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Simple, Romantic Ways to Keep the Flame Alive by Psychic Pixie

Date 2/11/2013

Simple gestures and activities together can have a big impact

Simple gestures and activities together can have a big impact

Did you ever notice that after being in a romantic relationship for awhile, it starts to seem routine? Did you start off with the enjoyment of going out on a date and spending time together? Remember the newness of just getting to know each other. Now that you have been together for awhile does it seem like the things you used to do as a couple you no longer do? Has your busy lifestyle taken priority over your relationship? Read on! I'm going to give you some tips on keeping the relationship fresh and interesting.

Let's start off with communication, the most difficult piece of all. Are you running out of things to talk about, or second guessing each others feelings? One big piece to a successful relationship is communication. I do not mean you have to talk all of the time. And communication does not always have to be verbal. Here are some simple tips to keep the flame alive:

  • Be nice. Find something complimentary to say if at all possible. Just a compliment now and then can go a long way. 

  • Leave a note. One thing I always seem to enjoy is putting a note in a spot my partner will notice. I like  to wish him a wonderful day, or sometimes I get seductive and creative.  Use your imagination! 

  • Have fun. Try playing a board game or a card game after work. it's sure to open up communication between the two of you. Putting a puzzle together is a fun way to be close as well. 

  • Make the effort. Make sure you find the time to call to say good night or good morning, just let them know you are thinking about them.

  • Go out on a date. Keep one day open each week for a date night. You do not have to spend a lot of money but make it about you as a couple. If you went out for dinner the week before, how about taking a picnic lunch and going on a hike for your next date? 

  • It's not about the money. Simple activities can make the best memories. For example, sometimes it is fun to go to the mall and sit on a bench and watch people while sharing your favorite treat from one of the mall vendors. My boyfriend and I had fun getting a double scoop licorice ice cream cone and laughing at each other as our lips and tongue turned black. I have wonderful memories one date where I planned a candlelight picnic of wine, cheese, fruit, and crackers and in a very unusual spot, the bedroom. 

  • Turn up the romance. We love to turn off the lights and tune in to one of our favorite music channels on the television and dance. Make it really interesting and burn some candles to give it a more romantic flair. 

  • Be imaginative. Another fun time we have together is we occasionally take turns having a treasure hunt. We place notes in random spots with clues on how to find the treasure. You can really spice this up by using your imagination. 

If you keep your relationship interesting and fun you will have the success you need to stay together. Remember, be creative and share in making it a success.
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