How Tarot Cards Can Uncover Infidelity by Psychic Narnia

Published Date 4/19/2020
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Is he cheating on me? The Tarot may hold the answer.

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A Tarot reading can give you information about the past, the present or the future.  If you are lucky, it can be a herald for wonderful news, however sometimes it can show you hurtful but necessary information as well.

Each card in a Tarot deck can have many different meanings.  The layout and cards around each card in a love tarot reading spread can indicate which way to interpret the cards and show how they work together in unison to paint a picture of your life and circumstances.  

One of the worst events a tarot reading can detail is when someone you love has been unfaithful to you. How can this behavior show up in a love tarot reading?  There are several tarot cards indicating cheating or infidelity depending on how they come up and what other cards are around them.  So, if you’ve ever wondered… is he cheating on me, tarot cards may hold the answer.

Tarot Cards, Cheating and Infidelity

Some tarot cards can be subtle about it, potentially indicating a desire to cheat but the event hasn’t actually happened yet.  For example, The Devil card can indicate undesirable behavior and temptation.  The Moon card can advise of deception but also of being stuck between two desires, which happens sometimes when a person is with you but is also attracted to someone else.  The Seven of Swords can indicate someone is hiding something from you but maybe just feelings and not necessarily actions.

Other infidelity tarot cards can have a stronger message that cheating is actually already occurring.  The Eight of Cups can symbolize someone is walking away from a relationship but can also represent your feelings of being disappointment by the person you love.  The Five of Swords strongly indicates betrayal of some kind.  The Ten of Swords can represent someone you care for is going to hurt you deeply.  The Three of Swords is just about the strongest indicator there is about someone cheating and that heartbreak will happen.  

There are ways that a reading can indicate trouble in a relationship without coming out and saying an affair is happening. The Tower card can be associated with feelings of guilt or even represent shattered ideas about your life from an emotional upheaval.

Tarot Card Positions to Detect Infidelity

It isn’t just the infidelity tarot cards themselves that can demonstrate an affair, it can be the position or layout of the cards.  For example, cards that usually indicate happy romance and intense love, such as The Four of Wands, The Lovers, The Ace of Cups and The Two of Cups can indicate cheating when they show up in a spread in the inverted (upside down) position.  Just like the image, when a positive card comes up inverted, it can mean the exact opposite of what the correct position would symbolize.

Cards that can indicate a person is fighting the desire to have an affair can be The Five of Wands, The Hanged Man, The Four of Cups and The Two of Swords.

Cards that suggest the person has regrets about what they have done would be The Five of Cups and sometimes The Nine of Swords.

It is important to take in all the information available about an infidelity tarot reading and not just to look at one question for the full explanation of a situation.  Just as love lives can be complicated, a tarot reading about possible infidelity can be as well.


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