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The Soulmate Connection - Signs a Soulmate is Coming into Your Life by Psychic Sapphire

Published Date 2/11/2020
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What are some signs your soulmate is coming into your life?

What are some signs your soulmate is coming into your life?

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Soulmate connections are trending themes. Many believe intimate relationships are not worthwhile unless it’s with our soulmate. This puts a lot of pressure on marriages, partnerships, or newly forming unions. My clients often ask me: “Is this person my soulmate?” 

Through my spiritual work and cosmic research; I’ve learned a couple truths about soulmate connections:

1. They’re not always romantic
2. They can be very challenging to navigate

According to Wikipedia: Plato created the earliest soulmate theory. American Mystic Edgar Cayce is often called the father of the New Age movement. He expanded and modernized soulmate theories. Here is part of Cayce’s definition:

“A soulmate usually refers to a romantic or platonic partner, with the implication of an exclusive lifelong bond”
Soulmates are viewed as loving blissful attachments. In truth, they can be taxing and difficult. One soul can be ancient while the other quite naïve. This depends on how many life cycles each has travelled. These unions can be frustrating for those only focused on chronological age. Keep in mind, an old soul can come through a young body and a young soul can be a senior citizen!

But… When Will I Meet My Soulmate?

A soulmate connection shows up in your life when it’s time for spiritual expansion. A soulmate is designed to push you forward or help one another reach closure on a past life experience. They challenge us to be the best version of our authentic selves. 

A young soul can often rebel against this growth. An old soul can run out of patience or be apathetic towards growth, transition or closure. This dooms us to repeat the same mistakes or life patterns. When we learn to adjust to the Universe’s ebb and flow of life; our circumstances often improve.

We can help the process by embracing unconditional love, trusting in Divine timing while surrendering the need to control outcomes. Realize too, not all lifecycles bring soulmates together. Sometimes it can take many lifetimes before a reconnection occurs.

4 Signs Your Soulmate is Coming into Your Life

Keeping all this in mind, are there signs that your soulmate is coming into your life? Yes. Definitely.

Your soulmate is seeking you as much as you are seeking them. Trust your Angels and Guides to determine the best meet up times. 
A clear sign your soulmate is on his/her way is how good you feel about each day. You’re open to a myriad of new possibilities. You feel confident and optimistic. 
Signs and synchronistic events happen on a regular basis. From number sequences to feathers or coins appearing out of nowhere. 
If you suspect a person in your life is a soulmate, his or her name will start popping up in unexpected ways. 

The most important sign is what’s in your heart. Your heart is a Divine compass that instinctively knows when a soulmate is near. Trust your Celestial DNA to spark a soulmate alignment. 

Many fear never meeting their soulmate. Remember the most important Universal gifts are designed to bring us peace, love, contentment and joy. This is with or without a soulmate connection. Embrace these wonderful gifts from above. Your soulmate may simply be on reserve for another time or place.

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