Starting Over at Any Age - My Personal Journey by Psychic Paige

Published Date 1/7/2017
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"I needed to leave. I needed to start all over again."

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Have you ever wanted to have an easier path to career success, for financial well-being and to find love? Have you ever been seduced by a person, situation, or career, thinking this would be an easier way? You thought you had it made, only to find yourself questioning “how did I end up in this state?” And then, only in the end to be disappointed that it all fell short of your perceived expectations! 

You are not alone!

Think of a time when you were down and out. Perhaps, there was financial pressure, a relationship breakup, a divorce, or death. You felt alone and were lonely, misunderstood by others. Perhaps it is because of the fairy tales you were told as a child that allowed you to feel that this “fairy tale reality” really existed in the first place.

You were in a vulnerable state and feeling stuck. Because you were in a rut, you gave up. You gave your power over to another person or situation, and you just wanted to go along for the ride without having to think about anything. 

You allowed yourself to morph into their schedule, their environment, their life. You were letting someone else take control of your world… your environment… your Self. You were so tired of the struggle that you let your sense of Self and who you were as a person to be overtaken. You let go of your courage and resilience. You forgot the basic principles of who you are or what made you tick.

How do I know all the emotional traps one falls into?  Because I was that person!

Feeling Trapped

There were many reasons that led up to me finding myself trapped in a situation where I felt I had no way out. I was a widow. I had not really had a significant relationship. The red flags were there but I chose to ignore them. It seemed easier just to go along in a relationship that was not fulfilling. I felt my energy being drained. I felt like I was always walking on egg shells all the time. 

The “carrot” (promise) of marriage was always being dangled in front of me. I felt the patterns of his bad behavior never changed. I felt I was slowly dying inside and I could not take the excuses, the lies, and the lack of attention anymore. I finally woke up and realized that in order to survive, in order to recover “me” I needed to leave. I needed to move out. I needed to start all over again!

How was I going to do this? I had compromised so much in my life to be with this person, my work, my financial well-being, my best friend and most importantly me.

I knew I had to do something, anything or I would remain stuck in a situation where I felt confused, bewildered, and looking for validation. I finally realized the lies I had told myself to stay in a relationship just because I so desperately wanted to be loved, cherished and to be a priority, that I had compromised myself.

A New Hope

So, I gathered all the courage and resilience I could muster… and I started all over again. I moved out of my boyfriend’s house, I moved to a different city, a different State actually. I literally knew no one in the town where I moved. I had very little money to do all of this. I had no furniture, hardly anything but the books I owned, my artwork and paints, the clothes on my back, a few glasses, a little bit of silverware. I had no dishes, I actually ate off paper plates!

But what I did have is the knowledge that changing the energy and recovering who I was would make a difference for me to manifest all my dreams, and what I desired my life to be like. I am very thankful and grateful to my best friend who had the psychic ability to help me along the way.

As of this writing now, I live in a beautiful place. Once again, I own living room and bedroom sets. I have a set of dishes, pots and pans and more money in my bank account than I ever had. I am happy and feel very fulfilled.

Sometimes the capacity to recover from difficulties is made easier by leaving the situation and having faith in yourself no matter what the circumstances are. There are many fine organizations that can assist you in your journey. It helps to speak to a trusted friend or advisor as you make your transition.

Please know at any age you can start over again… I did! And I was 64 years young!

Sending blessings in love and light,

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princessikes: What an incredible Journey you had. I'm glad you where strong enough to change your destiny.

mymymy25: Wow, I am struggling with this situation right now....and I'm beating myself up wondering how am I going to make it through( except I have a kid and I'm pregnant so it's a little harder)...:and then I read this and it gave me a little bit of hope ....thank you ....I was self doubting and wondering if I made the right choice....the feeling you described as to why you left is the same exact reasons why I left....thank you for this...:.i know I'll be ok I just need to pick myself up , stop feeling like a failure and just start being the person I used to be...:I was once so happy and confident in myself.....I need to be that again

luvslife: Thank you, Paige, for this inspiring story! I've certainly been there too and am still recovering. Thank you for the inspiration to keep going!

IconicLady: There weren't supposed to be question marks at the end of my last comment..

IconicLady: Well I certainly needed this??

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