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Interpreting Tarot Cards for Sex and Sensuality by Psychic Angelica

Date 7/13/2023
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How can the tarot help with your sexual concerns?

How can the tarot help with your sexual concerns?

The Tarot - Hidden deep within this ancient divination tool are symbols that clearly point to our sexual nature and desires.  The Tarot can be used to assist us with different areas in our life that are linked to sex.  Sexual healing, fantasy, performance, and empowerment.  In a reading with a client, the tarot cards chosen may have different meanings depending on the nature of the question and the situation.

The Sexual Energy of Tarot

By simply tapping into the sexual energy of each tarot card we can uncover nuances and symbols that will assist us in finding the messages and guidance necessary.  Tarot is a great tool to facilitate intimacy between people in all kinds of ways.

I am going to share some of my observations on how to use the Tarot in regard to sexually related questions and also share some examples of questions and answers that I have had as a reader.

The first place I like to start is with the Court Cards and my interpretation of how these suits relate to intimacy and then I will share a few of the major arcana cards that have significance to me in a sexual way.

The Minor Arcana (also known as the Tarot Suits)

Wands/Fire: Wands are the suit of fire and fire is passion. The wands signify a desire to seek sexual expression through sensuality. Can be a sign to set the vibe during sex with music, candles, and whatever else is pleasing to the senses.

Cups/Water: Water is emotions and psychic energy. The cups often represent a more emotional connection to sex rather than a physical sensation.  Cups in their positive state represent a healthy sexual relationship. Cups in a reversed state often can represent sex being used to replace love and if many cups show up in a reading may represent promiscuity.

Swords/Air: Air is intellectual energy. Swords often represent sexual trauma and oppression. Swords represent the desire to speak about sexual desires to a partner to activate more pleasure. In many Tarot decks, the swords often show symbols that represent being tied up or in bondage. This may show up as a fantasy or a slightly kinky desire. 

Pentacles/Earth: Earth represents the actual physical body.  Pentacles show the desire to touch and be touched.  It also often shows up as engaging in sex simply for the physical and sexual aspect without emotional attachment or long-term commitment.  Physical attraction is important in this suit.

Major Arcana

I have chosen a few cards to shed some light on their sexual meaning.

The Devil

The Devil

I love this card as it depicts so many different facets of sex.  In a reading often this will signify a sexual union that may not be good for you, but you find it hard to give up.  This card also can show a business love affair or an extramarital affair. Often this will show up in a reading that someone works in the sex industry.  Lastly, the devil card can also show up as fabulous passionate sex with a skilled lover. 

The Lovers

The Lovers

Of course, I have to bring in this card because it is not always what it seems.  The lovers in a sexual reading do not always depict love.  Many times, this card is infatuation and does not always involve a commitment between two people.  This card also can mean that you are learning to love all parts of yourself, including your body.  Lastly, the lovers can represent you and your partner having a spiritual, emotional, and sexual connection that many only dream about.



For me when Temperance appears in a reading, I sense this is about someone who loves sex. It often signifies sex but not necessarily heterosexual sex.  It could mean gay or bisexual.  This is also about taking sex to the next level to explore the magic of tantric sex.  Desire is equal to passion is equal to orgasmic delight!

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Sex Tarot Questions and Answers

Here are some samples from a few of my readings with clients who have had questions regarding sex, desires, and healing.  I used the tarot cards to help guide my response.

"What is My Partner Looking For Sexually?"


The three cards pulled: The Magician, Two of Cups, and Seven of Swords.


So, your partner is showing me that you are both very much in love with each other and commitment is at the base of your sexual connection.  We see powerful, mind-blowing sex. Your partner enjoys watching you pleasure yourself and you being a little naughty.  Might be time to bring out those pink furry handcuffs or the whip cream.

"How Can I Feel More Sexual?"


The three cards pulled: The Empress, Ace of Wands, and The Chariot.


Your sexuality is truly grounded in your own self-confidence and understanding of how your body enjoys sex.  The feelings of being more sexual is fueled by your life-force energy and how you channel that energy.  The cards also indicate that perhaps journaling about your fantasies and paying attention to what delights your senses can be great tools to enhance how you feel.  Exploring your own sexuality and sexual power is a journey that can lead you to more confidence and feeling more empowered within and without. 

"How Can I Heal My Sexual Trauma?"


The three cards pulled: The Sun, The High Priestess, and Death.


This is a powerful three-card spread in relationship to sexual healing.  The cards indicate that you will experience "the little death" which to me means the ending of the past trauma coming into your present. It is shown that through intense tantric transformation, healing can occur.  There is a strong energy around being drawn to seeking out the company of others who have suffered sexual trauma in a support group or circle.  Lastly, it is shown that you will heal through a loving safe relationship with a partner who understands your vulnerability around love and sex.

For a do-it-yourself Tarot Reading, try our free online tarot interactive. Our podcast on Pleasure and Sexual Healing offers a variety of exercises to try in your relationship. To delve deeper into the sexual meaning of the cards, feel free to reach out to a Psychic Source Advisor for a reading about your love and sex life.  



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Angelica has been a teacher of Quantum Mysticism for over 2O years. She leads empowerment workshops and retreats with the focus on self love, self confidence and co creating a life filled with miracles. She went through Tantra Shamanism training and teaches the Shamanic Priestess Process. Her metaphysical education includes yoga, tarot and astrology. In both her radio show and magazine column she has used her experience and education to assist others in a greater awareness of their own connection to their gifts and higher self.


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