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Sundays with Sadia: Things You Should Know about Soul Mates

Date 4/9/2024
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How much do you know about Soul Mates?

How much do you know about Soul Mates?

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Welcome back to our month-long series of articles by customer favorite advisor, Psychic Sadia in which she takes a playful look at "Things You Should Know About" in her inimitable style. Psychic Source is pleased to present this second installment of “Sundays with Sadia…Things You Should Know about Soul Mates.”

Hi again!  I have a great list for you this week. It is the Big One, the Moby Dick of things you should know, the most misunderstood of all creatures. No not Big Foot. Nope, not the Loch Ness Monster, Medusa, Cyclops, or a Centaur. It’s the SOUL MATE!

Everyone thinks they have one, but no one is really sure they do. You become very confused about what to do with them since they are kind of like Gremlins. They're all cute and adorable at first but if you feed them after midnight they turn on you and become mean and ugly. So here is my List of Things you Should Know about Soul Mates...

1. SOUL MATE – The Minimum Wage Soul Journey

I have found after over 20 years of psychic love readings, the best way to tell if you are with your soul mate is by looking at your history.  Usually, a minimum of a two to three-year history together is best (some peeps may disagree, but I have found it helps with accuracy). Soul mates tend to be souls that come here with you and like you, have so much to learn. 

You and your soul mate will find you are in and out of each other’s lives for years and years for many different reasons including bad timing, people interfering, etc. Depending on the life lessons you are learning, the journey is painful and difficult because every soul learns at its own pace and based on how much work they have ahead of them. The road can be long. You may try to give up because the emotional roller coaster becomes unbearable at times. You may try to let go and kick that soul mate to the curb but you always eventually find your way back to each other. In the end, whenever that is, you WILL be together, happy and peaceful. The soul mate journey is long and difficult but the end result is always positive. Since you are overworked and underpaid until you reach your end result, I call this the minimum wage soul journey. 

2. TWIN SOUL - The Powerball Jackpot Soul Journey 

Oh, this is a rare find! The geriatric Unicorn of the soul family. This is reserved for older souls. You've learned all the crap you came here to learn. Then you meet your twin soul, who has also learned all they need to learn.  You feel like you fit together perfectly since you have found your other half and have a pretty easy road ahead filled with love, peace, and happiness. It’s also best to look at a minimum of a two to three-year history together to be certain.  You may have some life lesson refresher courses together but nothing too major and always together as a team. There is no instability. This is what I like to call the Powerball jackpot of soul journeys.  It won’t happen to everyone, so consider yourself quite lucky if you win this one! 

3. SOUL BUDDY- aka Soul Groupies

My all-time favorite is the soul family! These are the souls you travel with they come in all shapes and forms. Family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, strangers, peeps you date. Oh yes, you can even find a soul buddy on a dating website these days. It can be someone you date for a short period of time who comes into your life to teach you something. That’s why a two to three-year history helps with accuracy. You may think you have a soul mate but could just be a soul buddy. 

Sometimes soul buddies can be in our lives for a long time. They can be ex-husbands or ex-wives who are there to teach us and help us grow until we find our soul mates or twin souls. They can be family or friends that are loving and supportive like our very own cheerleading team! They can be a mean dad, a pain in the butt sister, or a nosy neighbor. Soul buddies can be in our lives briefly or forever. They can be negative or positive for us but they always serve a purpose - they teach us. They are our support system and give us what we need in that moment. I like to call them Soul Groupies! 

What is a Soul Contract?
Now that I have described the different types of souls I want to touch on two topics I hear people stress over often. One is the soul contract. I feel we travel with a family of souls that support us and know their roles in our lives. We can have contracts with some, my theory is they are probably those unreliable souls who tend to slack off and we just want a little insurance they are going to do their job. 

The truth is that just because there is a contract, does not mean we will be with them forever or that they will treat us the right way. It’s possible they are just contracted to teach us something. We can't see the terms of these contracts for a very good reason. You and I both know we would be renegotiating terms immediately So I feel it’s best not to stress over contracts we can't see when we don't even read contracts we can see. C’mon admit it how many of those electronic terms of agreement contracts have we quickly scrolled through and just quickly clicked “I Agree”? LOL!  
But seriously, if you feel you have a soul contract to work through, there are energy-healing tools like the ones described here to help you clear it.

A Soul Family Hug! 
Last but not least, I want you to understand the energy between souls. A common misconception is if you can feel the other person when they are not around or if you feel the connection is strong and you can't stop thinking about them, they have to be a soul mate. The truth is you can have this kind of connection with any person in your soul family. When two souls recognize each other and connect, it’s kind of like your souls mesh together briefly for a "soul family hug" and you hold onto a piece of each other. Depending on the type of soul buddy, negative or positive, short-term or long-term, you will be able to feel them. Sometimes the energy you are picking up on can be very misleading and make a soul buddy look like a soul mate. Of course, there are times the energy you’re picking up on truly is your soul mate. In that case, scroll back up to point #1 above.

I hope this list helps you with future love readings and can be a reference for you in determining the members of your soul family. If you have any suggestions for future lists, please submit comments below. As always I am here if you need me!

Sadia XOXO

Please leave a comment below and share your ideas for future installments of Sundays with Sadia. 

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Tonire: Hi, You have explained my soulmate exactly in your writing. We were best friends first, engaged, I got dumped. He got divorced, found his way back, I turned him down. Now, after all these years we are still best friends and the timing is still off. I have gotten angry, wanted to kick him to the curb very recently but can’t. I am hoping for a positive outcome sooner than later! Thank you for a great, informative article. I will wait in your line to speak to you because of it.

Willow2014: You have a unique point of view in describing the soul mate and soul twin unions. Such perspective may be an accurate description for what some have experienced, but some may have experienced something different altogether. Both romantic love and spiritual love require some serious work. One is not necessarily easier or harder than the other. Both types of unions involve growth and soul evolution despite differing from one another in their unique challenges and purposes. Even though soul twin unions apply the lessons learned in life or from previous lives, there usually are some lessons to learn or resolve. Furthermore, soul twin unions may be more susceptible to darkness’ attacks which can be quite painful - especially if physical union is planned for the soul twins. The combination of Divine love from God along with the unconditional love soul twins give and receive to one another creates a powerful healing font in the world. This is something that is feared and undesired by evil for it does not want the scales to be tipped. Hence, dark forces work diligently from all angles to prevent such a powerful union. Additionally, society has little knowledge of soul twin union along with the spiritual and psychic gifts associated with it. An unsuspecting soul twin usually doesn’t have a clue what is happening. Accompanied by the rapid levels of change occurring within the soul, the beginning stages of soul twin union can be extremely confusing, painful, and daunting. Most try to apply the templates learned from soul mate unions and struggle with why they are not working. Some may think they are suffering from anxiety or a type of compulsion or even think that they are becoming psychotic from hearing or seeing things. It may take months or years before one develops an understanding of what is occurring and how to navigate the experience. A soul twin usually ends up seeking guidance from psychics, ebooks, and people specializing in soul twin unions similar to a person who seeks counseling from a church minister or therapist (Side note: For a super rare phenomenon, there are several "specialists" who make a living out of I wonder just how rare soul twin union is or if such specialists are actually charlatans). As a result of what one goes through at least during the beginning stages, one may not necessarily feel that he/she has “hit the jackpot.” Even after soul twin union has been achieved, it is quite possible that the twins go through even more challenges on their path to enlightenment that require the strength that only an ancient soul possesses. Conversely, people generally are used to the soul mate union process, because it is so common and natural. While emotionally healthy people may read any of the gazillion self-help books published on soul mate union, they generally know what to expect out of romantic love and don't need the help of a specialist. Furthermore, soul mate unions may not have to deal with the high demands associated with achieving an extremely high level of spirituality or being a force of great change in this world. For these reasons, some soul mate unions may be easier than some soul twin unions. Some soul mates may experience great joy with their partner that their union is easily maintained with minimal emotional or spiritual stress. To them, they may believe that they have found a pot of gold in being with their soul mate.

Shusha: I would like to know your experiences with dream interpretation. Especially, if you had an experience of disregarding a premonition from a dream and then regretting it, or learning to deal better with messages that come as dreams. I had many dreams that indicated near future events, and my religious leader said I may talk about ones that weren't tragic. So here I go with one. I was to stay in a friend's house for a holiday, in a different town. She was waiting for me to come Friday afternoon, but Thursday morning I saw a clear dream that a man was to stay there. Usually we don't allow men and women to mix. I waited all Thursday and Friday morning to see if she'd call to tell me a man was coming and I should look for a different place to sleep. But I got no call, so, 25-30 min before the limit to travel before the holiday, I arrived at her house -- and there was a man!! Not her husband! I stared at her in disbelief. She said, "I'm sorry." He was her family who suddenly called last minute (an hour before the limit to travel) to come to her! I was already on my way then, and it was practically impossible to rearrange sleeping plans that close to the holiday. She knew that, so she just had to give us separate bedrooms. I regretted not calling her Thursday right after I saw the dream, but I didn't know who this man was (and he was facing his back toward me in the dream, so I wouldn't have been able to describe his looks). Should I have asked her to ask all her male relatives if they wanted to stay in her house? I don't know... I've had dream premonitions for 3 decades, since I was a child. There were serious, tragic ones, including a death of a middle aged person... When I ignored a serious dream (which ended up coming true in a month), I ended up suffering 13 to 14 years for the consequences. Even after such a bitter lesson, I struggled to figure out what the right things to do were, for the tougher dreams... I am much better than I was at this, but.... A blessing and a curse? Guess one cannot merely take the yummy goodies (which are certainly there, too!).. Sorry for writing too long each time! I will ask Heaven to help me take the best moves.

Shusha: I understand what you mean when you say look for a two to three year history for accuracy. That's usually when the proofs become available to us. Policeman (who let's people steal?! lol) and I have known each other 4 years, and we've been in a relationship 3 years. During the first two years I was impatient, "Why do we have to hide?" As time went by, I saw more and more why it was best to have it this way. There was no instability that I noticed, but mounds of interference (opposition) - but we sneaked away, lol - and I am able to see the *benefits* of these obstacles, Thank G-d! We needed to be prepared for our future.. If the typical soul mate journey is of "minimum wage," we might as well look at all our setbacks as our special bonuses in disguise, and embrace what are to turn into our jewels of the future! I can truly thank the Lord for all my heartaches (I was in the hospital literally having heart tests after Policeman's family attacked me), and say that life is beautiful ( this family and I are loving soul buddies!)...

Everwaiting: Another superb article Sadia!! I have re read this article several times & find it fascinating to say the least!! We have never really discussed this in our many sessions, but you have often told me we were soul buddies and fully understand why after reading this article!! Several of our reading took place after you had a tough call, & you told me I would always be next caller & we always had a great time, & hardly ever discussed my situation during this time!! It always made feel better knowing I helped you in some fashion, as you have always made me feel better after speaking with you!! You are amazingly talented & gifted, & not a bad psychic either!! LOL!! I look forward to next Sunday with Sadia for sure!! Soulmate I believe still searching for that, maybe will never find one, but at least I know I have ONE TERRIFIC SOUL BUDDY!!! Thank you & God bless you & your family my friend!!! Luv u!! XOXOXO

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