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Future Love Tarot Spread: How to Do a Tarot Reading for Yourself by Psychic Donovan

Date 3/22/2023
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What an exciting time for utilizing divination tools such as Tarot cards. Today’s climate and style yields a paucity of time for focus and harmonizing with things we love and want for ourselves. There are some tools, however, when practiced with sincerity, that wield a dual purpose of both aligning us (helping us focus and harmonize) with what we want most for ourselves and supplying us with radar snapshots of where our attitudinal/emotional tillers are steering us.  An upcoming Love Tarot spread is one such tool. 

Below, I will highlight four superbly accurate and simple “Future Love” Tarot spreads.  These Tarot spreads are brief, and they are reusable (that is, they are designed to be done daily with minimal danger of over-questioning the topic). Additionally, I will explain how the highlighted Tarot spreads when practiced correctly will actually polarize the querent, which is hopefully you, and thusly expedite the manifestation of the romance they are forecasting.  

Note: While this article is going to focus on the Tarot and discovering future love, the Tarot can also be effectively used to find out what stage of a current relationship you are in too.

future love tarot spread

My Future Love Tarot Spread

The Tarot is the perfect GPS for getting a clear view of what is coming next, especially a future love, by showing us our dominant emotional attitudes and inner landscapes (whether we are aware of them or not). Our emotional attitudes align us with what’s next, and our circumstances merely reflect where our inner landscapes have been. Would a “Future Partner Tarot Spread” show you with whom you are on a collision course? Yes. How about a “Future Love Life Tarot Spread”? Yes. Same thing. Quick and easy.

Keep Your Future Love Tarot Reading Concise and Accurate

There are many admonitions, both old and new, that one cannot read for one’s own self, especially with a Tarot reading focused on romantic relationships. This is subjective. Tarot is a tool, a venue for receiving insight from that Divine part of you: the Inner-You that loves you more than you love yourself. Rather than quibble the admonitions, and before we look at the superbly effective love life Tarot spreads I want you to see, I need you to look at two quick guard railings that will keep your Tarot readings concise and accurate:

  1. Keep the “My Future Love Tarot Spreads” simple. Use four Tarot cards at the most. Why? Less resistance and opportunity to overthink or clutter the subject with juxtapositioned thought. The short and simple axiom makes it easy to use Tarot spreads as a GPS that you can check daily or for quick spot-checks.
  2. Ditch the rose-colored glasses, the dark-colored glasses, the any-colored glasses when doing the Tarot reading. Be neutral. Happy neutral: “What is my alignment now?” is the attitude you want to have when drawing the cards. Neutral and curious you.

Below are four examples of different two-card, three-card, and four-card spreads that have proven to be supremely helpful when one is wanting an upcoming love Tarot reading for an outlook or a spot-check on the next romantic relationship. Provided are pictures showing my suggestion for the spread layouts, and a numbered legend for each spread denoting the attributes assigned to each card position.  All Tarot spreads can be laid out horizontally as I illustrate below, or vertically if you prefer, the outcome will be the same. 

3 Card Future Love Tarot Spread

This is an action spread; consultative with an emphasis on action taken or to be taken. Whether you have a partner or not, this Tarot spread is for someone wanting their next romantic relationship to hurry up and get here, short-term or long-term. It features a heavy emphasis on lots of natural harmony and commonality. This Tarot spread is interesting because it will show you what you are doing right, and what to focus upon to speed up your next romantic relationship. But when this spread is done with sincerity, it not only forecasts future love for the querent, which is you, but the process of doing the spread causes what the old Yogis would call the Chemical Wedding.  

The Chemical Wedding is the perfect union of creative will or power (male) with wisdom (female) to produce pure love. For you, the querent, this means doing this spread not only speeds up the arrival of next romance. It aligns you with the most complete and balanced partner, a “knock your socks off” kind of romance.

future love tarot spread

Card Number 1: What I am doing now to attract my next romantic relationship? This card points to what you are doing right, and what you want to build on and do more of.

Card Number 2: What can I do now to be more loving to myself? This is pretty obvious. If you want someone else to love you, pile on the self-love. This card will encourage piling on heaps of self-love.

Card Number 3: What can I do now to further actualize my style of expressing love? There are different styles of giving and expressing love. I know each one of us would love to be a 3rd degree blackbelt in the art of giving love. Giving love is an art of reason. Reason means practice and improvement. This card inspires said practice and improvement.

Two Card Future Romance Tarot Spread

This next Tarot spread is a predictive spread. A fun spread for forecasting a summer romance. Some romance thrills us, charms us, creates memories with us, then introduces us to ourselves from a state-of-mind happier far. Is this a “Where Is my Next Lover Tarot Spread”? Not quite, but close.

future love tarot spread

Card Number 1: Am I ready? Are you? Are your personal affairs in order? Can you go out this weekend? Is your car clean? Does your current lifestyle have room for another? Do you have plenty to share or are you looking to be distracted?

Card Number 2: How will you meet, or have you already met? Watch for cards that imply routine and routine action.  Sure as heck, it will be someone built into your circle of influence. If you see cards reflecting self-love in action, i.e., The Empress, Eight and Nine of Pentacles, you will meet or have already met this person doing one of your hobbies or favorite activities.

Four Card Future Soulmate Tarot Spread

This is a life-partner collision spread. Do not use this spread if you are a serial monogamist or polyamorous. If you resonate with the Johnny Cash/June Carter type of forever love, this is you.

future love tarot spread

Card Number 1: What am I doing now to align with the soulmate I see for myself? This card points to what you are doing right so you can build on it.

Card Number 2: What aspects and strengths am I not seeing or utilizing to help me align with the soulmate I see for myself? Most people work so hard to stay grounded and humble it sometimes causes us to dim our light just to make other people comfortable. This card will help rectify that.

Card Number 3: What pattern can I release to expedite the collision with my soulmate? Jealousy and envy are two examples of patterns that will hold you back.

Card Number 4: What character strength or attitude of mine is really going to stand out as attractive to my soulmate? This card will point to how you can push the right buttons in a positive way.

Four Card New Romance Tarot Spread

The final spread I would like to introduce is ideal for one who may or may not be in a relationship already but wants new romance. Short or long-term, you are not sure yet and you will decide when it happens. Sort of like, I want romance, and I am not sure what kind yet, but I want romance. Now.

This spread is not only predictive and consultative, just doing this spread will polarize you into an ambiance that attracts love. Want love and attention delivered to your feet on a daily basis? Do this spread each morning and your point of attraction will inundate you with people and situations you’ve wanted to see for the longest time.

future love tarot spread

Card Number 1: Where or how can I be more patient with myself? This card is of the utmost importance. How we treat ourselves when nobody is watching is something others can detect, and it often trains them on how to treat us. Are you a bully to yourself? Do you take yourself for granted? Are you hard on yourself because things sometimes don’t manifest quickly enough? The ambiance of how you treat yourself in secret is detectable and will train others on how to treat you.

Card Number 2: Where and how can I be kinder to myself? You cannot ask yourself this question often enough. The truth is, you are more important than anyone has ever told you.

Card Number 3: What is one of the many things I bring or do that inspires and uplifts others? The truth is, we do our best rising by lifting others.

Card Number 4: What is something new to love about myself that I haven’t given much appreciation too? This one is important because you have been tough on yourself for years and it hasn’t gotten you anything.

Even if you have love and romance and don’t want more, I hope you will try the spread that I just shared above. It truly is my favorite Tarot spread. These days with life so busy there is often a paucity of focus, and without focus it is difficult to consciously harmonize. Just doing this Tarot spread harmonizes you with love, especially romantic love.

Focusing Vs. Thinking

Before I conclude, there is one last guardrail I wish to share, and perhaps the most important. Once your Tarot spread is concluded, and you’ve put your cards away, drop the topic. Drop the topic of where’s my love? Or when’s my love? When I say drop the topic, I mean don’t think about it. Focus but don’t think.

There’s a big difference between focusing and thinking. Thinking is when you measure the exterior circumstances for clues that your love is or isn’t coming.  She loves me, she loves me not, and that sort of thing. Whereas focus is when you purposely harmonize yourself with the vision and the feelings of the wish fulfilled. When the urge to think about romance comes to the surface, focus from the finish line. Our inner-landscape, vibrational attitude, creates while the exterior circumstances merely reflect recent inner-landscapes. To focus from the finish line means you purposely languish in the feelings you think your heart’s desire will bring you. And focusing on the feeling is the secret of manifestation.


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About the Author - Psychic Donovan x8351
Donovan grew up in a home where the psychic arts and performing readings for others was considered a privilege and a folk art to be nurtured and treasured. Donovan’s number one love has been reading for others, and he has been doing so professionally since 1995. Donovan has degrees in English Literature, Creative Writing, and Business Management. When Donovan is not reading for others he enjoys reading and writing about the Hermetic sciences: Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Qabalah, Theurgy, etc.


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