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3 Ways to Release the Pain of a Romantic Breakup by Psychic Mackenzie

Date 4/23/2024
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A breakup hurts, but you can help ease the pain.

A breakup hurts, but you can help ease the pain.

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It's never easy to breakup with someone, and for some it's literally the hardest emotional experience of their lifetime. But how can you truly release the pain?

Take your lessons from those you know who have truly been-there-done-that.

If anyone knows pain and suffering it's the saints, intuitives, psychic empaths and others who take on nearly every pain in order to be of “more power” to serve others. Take lessons from those who proceeded us on perfecting themselves with the pain as they have truly learned how to release it and can teach you the same.

Of course, every breakup has different dynamics. But the one thing I see as a true common thread is that in nearly every case there is a deep loss for both persons regardless of who was the one who was left. What can you do personally to change the situation or pain of a romantic breakup that you may or may not still wish for? It's important to understand that you release pain quickly, not taking months or years. It’s essential for our mental health to understand and feel pain and then release it, right?

3 Ways to Release the Pain of a Romantic Breakup

1 - Don't share bad/negative energies at all. If your ex is, don't worry about them because if you stop, it will eventually be good energy for your ex too, or at least in what seems to me in most cases. One of the most essential steps to releasing the pain of a romantic breakup is to stop the never-ending cycle of sharing each other’s energy. You will never be able to release the pain if you don't let go yourself. Two that were joined in any type of relationship when ended usually have anger, right? Sharing negative energies explodes the situation and releasing the pain becomes many times harder. It makes sense to most that we do indeed affect other’s energies, it's so real.

2 - Another unique way to release anger or pain is to develop scriptural or philosophical mantras. Mine is "Above all… Guard the Heart."

Guarding the heart is essential and one of our obvious obligations is to care for ourselves, right? So be kind for goodness sake and get along. If your ex is being a true tormentor or jerk, then letting go is even more essential. Above all, guard your own heart, otherwise you'll be miserable. Even if the other party isn't treating you well or doing weird things, still let go and guard the heart. Don't carry too much bitterness. When you do let go, remain calm and be as fair as possible, just don't be too angry as it won't be guarding your own heart.

It's one of the best mantras ever in my opinion because guarding the heart is an honor to ourselves. Often, we don't keep that idea in perspective. Your heart is essential for life, so having a restful heart is good.

3 - Finally my last and favorite is by "Cultivating an excellent soul for yourself" and by releasing anyone who hurts or disrespects you in anyway. It's a matter of steps: planting, seed watering and then watching the progress grow over time. This doesn't happen overnight most of the time. Your own soul is so important, and I know you know that's right. In order to literally plant a new life, it starts with you looking at it like you're cultivating an excellent soul for yourself by also cultivating a new life and beginning.

Realizing most things aren't in our timeframes, we can't literally stop feeling pain or hurt overnight. There is a process of grieving in which it is absolutely natural.

To summarize:

Don't share energies, remember one or the other party has to start playing nice so that the energies shared are good not bad.

Guard the heart.

Continue to cultivate an excellent soul by planting and preparing a new life for yourself by truly letting go and finding excellence for yourself in an exciting new relationship.

Oh my gosh, I just took a huge breath and said, "I really want the pain to go away for each of you, as of course I've went through this myself.” I still get angry, but it's not overboard, and you can do it too!


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