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7 Ways to Improve Relationships Through Your Chakra Energy by Psychic Izzy

Date 6/30/2020
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Which of your chakras may be blocking your energy flow?

Which of your chakras may be blocking your energy flow?

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We are going through some very unique times and likely experiencing life in new ways. You may be spending more time with certain people or feeling disconnected from others. Either way, connecting with your own energy, chakras and Reiki can be very powerful in bringing connection and relief. This really works. It can impact connections that are romantic, family, friends, work and beyond. The key is to start with you. 

Let me explain seven ways to improve our relationships by connecting with our own powerful energy centers and the power of Reiki. You may be familiar with chakras, energy healing, reiki and our energy body, or this may be fairly new. Either way, have faith and just jump in and see how you can benefit. 

Reiki is a form of energy healing. For the purposes of this article, let’s use distance healing instead of the hands-on technique. I am setting the intention to aid you in your desired healing and improved communication connections. Both are very powerful and life changing. I have highlighted the general roles of our chakras by location, purpose and universal color below and you can see them portrayed in the image with this article.

Overview of Chakras and Purpose

1. Base/Root/Foot Chakra: Basic Trust: I am rooted — Universal Color Red
2. Sacral Chakra: Sexuality, Creativity: I get pleasure in many ways — Universal Color Orange
3. Solar Plexus Chakra: Power, Wisdom: I take action — Universal Color Yellow
4. Heart Chakra: Love & Healing: I love — Universal Color Green
5. Throat Chakra: Communication: I speak my truth— Universal Color Blue
6. Third Eye Chakra: Awareness: I see — Universal Color Indigo
7. Crown Chakra: Spirituality: I know — Universal Color Violet

As always, find a comfortable, quiet location and take some deep relaxing breaths. Set an intention that you are flowing positive cleansing and healing energy through your body. Start with your rooted connection to the earth with your foot and base chakras. Starting here will increase your feelings of safety and security. Keep breathing and flowing this energy from the core of the planet up through your body, starting with your feet. It will cleanse and balance as the energy flows through your energy body and your physical human body. Imagine this energy as golden in color, or as sparkling and translucent. It can be thick as honey or a bright light. Choose what connects best for you. 

Continuing up your body, your powerful energy will cleanse and balance your sacral chakra removing any blocks or sluggish energy around creativity and sexuality. Feel into this freedom. As the energy moves upward, we are entering the Power center where we connect with taking action — the solar plexus.

The first 3 chakras are all about the human body. The next is our heart chakra which is represented by the color green. The chakra is the magic between our spiritual connection and our human body. The heart energy represents the deep healing powers as well as unconditional love. We need to make sure that this chakra is receiving and giving love and healing. This can often be a stumbling block. Set your intention for two-way flow here.  

The fifth chakra is the throat chakra — all about communication. This is often thought of as only verbal but is also non-verbal body language and the energy of the written word. There is a lot of power behind our communication energy. Look to strengthen “standing-in-your-own-power” by acknowledging your energy from energy that is not yours. Feel into this process. 

Next is the third eye - the “I see” energy. This is spiritual seeing and connecting to what matters most to you — when you learn to listen and trust your higher self.  Click here to read even more about the third eye.

Finally, at the top of the system is the “I know” energy of the crown chakra. Here is the ultimate connection to your living in the divine in your life. 

As you visualize moving life force energy through your body, it can strengthen your being by releasing and removing any blocks or shadows — similar to fixing a clogged drain. I also imagine the energy system can be like a tree with roots down below and branches high above. Connect with the visual, method or other technique that works best for you. I experience the energy flowing from top to bottom or bottom to top and revolving like a fountain. Always flowing and keeping the energy fresh, balanced and clean.

Reach out to me for a personalized chakra/aura balancing session and/or Reiki healing session. 

Be Well, 
Izzy x9366 

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