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Social Media Stalking as the Other Woman

Date 7/18/2017

Will he leave her for you? Let's find out.

Will he leave her for you? Let's find out.

Nobody likes to feel threatened by another woman. If you're seeing a man who has publicly pledged his loyalty to someone else, you might feel tempted to stalk him on social media.

He says he'll leave her, but how do you know that's the truth? Social media might hold the answers.

Look for Photos and Status Updates

Check your boyfriend's social media for pictures and posts that allude to his current relationship. Does he seem happy? Has he posted love letters to his wife or steady girlfriend? If so, he's probably happy enough in the partnership to stay, which means that you stand to get hurt.

Check for Relationship Status Changes

Sometimes, you can detect discord in a relationship via social media. If your lover has recently changed his status from "married" or "in a relationship" to "single" or "it's complicated," you might stand a chance. He could be preparing to leave his current partner, in which case consider seeing how the future progresses.

Consider Personal Attachments

A man who's committed to his wife, children, aging parents, and other facets of his domestic life probably won't leave. A clairaudient can help you determine the strength of your partner's attachments so you'll know what to expect. When you're the other woman, you constantly compete with your lover's existing attachments. Sometimes, you're better off letting go of the relationship and finding someone who has more freedom.

Look at Your Own Motivations

Why do you want to pursue this relationship? Do you hold a grudge against your lover's current wife or girlfriend? How would you feel if the relationship ended? Sometimes, love blinds women to their true motivations, so consider asking a phone psychic to help you suss out your emotions. An objective voice who has a direct line to the spirits might offer insights that you wouldn't have otherwise considered.

Consult a Professional

Maybe you need to talk to someone about your feelings and situation. An online psychic can give intuitive advice. You might also consider seeing a therapist who specializes in relationships, anxiety, or depression, depending on how you feel. Working through your emotions verbally can help you better understand your feelings. Plus, if you sense that your boyfriend will never leave his current relationship, you might need help letting go.

Consider the Statistics

Just 5 percent of men actually leave their wives for their mistresses. Even more troubling, when men leave their wives, their relationships with the other woman rarely last. If you're looking for a long-term relationship, you might want to start fresh with someone who's unencumbered by an existing relationship. Otherwise, the numbers suggest that your romance will fail.

Talk About Social Media

Your boyfriend might ask you to avoid contacting him on social media, publishing photos of him, or otherwise giving his current partner the opportunity to find out about your relationship. This is very telling. If mentioning social media puts your lover on edge, it's time to back out of the relationship.

Are you sick of stalking your boyfriend on social media? Follow the above tips to get a handle on the relationship before you get hurt.


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