

Now that you have your inner-child's attention, the affirmation is this:

“(your name), I am loving you.  I am loving you, (your name)."

The wording is very important to note.  You are not saying, "I love you," because you just might not be in a very loving place with yourself and that part that knows would say, "You don't love me, you hate me!"  However, if you say, "I am loving you," the very statement is a loving act and it cannot be denied.  The little basic self or inner-child will say, "Thank you.  I need that."

For some people, the idea of talking to oneself is a very uncomfortable. What I would suggest is playing scientist for yourself and just check it out.  Place your hands on your abdomen and say to yourself (either out loud or to yourself, whichever feels more comfortable):

“(your name), I am loving you.  I am loving you, (your name)."

I’d suggest saying this affirmation, about 20 to 25 times or until you feel full inside.  You can do it first thing in the morning, throughout the day, and then every night before you go to sleep; place your hands on your abdomen and say the affirmation until you feel full.

Since it takes 21 days to change the behavioral pattern of the brain, try doing this exercise for the next 21 days. You should start to feel and see a difference in how you see the world around you.


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