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Dreaming of Sex with Your Ex or Boss by Psychic Arthur

Date 1/27/2022
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Ever want to scream the moment you open your eyes after a dream?

Ever want to scream the moment you open your eyes after a dream?

“OMG… I feel dirty!!!”

Ever wake from a dream yelling something like that? Well, unless you fell asleep reading Fifty Shades of Grey, you probably just had a dream about having sex with an ex—or worse—sex with someone you find repulsive and truly can’t stand. Ewww.

First of all, if you dream about sex with an ex don’t pick up the phone to call or send them a text (hey, it rhymes!). These types of dreams are very common, especially if you’re entering into a new relationship or ending one. But it still doesn’t mean you’re getting back together or that the two of you are meant to be together. In most cases dreaming about sex with an ex can simply mean that your psyche is processing some unresolved issues in order to heal, move on and have closure. If you have someone new in your life and have a raunchy ex-sex dream, it may be an indication that you’re having second thoughts or reservations about the new relationship. However, it doesn’t mean your new relationship is doomed. Also, if you’re in a new committed relationship, there’s no need to feel guilty. Again, it’s your subconscious simply helping you mentally mend to move forward.

A sex dream with someone you’re repulsed by can be rather disturbing with a very high “yuck” factor, but don’t be alarmed. A passionate sex dream with someone you normally can’t stand in the real world can mean that, no matter how disgusting you find that person to be, they have a certain quality that you may want to imitate and/or copy. Sex dreams that have you “sleeping with the enemy” can also symbolize that the two of you have just “buried that hatchet,” so to speak, and could be headed towards some type of reconciliation.

Now, if the gross person in a sex dream happens to be your creepazoid boss, it’s not an indication that you’re mental or harboring some secret crush—far from it! Sex dreams that have you and your boss “doing it” is your subconscious mind’s way of letting you know that you admire their position of power and/or see something of yourself in them. It can also be your subconscious letting you know it’s time to take charge of some aspect of your life and that you literally need to be the boss. At the same time, it can be an indication that it’s also time to take control of your career! 

The bottom line: Dreams are not always what they seem to be. Yet, if you dream of having unbridled, out-of-control sex with that secret crush, it’s simply a wish being granted and fulfilled.That’s all.

Have a dream that needs interpreting? Give me call and let’s discover the hidden meaning and message together.

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