The Soulmate Connection - Can Your Soulmate be Your Friend? by Psychic Michael

Published Date 2/18/2020
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Your soulmate can absolutely be someone you are just friends with!

Your soulmate can absolutely be someone you are just friends with!

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To properly assess whether your soulmate can be someone you are friends with, we must first understand what a soulmate is, and where a soulmate originates from. Souls come from a place of origin, similar to our physical birthplaces, called soul groups. Multiple souls within a soul group are often referred to as your soul family. This means we have multiple people, be it family, friends, and lovers that are our soulmates.

How Do You Recognize a Soulmate? 
There will be several things that happen when you are in the presence of a soulmate. Whether meeting for the first time, or being friends for years, many of these “signs” will occur to let you know you are in the presence of your soulmate. What generally occurs first is you both will have an instantaneous, strong connection with each other, regardless of the amount of time and energy invested in the connection. It doesn’t matter how you meet or spend your time together whether it be in person, online, or on the phone.

The connection will be immediately felt and resonates with both individuals at the soul level, hence the term, soulmates. Your intuition will be triggered with a comfortable, familiar, love at first sight experience every time you connect with your soulmate. Often, this forms a friendship bond, and at this point, it’s up to a free will decision between them to make this a romantic connection. Regardless of which route is chosen between them, the soulmate connection is made.

Friends First?
In terms of love, your soulmate often manifests first as your friend. The friendship connection is often a convenient pathway for us to recognize love, especially as it relates to a soul connection. There is a big misconception that the person you love cannot be your friend first. Soulmates in every iteration (friends, family, lovers, etc.) manifest with a friendship element due to the past life origin history, similar characteristics, and soul group connection. Romance alone cannot sustain a long-term connection. The friendship element is necessary to sustain a long-term or lifelong connection between them.

At this stage, certain things will naturally occur. As friends, you will both find that you share the same ideas, concepts, and values for your lives in the future. You will both value the connection you share and will be willing to fight for it to maintain the connection no matter what happens between you both. Any person or thing will have a very hard if not impossible time severing this connection. This also reveals that there is mutual respect between each other to accept any differences without attempting to change each other.

Become the Best Version of You!
Also, soulmates will challenge each other to become a better version of themselves and overcome obstacles. Non-soulmate connections such as a karmic connection will just “let you be” and allow you to stay stuck in any issues, situations, and ways that hold you back from growing and becoming the best version of yourself. You will not find this dynamic with soulmates. 

One final thing that will occur between soulmates that doesn’t occur in any other type of connection is you both are able to be fully comfortable being authentic and reveal your true selves to each other. This does not occur in any other type of connection. 

Everything mentioned above combines to form an excellent foundation for a long-lasting love relationship and explain why your soulmate can absolutely be someone you are friends with. 
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