What Your Sleeping Positions Reveal About Your Relationship

Published Date 7/11/2016
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How you and your partner sleep could speak volumes about your relationship.

Every couple has different preferences and habits, from the way they make their breakfast to the way they fall asleep at night. How you sleep could impact more than the number of times you hit the snooze button in the morning. If you're in a relationship, these sleeping positions might give you some insight into how you and your partner feel about one another.

Spooning: Trust and Protectiveness

Fewer than 20 percent of couples spend the night in this position, but it's one of the most healthy. The spooning partner feels protective over the other, while the spooned partner trusts his or her significant other implicitly. However, it can become uncomfortable if either partner develops a dislike for side sleeping.

Back-to-Back: Comfort and Security

While it might seem like the opposite of spooning, back-to-back sleeping is actually no less intimate. The couple maintains a connection through touch, but they're facing in opposite directions, such suggests they're comfortable with one another and secure enough in their relationship to turn away from one another.

Loose Spooning: Balance and Harmony

The loose spoon is a variation on the traditional spoon and simply suggests that the couple is more loosely connected. It doesn't suggest a break in the relationship, however; it typically means that the couple has grown comfortable in the relationship and has discovered that a few extra inches of space will result in more restorative sleep.

Face-to-Face: Intimacy and Longing

Partners who sleep eye-to-eye might feel the need for more intimacy, but lack the courage to express it verbally. Perhaps one partner feels distant from the other and longs to reconnect, or maybe both partners are craving more attention from each other.

Tangled Up: Novelty and Hunger

In a face-to-face sleeping position, the partners might have minimal contact — perhaps with just one part of the body, for instance. However, a tangled sleeping position describes a couple that touches in every way possible. It's common among new relationships because the partners are just discovering each other. However, it's often unsustainable because one or both partners will eventually pull away in pursuit of some personal space. During the summer, it might also get too hot for comfort, and not in a good way.

Unraveling: Comfort and Confidence

Some couples start the night tangled up, then unravel onto separate sides of the bed. This doesn't represent an unconscious desire to uncouple; rather, it's indicative of security in the relationship. The couple wants intimacy as they fall asleep, but they're secure enough to seek personal space as the night progresses.

Face-Down: Insecurity and Uncertainty

When one partner sleeps on his or her stomach, that person might feel insecure, whether in the relationship or with some other aspect of life. It could suggest a need for protecting or nurturing, which the other partner can provide by making contact during the night.

Relationships are always complex, but knowing what your sleeping position says about your union can help you make sense of it. If you're unsure about your relationship (or curious about your future), consider a live psychic reading or tarot reading to gain a little more insight.


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