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Dating Someone with Different Views

Date 7/27/2021
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Honor and respect your partner's views, even if you don't share them.

Honor and respect your partner's views, even if you don't share them.

Dating someone who has strong opposing views is a challenge. From big issues like politics and religion, even to smaller day-to-day events like what to watch on TV or eat for dinner, it’s practically impossible to find someone that shares your exact thoughts on everything. However, your differences don't have to spell disaster for your relationship, particularly if you still have some important things in common. Try these tricks to smooth over conflicting opinions.

Embrace Curiosity

When you're in a partnership with someone who has different views, it's important to maintain an open mind. Approach conversations with a sense of curiosity. Embrace the idea that you might learn something new and discover information that shifts your own thoughts and opinions. If you close yourself off from differing insights, you could miss valuable opportunities for growth.

Use "I" Statements

When you're speaking about your views, take care not to ascribe any traits to the other person just because they disagree. Use "I" statements and discuss your own perceptions and thoughts without turning the conversation into any accusations aimed at those on the other side.

Maintain Respect

Honor and respect your partner's views even if they're not your own. Acknowledge their right to a different belief and don't attempt to change them. To have a healthy, balanced relationship you must each accept the other as you are, even when you're different. In time, you may see how these differences can open your eyes to more of the world. Your differences may become some of your greatest strengths.

Explore Shared Values

Find the values that you do share and recognize that these sit at the core of both of you. Though you may have differing opinions on how health care should be handled, it's good to recognize that you both value human life. Centering in on these deeper beliefs gives you a shared foundation, even if some of your other views differ.

Taking a thoughtful and respectful approach to your differences can help you sustain a healthy relationship despite your disagreements. When in doubt, speak to a psychic love advisor who can not only share insight, but check your astrological compatibility to help find way for you to better align when possible.


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